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Welcome to the Zarthani.net H. Beam Piper mailing list and discussion forum. Initiated in October 2008 (after the demise of the original PIPER-L mailing list), this tool for shared communication among Piper fans provides an e-mail list and a discussion forum with on-line archives.
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David "PiperFan" JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
18:50 UT
Review of Piper's "The Mercenaries"

Stumbled across this review of "The Mercenaries" here:


I enjoyed "The Mercenaries" more than it seems this reviewer did but it's a fair treatment of the yarn nonetheless. Most importantly it's great to see folks still reading (and reviewing) Piper's lesser known works sixth-five years after they were written!

"The Mercenaries" is available from Project Gutenberg here:


and was most recently published in a Piper collection issued by the late Alan Rodgers's Aegypan Press:



"It is not . . . the business of an author of fiction to improve or inspire or educate his reader, or to save the world from fascism, communism, racism, capitalism, socialism, or anything else. [The author's] main objective is to purvey entertainment of the sort his reader wants. If he has done this, by writing interestingly about interesting people, human or otherwise, doing interesting things, he has discharged his duty and earned his check." - H. Beam Piper, "Double: Bill Symposium" interview
21:03 UT
Hi Mike,
Mike Robertson
20:01 UT
I've just received mine and I'm looking forward to reading it.

When the next Kalvan book due John?

Mike Robertson

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Sent: Friday, June 24, 2016 12:37 PM
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John F. Carr
18:37 UT

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to let everyone know that "The Fuzzy Conundrum" is now out. I'm now mailing out the last of the pre-orders.

Hardcover copies and e-books (both formats) are available at www.hostigos.com.

It's a gorgeous book and I'm very pleased at how well it came out.

John Carr
Tom Rogers
00:08 UT
In re: The Return

This is too weird! This store/seller is literally right up the street from me! I have gone to their store many times with my son. They are a reputable and reasonably priced comics store. Very nice folks to deal with. If anyone is thinking about buying this book I can absolutely recommend this seller.

Spam deleted by QuickTopic 06-16-2016 06:07
David "PiperFan" JohnsonPerson was signed in when posted
04:57 UT
Redux: The Twelfth Sword World?

A long time ago, on the old PIPER-L list, I offered some thoughts on the possible name of the "missing Sword World," the only one of the twelve Sword Worlds not mentioned by Beam anywhere in his Future History yarns:


In the years since I've always been sort of sympathetic to the name "Arondight," which a simple Web search will suggest was the name of Lancelot's sword. But looking a bit more critically recently I've been unable to identify any traditional medieval source which attributes this name to Lancelot's sword. Yes, there is modern Arthurian fiction which uses this name and there are all sorts of secondary sources which adopt the name but there are no primary sources that I can find. This leads me to suspect that "Arondight" is a contemporary creation without any substantive connection to traditional Arthurian romance. If I had to guess, my searching leaves me suspecting it was originally created for some sort of Japanese fiction or gaming material. Consider, for example, this website:


Bottom line is, "Arondight" would seem to be a poor candidate for the name of the "lost" Sword World.

Other possibilities include both Sauvagine--which I like--and Balmung--which I don't--listed in my original PIPER-L message. Another interesting possibility is Kusanagi, "Grasscutter" of Japanese legend (and one of the Imperial crown jewels). This obviously doesn't fit with the European origins of the names of the other Sword Worlds but it does sound like a name that might have arisen had some descendant of Sachiko Koremitsu been among the Alliance refugees who fled Abigor after the System States War to found Excalibur. . . .

Remember Ashmodai! Remember Belphegor!

"Let's see yours. Draw--soul! Inspection--soul!" - Foxx Travis (H. Beam Piper), "Oomphel in the Sky"
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