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Welcome to the Zarthani.net H. Beam Piper mailing list and discussion forum. Initiated in October 2008 (after the demise of the original PIPER-L mailing list), this tool for shared communication among Piper fans provides an e-mail list and a discussion forum with on-line archives.
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David "PiperFan" JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
18:09 UT
A little help with Little Fuzzy?

There is a Hungarian edition of Fuzzy Sapiens, Bundas nepseg, published in 1993 by Mora (Budapest) and translated by Csaba Szummer. (I'm dropping the accents from the European vowels in case they don't render well; the details are in the Zarthani.net Future History bibliography.) You can see the cover illustration by Jantner Janos here:


What's odd though is that I've not been able to find a Hungarian translation of Little Fuzzy. One Google-translated review of Bundas nepseg even lists Hugo Ingermann as a "major character," which I suppose makes sense for someone who has never read Little Fuzzy.

If anyone runs across a Hungarian edition of Little Fuzzy I'd sure like to hear about it.


"Why not everybody make friend, have fun, make help, be good?" - Diamond Grego (H. Beam Piper), ~Fuzzy Sapiens~
David SoobyPerson was signed in when posted
01:10 UT
jimmyjoejangles asked:

> Just curious about the prices going on ebay are they reasonable for these rare books?

A book collector's most valuable resource is:


It's a meta-search site which searches dozens of used bookseller sites. All but the most rare book will have multiple copies show up there. And usually there is a wide range of prices. You can usually get a fair idea of what is a reasonable price by checking there.

I won't try to compare with buying a book off ebay, because I've never done that. I have bought enough things off ebay to know it's a bit haphazard as to whether the item you buy is accurately described or not. But with a bookseller, you can be pretty sure that if they give a description of the book's condition, it's accurate.

David Johnson is entirely correct to say that those who sell things on ebay often don't appear to know what the item is worth, and the initial bid price may be far too high or amazingly low.
David SoobyPerson was signed in when posted
04:10 UT

Looks like a Fuzzy in a cage on Luna, Terra's moon.

Funny, I don't remember any Piperverse story featuring such a scene...
Jon CrockerPerson was signed in when posted
05:09 UT
Thanks for posting those!

Some of the pictures in the gallery are really great. I really like the Freas and Whelan ones.
David "PiperFan" JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
00:02 UT
Terro-human Future History illustrations by Karel Thole

I recently stumbled across a couple of images of the Italian editions which are large enough to recognize some excellent Piper-related art. First is the cover illustration from the 1962 Mondadori (Urania) edition of Little Fuzzy:


Thole's illustration came well before Whelan started depicting Fuzzies in the late '70s and seems to be heavily influenced by Victor Kalins' cover illustration for the original Avon edition.

The second illustration by Thole is from a 1972 Mondadori (Urania) anthology which includes "Omnilingual":


Here is Martha Dane coming into the room where the dead Martians have been discovered. Dane's long hair here suggests that Thole never saw Kelly Freas' cover illustration for the original publication in Astounding.

Both of these images are served by Mondourania:


and are now also posted at the Zarthani.net Future History Gallery:



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