The Terro-human Future History

"H. Beam Piper is best known to readers for his Fuzzy books and to fans for his Paratime stories, but it is his Terro-human Future History that is his greatest and most imaginative gift."
John. F. Carr, Introduction to Empire

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H. Beam Piper's Terro-human Future History is a future-historical — and now, in its earliest yarns, also alternative-historical — science-fiction series which imagined the expansion of human civilization from the earliest days of spaceflight on Earth (Terra) out into interstellar space.  Consisting of Piper's famous Fuzzy trilogy — Little Fuzzy (1962), Fuzzy Sapiens (originally published as The Other Human Race in 1964) and Fuzzies and Other People (published posthumously in 1984), Piper's novels Uller Uprising (1952), Four-Day Planet (1961), Junkyard Planet (1963) — reissued as The Cosmic Computer, and Space Viking (1962), and eight stories originally published in pulp science-fiction magazines between 1957 and 1962 (collected in Federation and Empire, edited by John F. Carr and, more recently, in Carr's The Rise of the Terran Federation), the Terro-human Future History spans over thirty millennia of future history.


Image - Four-Day Planet by Charles Geer

Four-Day Planet illustration by Charles Geer

A comprehensive list, in future-historical chronological order, of Piper's Terro-human Future History yarns, including reprints, beginning with "The Edge of the Knife," first published in Amazing Stories, May 1957, and concluding with "The Keeper," first published in Venture Science Fiction, July 1957.


Image - Omnilingual by Kelly Freas

"Omnilingual" illustration by Kelly Freas

Cover and interior art from Terro-human Future History yarns, both original and reprint editions, beginning with Paul Orban's interior illustrations for "Ullr Uprising," published in Space Science Fiction, February and May 1953, and Kelly Freas's cover illustration for "Omnilingual," published in Astounding Science Fiction, February 1957.  Includes Michael Whelan's iconic cover illustrations for the Ace reprints and for John F. Carr's Ace collections.


Image - Junkyard Planet by Herb Mott

Junkyard Planet illustration by Herb Mott

A chronological complilation of future-historical events from Piper's Terro-human Future History yarns, beginning with the events recounted in "The Edge of the Knife," set in the First Century, Atomic Era, and concluding with the events recounted in "The Keeper," set in the 301st Century, Atomic Era.


Image - Little Fuzzy by Victor Kalins

Little Fuzzy illustration by Victor Kalins

A compendium of background and setting information from Piper's Terro-human Future History yarns, including details about characters, like Duke Angus of Wardshaven on Gram, from Space Viking, and planets, like the world Zarathustra, from Little Fuzzy.


Image - Fuzzy Bones by Michael Whelan

Fuzzy Bones illustration by Michael Whelan

See Port Sandor Times for details about the characters, settings, background and technologies of Beam's Terro-human Future History stories and novels as well as expansions, development claims, gaming and commentary related to these works.

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