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Welcome to the Zarthani.net H. Beam Piper mailing list and discussion forum. Initiated in October 2008 (after the demise of the original PIPER-L mailing list), this tool for shared communication among Piper fans provides an e-mail list and a discussion forum with on-line archives.
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Jim "Rhino" SparrPerson was signed in when posted
08:37 UT
Oh, and I almost forgot, then there's our borscht and vodka guzzling neighbors across the North Pole. They infiltrated the Manhattan Project. Think they'd be totally snoozing through something like this?
Jim "Rhino" SparrPerson was signed in when posted
08:31 UT
By the way, forgive my sense of humor, but no, dropping a couple of crash helmets by the side of Sierra Highway won't help them very much in this case. Especially while people are busy mounting things in the cargo bay of the Enterprise shuttle (she was there in the '80's) in Hangar 1600 to attempt a search, and worse things are brewing at a certain "nonexistent" base in Nevada. I don't need to say which one......
David Johnson
01:33 UT
David "Lensman" Sooby wrote:

> But I'm not sure we need a complicated scenario to explain the
> presence of the Venusian nighthound in "Police Operation". If
> it's legal to own nighthounds on the Home Timeline Earth, then
> all Sarn has to do is to have one imported, and then
> clandestinely use a conveyor to take it to the fourth-level
> timeline which is the setting of "Police Operation". Someone of
> his apparent status might have the clout to be able to take the
> nighthound directly from the Home Timeline to his destination,
> but it would be much easier to avoid being caught by taking it
> to some outtime place less closely watched, perhaps even a
> minor estate he owned somewhere, then take a conveyor from
> *there* to the fourth-level timeline of "Police Operation".

For what it's worth, Dalla's trip to Akor-Neb, where she was
masquerading as a Venusian scientist, involved an initial
transposition to a Second Level timeline, then apparently spacecraft travel there from Earth to Venus where she did some research on her masquerading identity, and then transposition to Venus on the Akor- Neb timeline, and finally travel from Venus to Earth on a Akor-Neb spacecraft. So, in her case, all of the interplanetary travel was done on outtime spacecraft.

Assassins' Truce!


"A girl can punch any kind of a button a man can, and a lot of them knew what buttons to punch, and why." - Conn Maxwell (H. Beam Piper), _The_Cosmic_Computer_
David Johnson
01:23 UT
Jim Rhino Sparr wrote:

> B: Working title: I TOLD YOU SO. Tortha Karf finds a
> wreck in the north part of his Sicily estate and calls in Verkan
> and Dalla. First, it's an F111 variant with Edwards AFB
> markings and a lot of orange wire. Second, Verkan can see that
> a lot of the inclusions are Second Level IWE, Third, it's been
> there for over a thousand years.............

Ah, I knew I remembered it from _somewhere_. So this millennium or so is the linear time displacement you're thinking about dropping? What does time displacement have to do with the functioning of
hyperdrive in Beam's Paratime setting? We know hardly anything about it, it's only briefly mentioned in passing as existing on some Second and Third Level timelines.

While it's not Beam's Paratime setting, there's a reference in one of the Fuzzy novels to Jack Holloway being a bit unsure of his age because of the cummulative time dilation effects of hyperdrive travel over his lifetime but other than that Beam generally avoided any talk of relativistic or other time-affecting characteristics of (his conception of) hyperdrive.

And surely there's no "realistic" requirement for hyperdrive to function in any particular manner?


"At the time of his death, H. Beam Piper was writing at the top of his form and certainly with the best of his contemporaries." - John. F. Carr, Introduction to _Empire_
Jim "Rhino" SparrPerson was signed in when posted
00:16 UT
Sorry, David, didn't get it, just the QT address.
Jim "Rhino" SparrPerson was signed in when posted
00:07 UT
David, please check my posting #308. I'm waffling on the linear time displacement as it's a possibly needless complication, and will probably drop it, but it has to do with an interpretation of how a hyperdrive might work.

I remember the 111's being reworked down at the North End around column 145 and forward. Some were in rather sad shape, especially one pranged SAC bird from Cannon somebody had done a "wheels up" with, which showed me what an Aardvark looks like in that condition. Pity they retired them, damn good aircraft with a very roomy cockpit, and lots of weapons capability. The capsule ejection system was a great idea, IMHO. I used to love messing with Aardvarks at Edwards. They were built for easy maintenance.

GD sold the plant to Lockheed around '92 and they got all of us layoff survivors as "spoils of war".
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