Mark Olson's Concordance

"Lautier called Leo Belsher something you won't find in the dictionary but which nobody needs to look up."
— H. Beam Piper (narrator point-of-view), Four-Day Planet

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Mark Olson's Concordance
January 16, 2000

[The following Terro-human Future History chronology was developed by Piper fan Mark Olson.]

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The ninth and outer planet of Marduk's system, 4000 miles in diameter and 3.5 billion miles from its sun. It was a lot like Pluto.

Andray Dunnan built a major base on Abaddon in preparation for his takeover of Marduk, but abandoned it when he controlled the Government of Marduk. [SV]

Abbadon is named after the Angel of the Bottomless Pit from the Book of Revelation. In the Old Testament, Abaddon is the place of the dead, a place of punishment for adulterers.

Abandoned Property Act of 867

An act of the Terran Federation which allowed, in effect, salvage to be conducted on abandoned Terran Federation installations (leftovers from the System States War) in the Gartner Trisystem. [JP]

Abbott Lift-and-Drive

The usual normal space drive system, the Abbott engines were used in all air and space ships for propulsion. The Abbott drive was reactionless, but not inertialess.

"...they generate a magnetic current and convert rotary magnetic current into one-directional repulsion fields and violate the daylights out of all the old Newtonian laws of motion and attraction."

It appears that the Abbott drive system is the same as contragravity.

When first discovered, there were attempts to suppress it. [FS]


Planet in the Federation region.

Was part of the System States Alliance during the Big War. The System States Navy refugees who founded the Sword-Worlds left from Abigor. [JP]

Abigor was one of the upper demons of Hell. Abigor commanded the inferal regions of Hell and was the demon of warfare and battle. He was depicted as riding a winged horse.


A northern continent on Poictesme. [JP]

Named after the Forest of Acaire which occupied the center of Cabell's land of Poictesme.

Adelaide, University of

A university with a "Federation-wide reputation for left-wing neo-Marxist 'liberalism'". Presumeably located in Adelaide, Australia on Earth. It provided many of the first scientists to study Kwannon. [OS]


A planet in the Terran Federation with no intelligent natives. It had a 358-day year and two continents. Austragonia was the name of one of them. It had two moons, Aditya-Ba' and Aditya-Alif.

Colonized about 820, it seceded from or was abandoned by the Terran Federation during its collapse about a century later. The inhabitants collapsed into barbarism. Around 1300, it was taken over by a group of Space-Vikings from Morglay. Eventually, when Morglay fell into dynastic wars and decline, Aditya again dropped out of Interstellar affairs. Its main city was Zeggensburg. In about 2120, the Empire annexed Aditya. At the time of the annexation, it had a ruling class of about 10,000 Lords-Masters and a population of 20,000,000 slaves. The planet was completely stagnant. [SS]

Possibly named after the Hindu goddess of the sky, past and future, Aditi. Aditi was also the mother of the gods Mitra and Varuna and reputed to be the mother of Agni.


The inner moon of Aditya, an 800-mile sphere. It had once had a shipyard and spaceport, but it was long abandoned in 2120. [SS]

Alif is the first letter in the Arabic alphabet.


The outer moon of Aditya. An irregular chunk of rock fifty miles in diameter. [SS]

The name is probably derived from Aditya-Beth. (Beth is the second letter in the Hebrew alphabet.)

Adler, Irene fl 654

One of the Fuzzies who had been trained to rob the CZC's gem vault, later attached to the Company Police Detective Bureau. [LF]

Irene Adler was an adventeress who became the subject of one of Sherlock Holmes' investigations. She escaped, being one of the few people ever to best him. Ever afterwards, she was always 'The Woman' to Holmes.

Aelborg, Commander Stephen fl 654

An Intelligence officer at the TF Naval base on Xerxes. He was in direct charge of the TFN Fuzzy investigation. [LF]


A country in southwest Asia.

When Sherlock Holmes first met Dr. Watson, he noted (correctly, of course) that Watson had been in Afghanistan. Watson was amazed (though he did *not* gasp "Holmes, how do you do it?"). Bish Ware's contact was travelling on the Peenemunde under the assumed name of "Dr. Watson", and Holmes' immortal line was his recognition password. [FDP]


A planet of a hot star (B3) near Imhotep.

Silver is common on Agni. The inhabitants are well-armed and dark-skinned from all the UV in their sunlight. [SV]

Named after the Hindu fire diety.


Colonial planet in the Federation region. Still being settled during the 9th century. [GD]

There is a genus of insects nammed agramma...


A wingless flying machine, probably not involving contragravity, used on Mars by the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]


A type of military aircar. An airjeep could carry multiple 15-mm machines guns and 8 50 mm rocket launchers. It was lightly armored. [UU]

Airlines Building

The tallest building in Litchfield. Kurt Fawzi had his offices in the Airlines Building. [JP]

Alan of Northport, Lord fl 1610

A major feudal leader on Gram. Initially a supporter of Angus. [SV]


An independent space-viking ship. [SV]

Possibly named after Mohammed's Steed.


An animal, probably native to Poictesme, which had a hornspread of as much as seven feet. [JP]


An armed troopship captained by Dirk Prinsloo and owned by the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

Aldebaran is Alpha Tauri, a red star marking the eye of the constellation Taurus. It means 'the follower' in Arabic.


A troop transport-cruiser of the Galactic Empire. [SS]

Named after the star Beta Persei which marks the eye of the Gorgon Medusa in the constellation Perseus. Algol means 'the demon' in Arabic, possibly because it is a variable star.

Allan Quartermain fl 654

One of Gus Brannhard's Fuzzies. [FOP]

Allan Quartermain was a great African hunter in H. Rider Haggard's novels, including She.

Almagro, Julio fl 425

Member of the crew of the Stellex. He was the second largest investor. He had a plump face and a black mustache. [When in the Course]

Alpha Continent

A continent on Zarathustra. Malorysport, along with 80% of the population of Zarathustra, was on Alpha Continent. [LF]

Alpha Gartner

One of the three stars of the Gartner trisystem which was discovered by Genji Gartner in about 700. Its planets, which included Poictesme, Koschei and Jurgen, were named from the works of James Branch Cabell. [JP]


A company organized by Rodney Maxwell to engage in interplanetary shipping in the Alpha Gartner system. It took over both Litchfield Exploration & Salvage's and Transcontinental & Oversea's interests in the Harriet Barne. It was a subsidiary of both LE&S; and T&O.; Rodney Maxwell was President and Yves Jacquemont was VP Operations. [JP]

Alvarath, Lady Valerie fl 1610

The Lady-Companion of the 8-year-old Daughter of the Crown Prince of Marduk. A marriage with Lucas Trask seemed to be in the offing at the end of Space Viking. [SV]


A planet in the Federation region. It was rich in gadolinium, but poor in fissionables.

In xxxx PA, its civilization was at roughly the mid-20th century (AD) level and it was divided into a number of occasionally warring non-democratic nations, including Eglonsby and Stogoland. It was raided by Lucas Trask, as a result of which, most of the entrenched governments fell. When Trask visited the planet a few years later, he was able to persuade its nations to form a loose league to cooperate with Tanith, develop a trade in gadolinium, develop hyperships and, eventually, to join Trask's League of Civilized Planets.

Proper names (at least in Eglonsby) were given family name first (e.g., Pedrosan Pedro's "last" name was Pedrosan), suggesting to Lucas Trask a culture which put great store by alphabetized lists (and, parenthetically, a weak computer technology). [SV]

A thousand years later in the 2680's its government was unbelievably complex: It had a president, a premier and an executive cabinet, and a tricameral legislature, two complete and distinct judiciaries. The premier is the second-place presidential candidate. The president controls the planetary militia, while the premier controls the police.

Named after the Japanese Sun Goddess from whom the Emperors of Japan are supposed to have been descended.


A planet in the Empire. [MD]

On of the names of Buddah in Japanese myth. Amidism is a Buddhist sect.


A port on Jurgen. [JP]

Named after Dame Anaitis, the Lady of the Lake in Cabell's Jurgen. Anaitis is also a name for Ishtar, the Mesopotamian goddess of love and fertility.


A planet in the Galactic Empire. Commodore Hastings got a baronetcy from the Galactic Empire around 2100 for stopping a pogrom there (which was cited as an exception to the general rule that the Empire's Navy stays out of local politics). [SS]

Named after the Phoenician goddess of love and war. She was also the sister and co-consort to the god Baal. One she slayed all his enemies at a feast.

Andrews, Lynne fl 654

A pediatrician from Mallorysport General Hospital who had been recruited by the Zarathustran Native Affairs Commission to study Fuzzies. She was slender and blond. [LF]


A tramp hypership freighter. It was chartered by ?? to go to the Gamma Gartner system to look for the planet which fabricated Merlin. [JP]

The constellation Andromeda represents a young princess chained to a rock as a sacrifice to the sea-monster Cetus.

Angstrom fl 654

One of Henry Stenson's Fuzzies. [FOP]

An Angstrom is a unit of length euqal to 10**-8 cm, usually used to measure interatomic distances and the wavelength of light. The Angstrom was named after Swedish astronomer and physicst A. J. Angstrom. (Little circle over the A, umlaut over the o.)

Angus of Gram, King fl 1610

Angus, Duke of Wardshaven on Gram wanted to become King of Gram. At this stage, Gram had never had a planetary King, but was a collection of duchies and other feudal holdings. With the aid of a number of the other major feudal magnates, including Alan of Northport, Joris of Bigglersport and Lionel of Newhaven, Angus proclaimed himself King.

The Tanith Adventure was to provide Angus with the funds necessary to become King of Gram. The piracy of the Enterprise by Andray Dunnan and the later events of Space Viking first ruined and then revived his fortune.

At first he appeared to be a good king, but he became increasingly oppressive and demanded more respect than was due a planetary King. This was widely attributed to bad blood running in the Wardshaven family, including both Andray Dunnan (Angus' nephew) and the mad Baron Zarvas of Blackcliffe, Angus's grandfather.

Angus was first married to Flavia, sister of Duke Joris of Bigglersport. Some time after becoming king and after his madness was starting to become apparent, he divorced Flavia and married Lady-Damoiselle Evita Valdive, a daughter of a minor noble known for her wide-ranging interest in men. This did not sit well with Duke Joris.

Fairly early in his reign, Angus attacked his worst enemy, Duke Omfrey of Glaspyth and ran him off Gram. Omfrey could do nothing for some years, but, as Angus' relations with the other feudal lords of Gram deteriorated, Omfrey was able to mount a major attack on Wardshaven using ships supplied by his wife's relative King Konrad of Hautclere and commanded by Prince Viktor. At the end of Space Viking, all Gram had been plunged into war.

Antark ca 6500

An equitorial city on 6th Empire Earth. It may have been Earth's largest city. It was probably a seaport. [KP]

Argentine Exotic Organics

The trading company which sent Glenn Murell to Fenris to bid for tallow-wax. [FDP]

Argentine Syntho-Foods fl 654

A company which manufactured Extee Three. [FS]


A semi-religious nut group which was convinced that Merlin was the devil. They were opposed to the search for Merlin. [JP]

Arnaz, Lillian fl 490

A librarian in Port Sandor who was interested in newspaper work and may have helped out after Walter Boyd went to Terra for education. [FDP]


Planet in the Federation region. [GD]

It was named after the 'world' in Norse mythology in which the Aesir (the Norse gods) had their palaces. Asgard could be reached from Earth via Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.


Spaceport and city on Odin. [JP]


Planet in the Terran Federation which was part of the System States Alliance. Klem Zareff came from Kindleberg, a city on Ashmodai. Ashmodai was one of three planets completely depopulated by TF attack in 851 during the System States War. [JP]

Named after one of the demons of Hell.


A planet in the Empire. [MD]

Astarte was one of the greatest goddesses of the ancient Middle East and was the chief diety of Tyre, Sidon, and Elath.

Atomic Bombs

Though born in atomic war, the Terran Federation took a remarkably easy-going attitude towards nuclear weapons. They were used routinely for industrial purposes (on Nifelheim [UU] and by LE&S; [JP]). When the TF Space Navy abandoned Koschei after the System States War, they left vast stores of nucler weapons behind, unguarded. [JP]


A planet in the Federation region which did not lose its civilization during or after the Fall of the Terran Federation, though it divided into many independent nations which came near to destroying themselves through nuclear war. The nuclear war was prevented by Prince Havilgar's Space-Viking raid.

At the time of Space Viking, Aton had been ruled for about 50 years by a dictatorship established when a Planetary Nationalist Party got voted into power during a crisis after a war with Baldur.

Aton continued to be an important planet through the era of the Galactic Empire. [SV, Slave]

Named after the Egyptian god of the sun disk. Aton (or Aten) was declared to be the sole god by the monotheistic heretic Pharaoh Akhenaton, but the worship of Aton lasted only as long as Akhenaton lived.


Planet in the Federation region. Located 600 light-years from Marduk. It had a single large moon.

In SV times, it was a Mardukian trade planet, fairly primative. It was raided by Dunnan as part of his plan to disperse the Mardukian Space-navy away from Marduk.

Named after the cow from the Norse creation myth who nourished Ymir.

Audhumla, Battle of

The battle off Audhumla where Lukas Trask in the Nemesis destroyed the Enterprise and Yo-Yo and saved Prince Simon Bentrik's Royal Mardukan Navy ship Victrix. [SV]


Aditya's smaller continent. It had uranium mines and related industry. [SS]

Avenue of the Arts

A major street in Asgard near the Imperial Palace. [MD]

Awster ca 6500

An equitorial city on 6th Empire Earth. A seaport. [KP]


Baby Fuzzy b 650

One of the original group of Fuzzies who moved it with Jack Holloway. [LF]


Fenris sea creature which eats screwfish and is preyed upon by Jarvis' Sea Monster. [FDP]


A planet in the Federation region.

Paris-on-Baldur was one of its cities. It had "snow-capped mountains, and clear, cold lakes, and rocky rivers dashing under great vine- hung trees". (Could the vines be mistletoe?)

Baldur did not lose its civilization when the Terran Federation fell, and continued to be a major planet in the era of the Galactic Empire. Baldur and Aton fought a war about 50 years before the events in Space Viking. [SV]

Named after the Norse god of the sun ("Baldur the Beautiful") and son of Odin and Frigg. Every creature except mistletoe had promised Frigg that it would not harm Baldur, but the god Loki made a dart of mistletoe and induced a blind god to throw it, killing Baldur.

Baldur Honey-Rum

An alcoholic beverage, 150 proof. A favorite drink of Bish Ware.


Bank of Mallorysport

A bank in Mallorysport. Owned by the Chartered Zarathustra Company. Its head cashier was Clyde Garrick. [FS]

Banking Cartel

A banking organization which handled transfers of credit between banks on different worlds. [FDP]


A Space-Viking ship controlled by Andray Dunnan. The Banshee destroyed the loyal Royal Mardukan Navy ship Challenger in the Battle of Marduk.

A Banshee is a spirit whose keening wail hearlds a death. (Bann Sidhe is a Celtic ...) [SV]


One of Litchfield Exploration & Salvage's gunboats. Destroyed at the Battle of Barathrum. [JP]


Capitol ship in the System States Alliance Navy. [JP]


A System States Alliance planet which was completelt depopulated by bombardment by the TF Space Navy during the System States War. [JP]

It had been settled by 600. [LF]

Named after a hermaphroditic demon supposedly worshipped by the Knights Templars.


An island-continent on Poictesme containing some very large volcanoes. The landscape is black and gray with bare rock, lava flows, ash cones and faults. [JP]

The name means...

Barathrum Spaceport

A spaceport built by the Terran Federation Third Army-Force during the System States War inside the caldera of a giant extinct volcano. It was the hide-out of the Blackie Perales Gang and the place where they took the pirated Harriet Barnes to covert it to an interplanetary ship. The spaceport was captured and claimed by Litchfield Exploration and Salvage. [JP]

Barathrum, Battle of 890

A battle between Litchfield Exploration & Salvage and the Blackie Perales gang. It began when Conn Maxwell led several LE&S; ships to Barathrum to claim it for LE&S; and was attacked by the Perales gang. The Perales Gang had discovered the spaceport and had made it their base where they were converting the pirated Harriet Barne to an interplanetary ship.

Klem Zareff rushed all of LE&S;'s contragravity ships to Barathrum and a full-scale battle was joined. Before it was over, 3 LE&S; gunboats were destroyed, a couple dozen nuclear weapons were used and about 250 pirates were killed. [JP]

Barbwire worm

Probably a Fenris critter, and probably not a nice neighbor. [FDP]

Bargham, Fleet-Admiral fl 1610

Commander at Gimli of the loyal units of the Mardukan Navy. He was relieved of command by Prince Simon Bentrik on the grounds that no Admiral who had retained his rank under Zaspar Makann's government could be trusted. [SV]

Barragon, Fedrig fl 1610

A Space-Viking who ruled Dagon. He was raided by Otto Harkaman in retaliation for Barragon's raiding of Ganpat, a Tanith trade- planet. [SV]

Barron, Roger fl 425

Member of the crew of the Stellex. A former government official of the Federation Member Republic of Venus, he was wanted on Terra on a corrupt practices warrant - the usual reward for getting voted out of office. [WC]


A Storisende detective agency used by Rodney Maxwell for protection and investigation. [JP]


The site of the Parliament of the Islamic Caliphate. Located in the Middle East on Terra. [EK]


A planet in the Empire. [MoD Behemoth is ....


A System States Alliance planet which was completely depopulated by the TF Space Navy during the Syatem States war. It was resettled and was an active part of the Galactic Empire by 2100. [JP]

Named after a demon?... Aslo in Orlando Furioso...

Belsher, Leo fl 490

One of Steve Ravick's cronies. Belsher was the Hunter's Cooperative representative on Terra. He had returned to Fenris to announce another (fictitious) price cut when the mini-revolution broke out. He escaped to the spaceport and left Fenris. [FDP]

Bench of Imperial Counselors fl 2680

A consultative council of the late Empire, the Bench of Counselors was essentially honorary and was used as a dumping ground for superannanuated dignitaries. [MD]

Bentrik, Prince Simon fl 1610

Third in line to the throne of Marduk, probably nephew to King Mikkyl. Commodore and ship commander in Royal Mardukan Navy. Commanded Victrix in Battle of Audhumla.

After getting help from Tanith to overthrow Zaspar Makann, he declared himself Regent and Prince-Protector of Marduk. He was the father of Count Steven of Ravery and husband of Princess Lucile Bentrick. [SV]

Bentrik, Princess Lucile fl 1610

Wife to Prince Simon Bentrik and mother to Count Steven of Ravary. [SV]


The fourth planet of an F7 star in the Federation region, about 65 light years from Tanith. Rich in fissionables.

After the Fall of the Federation, at the time of Space Viking (xxxxPA), Beowulf was civilized: it had nuclear energy and normal-space travel, but no hyperships. Rich in fissionables, once given the gadolinium needed for hyperspace travel, they immediately built hyperships and joined Lucas Trask's League of Civilized Planets. [SV]

Named after the hero of the earliest known (8th century) Anglo- Saxon poem. Beowulf slew both Grendel and Grendel's mother.

Beta Continent

A continent on Zarathrustra. [LF]

Beta Gartner

One of the three stars of the Gartner trisystem which was discovered by Genji Gartner in about 700. Its planets (including Calidore and Britomart) were named after characters in Spencer's The Faerie Queen. [JP]

Beta Hydrae V

A planet fo the Beta Hydrae (Ulleran) system. [UU]

Beta Hydri

Uller's primary star, Beta Hydri is a G0 star much like the sun located 21 light years from Earth at RA 0:23, declination -77. Uller is the second planet. It has at least five planets. [UU]

Beta micropositos

An elementary particle. Investigations of the beta micropositos by Profesor Klenn Faress led to the discovery of FTL communications. When the beta micropositos was accellerated to greater than 16.06754333 1/3 times the speed of light the particles hit the target before they are emitted. [MD]

Bethe-cycle bomb

A type of nuclear bomb used in the 3rd and 4th World Wars. It was presumeably based on the Bethe Cycle, a carbon-catalyzed cycle of reactions which Hans Bethe proposed as a mechanism for the thermonuclear fusion on stars. (It turns out that it's not a significant reaction in most stars.) A Bethe-cycle bomb would probably have to be especially large and hot. [UU]


Planet in the Federation region. Discovered during the first wave of extrasolar exploration. It was tidally locked to its primary, with a narrow inhabitable zone between absolute zero on the dark side and intolerable heat on the front side. [Graveyard, UU]

Named after the rainbow bridge of Norse Mythology which connected Asgard to the other worlds.

Big Bend

Probably a curving section of the Calder Range on Poictesme or else a curve in the (unnamed) river forming the Gordon Valley. Litchfield was located inside the bend. [JP]

Big Bend 650

A region of Zarathustra. [FOP]

Big Blackwater

A water project on Zarathrustra which drained a half-million square miles of swamp on Beta Continent. The draining of the Big Blackwater caused a drop in rainfall in the Piedmont area of Beta Continent was was ultimately responsible for the Fuzzy migrations. [LF]

Big War, the

Another name (still in common use 800 years later) for the System States War.


A spaceport on Gram and capitol of the Duchy of Bigglersport of which Joris was Duke. Its badge consisted of daggers and chevrons. [SV]


A type of living crystal found on Kawnnon where they grew in symbiosis with the Klooba plants. Their properties made possible a major breakthrough in subnucleonic physics and initiated a half-dozen technologies.

Growing Klooba plants was the major industry of Kwannon. [OS]


A large meat animal probably native to Gram. It is ranched by the Barony of Traskon and a bisonoid head is the Barony's symbol. [SV]

Bjornsen, Hirohito fl 654

A lieutenant in the ZNPF. [FOP]

Black and Green -1973 AD

The Blanley College student newspaper. [EK]

Black Slinker

A smart Mimiran animal. [LF]

Black Star

A space-viking ship from Gram captained by Manfred Ravallo. Destroyed It participated in the Battle of Marduk. [SV]


A place on Gram, probably in the Duchy of Wardshaven. King Angus' mad grandfather, Zarvas lived there. [SV]

Blanley College 1930-1973 AD

A college in California at which Edward Chalmers taught history. It was destroyed in the Thirty Day's War. [EK]


A mountain range on Poictesme near the east coast of the main continent. [JP]

Blisko, Big Moogie fl 2680

A non-worker's voting bloc boss in Asgard. [MD]

Blount, Eric d 477

The Lieutenant-Govenor of Uller. He was at King Orgzild's palace when the Uprising occurred and was captured and killed by burning alive. [UU]

Blue Comet

A Space-Viking ship owned by Count Lionel of Newhaven. [SV]

Blue Slasher

A predatory sea animal of Fenris. A slasher has four clawed tentacles growing out from around its neck and is the color of heat-blued steel. [FDP]

Blue Springs

A place on Uller. [UU]


A Zarathustran tree. [FOP]


A human city and capitol of the human colony on Kwannon. The site of the Kwannon Planetwide News Service's offices.

It was a typical city of a contragravity-using culture: tall buildings with no roads between them growing out a park. [OS]


A class of approximately 10,1000-ton airship used on Uller. The Oom Paul Kruger and the Jan Smuts are of that class. [UU]

Bogdandoff, Corporal Hassan fl 477

A non-com in the army of the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

Bold ca 6500

One of Raud the Keeper's dogs. [KP]


A Space-Viking ship supporting Andray Dunnan. Destroyed by the Corisande II in the Battle of Marduk. [SV]

A bolide is the name for a largish meteor making a flaming, almost horizontal pass through the atmosphere.

Borch, Kurt d 654

A Chartered Zarathustra Company thug. He was killed by Jack Holloway while trying to shoot him when Holloway was trying to prevent Leonard Kellogg from killing Goldilocks. [LF]

Borden, Lizzie fl 654

A Fuzzy adopted by George Lunt's Constabulary post. [LF]

Named after a late-19th century (AD) American proponent of population control.

Borztall, Oraze d 2120

Chief of the Management of Public Works of the Mastership of Aditya. His chief-slave was Mykhyl Eschkhaffer. [SS]

Bowlby, Ivan fl 654

One of the major gangsters in Mallorysport. His interests ran

Boyd, Ralph b430-490+

Owner of the Port Sandor Times and father of Walter Boyd. He was about 60 years old, wore a ragged mustache and incessantly fiddled with a pipe. He was effectively chief of staff of the uprising that drove out Hallstock and Ravick. [FDP]

Boyd, Walter b473-490+

The 17-year-old main character of Four Day Planet. Walter Boyd, son of Ralph Boyd, was the Port Sandor Times's top (and only) reporter. He was an eyewitness to, though not directly a participant in, most of the events in Fenris's successful rebellion against Anton Gerrit AKA Steve Ravick. [FDP]


Planet in the Federation area which had been raided by Space Vikings. [SV]

Named after the Norse god of wisdom and poetry, the son of Odin and Frigg. His wife was Idunna who guarded the apples which were source of the immortaility of the gods.

Brangwyn, Tom fl 890

A large, beefy man who was town marshall of Litchfield. He was believed to have come from Hathor, having lost a political battle and finding it necessary to leave to avoid firing squads. He resigned as marshall to work full time for Litchfield Exploration & Salvage. [JP]

Brannerton, University of fl 2680

A university on Gimli at which Vann Evartt taught. [MD]

Brannhard, Gustavus Adolphus fl 654

A sometime lawyer on Zarathrusta. He was a giant man with bushy gray-brown hair and beard. He was a good lawyer when he wanted to be. [Fuzzy Novels]

Brave ca 6500

One of Raud the Keeper's dogs. [KP]

Brinn ca 6500

The remembered name of Britain on earth during the 6th Empire. [KP]


An airless planet of Beta Gartner. See Gartner Trisystem for historical details. [JP]

Named after a woman knight in Spenser's The Fairie Queen.


A street in Port Sandor on the Main level and each of the levels below. [FDP]

Broadway Room

A CUC dining room on Gongook Island. [UU]

Buenos Aires

The capital of Argentina. Quite possibly destroyed in 378 AE by an A-bomb built by the Christian Anarchist Party. [UU]

Buhrmann, Morton fl 477

The Chartered Uller Company's Commercial Secretary on Uller. After Sid Harrington's assassination, he was one of the four men who tried to keep the civil administration running. He panicked once the size of the Uprising was clear. [UU]


Nip Spazoni's monster hunter ship. [FDP]

Burgess, Mart fl 654

A very skilled gunsmith on Zarathustra. [FOP]

Burrik, Captain Nial fl 1610

Space-Viking and captain of the Fortuna. [SV]

Bush Dangwa

People or aliens of critters which were very good trackers. [FOP]


A Zarathrustan predator. [LF]


A 350' contragravity guncutter armed with a 90 mm gun, owned by the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]


An eastern city on Uller whichrose against the Charter Uller Company. [UU]


Calder Range

A granite mountain range on Poictesme, near Litchfield. [JP]

Calderon, Sargent fl 654

A Sergeant in the Constabulary on Zarathrusta. [LF]


Airless planet of Beta Gartner. See Gartner Trisystem for further details. [JP]

Named after ...


A freighter belonging to Pan-Federation Spacelines. [WC]

Named after ....


The capitol of Excalibur.

Camelot was King Arthur's capitol.

Camelot, University of

A university on Excalibur. [SV]

Canal Builders

One of the major periods of Martian history when Mars was drying out and the still-vital Martian civilization dug the great canals observed from Earth to conduct what water remained around the planet. [OL]

Canopus 2120

A 3000' transport ship in the Empire's expedition to annex Aditya. [SS]

Named after the star Alpha Carinae. Canopus was the pilot of the Greek King Menelaus in the Illiad.

Cape Canaveral

A 2000' hypership ship owned by the Terra-Odin Spacelines which served Fenris on the Terra-Odin milk run. A sister ship to the Peenemunde. [FDP]

Named after the early spaceport at Cape Canaveral, Florida, about 200 miles north of Meeya Meefla.

Cape Terror

Cape, probably on Hermann Reuch's Land, on Fenris to the east of Port Sandor. [FDP]

Cape Town Beer

A brand of beer drunk on Uller. [UU]


Possibly the same sort of thing as an 'airjeep', the car flys using cold-jet rotor and hot-jets, possibly for extra power. It would seem to be something like a helicopter with embedded rotors. There's no particular evidence that it has Abbot lift-and-drive engines, though it's hard to see how a purely propellor-driven vehicle that small could fly safely and far. It holds 4-6 people.

Carmath, Lieutenant fl 2120

A young landing-troop lieutenant during the initial landings on Aditya from the Empress Eulalie. He led the party which discovered that Zeggenburg's air defences had rusted away. [SS]


A technique for growing meat in culture. For example, the Port Sandor carniculture plants on Fenris have things like a 50' diameter chunk of goose liver, as well as supplying pork, beef, other poultry, zhoumy and veldbeest.

Carries-Bright-Things fl 654

A female Fuzzie previously known as Little She. She got her name because she carried some brass cartridge shells she found. [FOP]

Carstairs, Corporal fl 654

A ZNPF corporal who taught Fuzzies. [FOP]

Casagra, Marine Captain fl 654

The head of the Space Navy forces which infiltrated Mallorysport prior to the Space Navy taking over the government of Zarathustra. [LF]


A chemical explosive. [FDP]

Cazabielle, Captain fl 477

The post CO at ???. [UU]


A unit of money, one hundreth of a sol. [4D, JP]


A Mardukan Royal Navy ship which was loyal to the crown. Destroyed in the Battle of Marduk by the Banshee. [SV]

Chalmers Prof. Ed b 1927 AD

A history professor at Blanley College who developed prescience. He tended to forget that much of what he knew about human history had not yet happened and mention future events in class. This got him into trouble with the school's administration and ultimately, got him confined to a mental institution. [EK]

Chamberlain, Sid fl 54

A reporter with the Trans-Space News Service on the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]


A Royal Mardukan Navy ship that supported Zaspar Makann. [SV]

Chandler, Bill fl 54

A zoologist on the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]

Charbonneau, Captain d477

A human captain of native non-Kragan troops on Uller. He was killed by his troops in the first minutes of the Uprising. [UU]

Chartered Fenris Company

The Chartered Company which tried to settle Fenris around 390. It first tried to build conventional cities which failed because of Fenris's extreme climate. Its final effort was to build the underground city of Port Sandor sized to hold 250,000 people, but the company went bust just as it was completing the city. All but a few thousand colonists were evacuated. [FDP]

Chartered Loki Company

The Chartered Loki Company was dissolved by the Terran Federation for violation of Federation law. [FOP]

Chartered Uller Company -526

The Chartered Company organized to exploit Uller. After the Uprising on Ullr, it was taken over by the Terran Federation. Its flag was blue-gray with a vermillion symbol. [UU]

Chartered Zarathustra Company

The Chartered Company created to exploit the planet Zarathustra. When Zarathustra was discovered to have intelligent natives (the Fuzzies) it lost its original charter. Because of the changed political climate and because of the riches found on Zarathustra, it was unable to gain a new charter. Victor Grego, its Managing Director, renamed it the "Charterless Zarathustra Company". [FS]

Charterless Zarathustra Company

The name Victor Grego gave the Chartered Zarathustra Company after it lost its charter. Upon the development of good relations between the CZC and the Government of Zarathrustra, it regained as leases much of what it had held as the Chartered Zarathrustra Company, and then lost. [FS]

Chen-Wong, Luther fl 890

A partner in the law firm of Sterber, Flynn and Chen-Wong.

Cheng-Li, Colonel fl 477

The Chartered Uller Company's intelligence and constabulary man in Skilk. [UU]


A planet in the Federation region. Inhabited by Buddihists. [SV]

Named after ???

Chesterville 650

A town on Zarathustra near The Squiggle. [FOP]


A port on Jurgen. [JP]

Chloris was a hamadryad in Cabell's Jurgen.

Chmidd, Khreggor fl 2120

Khreggor Chmidd was a huge, obese man who was "chief-slave in office to the Lord-Master Rovard Javasan, Chief of Administration of the Management of the Mastership" in the goverment of Aditya when the Galactic Empire took over. In spite of being a slave, he was one of the two most powerful men int he government. [SS]

Christiaan De Wett

A Chartered Uller Company contragravity ship. It was damaged by the blast which destroyed the Residency at Keegark, and later destroyed by Dirk Prinsloo in the Aldebaran. [UU]

Named after ???.

Christian Anarchist Party

A radical group which built (and, perhaps, exploded) an A-bomb at Buenos Aries in 378. [UU]

Cinderella fl 654

A female Fuzzy, one of the first to wander into Jack Holloway's camp. [LF]

Citizens' Government League 654-

A political party formed secretly by Leslie Coombes and Victor Grego to watch out for the CZC's interests on Zarathustra. [FS]

City of Asgard

Spaceship serving Poictesme from Odin in the 9th century. [JP]

City of Canberra

Hypership which included Niflheim and Uller on its route. [UU]

Canberra is the capital of Australia.

City of Kapstaad

A liner owned by the Terra-Baldur-Marduk spaceline. "Kapstaad" is Afrikaans for "Capetown". [FS]

City of Konkrook 654

A Terra-Baldur-Marduk Spaceline interstellar ship. [FOP]

City of Malverton

A spaceship which served Zarathustra. Quite probably out of Marduk, possibly on the Terra-Baldur-Marduk Spacelines. Malverton is the main city of Marduk. [FS]

City of Montevideo

A hypership on the Uller-Terra route. [UU]

Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay.

City of Nefertiti

A hypership on the Aton-Poictesme-Odin run. Nefertiti is a city on Aton. [JP]

City of Pretoria

3000' foot hypership on the Terra-Uller-Niflheim route. [UU]

Pretoria is a city in South Africa.

Civilized Planet

At the time of Space-Viking, a planet was deemed civilized if it possesed hyperdrive ships. Also respected was a strong nuclear technology (e.g., Beowulf). [SV]

Classification of Planets

The Terran Federation classified planets according to several criteria: the presence or absence of a sentient native species, whether or not the planet was inhabited by humans and whether or not it was inhabitable without artifical environments. The known classifications are:

Class II: Inhabitable only in artificial environments

Class III: Uninhabited but inhabitable

Class IV: Contains sentient native species


Carnivorous Fenris marine life. [FDP]


Simon MacGregor's monster hunter ship. Lost with all hands in the Fitzwilliam Straits. [FDP]

A claymore is a type of Scots sword....

Clifford, Abe fl 490

Monster hunter and navigator on the Javelin. [FDP]

Clifford, Charley fl 425

A doctor and member of the crew of the Stellex. He also doubled as carniculturist. [WC]


A Space-Viking ship captained by Rock Morgan. [SV]

The Coalsack is a prominant dark nebula in Sagittarius.

Coelho, Joao fl 1700

A composer of the Early Empire who was good enough that he was still remembered a thousand years leter. [Ministry]


Planet where Otto Harkaman grew up. [SV]

Named for the sword of El Cid.

Colbert, Brigadier-General Evan fl 477

General M'zangwe's second-in-command at Konkrook. In an apparent inconsistancy, he is later described as Colonel Colbert of the Fourth Kragan Rifles. [UU]

Cold Creek

A creek which emptied into the Snake River on Beta Continent of Zarathrusta. Jack Holloway's camp was in the Cold Creek Valley. [LF]


Collapsed matter. Collapsium can be plated onto ordinary steel and makes it very hard, dense and shiny. The plating can be done on steel without damaging the steel. Even a very thing coating of Collapsium reflects all radiations and energetic particles. It can't be cut, but can be worked by eroding it with a rotating beam of cosmic rays. [JP]

Collapsium was evidently known from the early days of interstellar travel. It was used to plate spaceship hulls and provide reactor (mass-convertor) and power cartridge shielding.

Colonial Constabulary

A Terran Federation law enforcement organization. [FDP]

Colonial Government

Terran Federation colony worlds come in many flavors: The planet itself has a classification. Class II is "inhabitable only in artifical environments" and Class III is "uninhabited, but inhabitable" and Class IV is "Has sapient native inhabitants".

Early in the Federation, planets without indigenous sapient races would be turned over for exclusive exploitation by a Chartered company. The Chartered Fenris Company in Four Day Planet, the Chartered Uller Company in Uller Uprising and the Chartered Zarathustra Company in the Fuzzy books are examples. A Chartered Company effectively is the government of a planet.

A new colony would also have a Federation Resident-Agent.

A world which was not owned by a Chartered company (or, like Zarathustra, where the Chartered company lost its charter) would form a colonial government with a Governor appointed by Terra, but otherwise with very considerable local autonomy. (Autonomy did not extend to remaining independant of the Terran Federation, or denying the TF Navy access for bases, etc.)

The local government was required to be democratic (though nearly any degree of corruption was usually tolerated), and the TF Navy could intervene to guarentee democratic government.

There was some sort of Assembly for the whole Terran Federation on Terra, but is makeup and powers are obscure.

Colonial Office

A TF department in the 7th century which controlled exploration and exploitation of new planets. It was fairly bureaucratized. [NS]


A Terran arms manufacturer. The made a 10mm handgun for the Terran Federation service. [FDP]

Columbine fl 654

A Fuzzy adopted by Federic and Claudette Pendarvis. She was young and mated with Perriott. [FS]

Commercial Enterprise Encouragement Act

A law enacted in 878 allowing commercial enterprises to get certain Poictesme-government-owned surplus equipment for free. LE&S; got the Lester Dawes that way. [JP]

Complex fl 654

One of a group of four Fuzzies studied by Ruth Ortheris and later turned loose near Mallorysport by Leslie Coombes in hope that they would be captured or killed in the Fuzzy hunt which started up after Lolita Lurkin's false claim that she had been attacked by Fuzzies. [LF]


Loyal Royal Mardukan Navy ship destroyed in the Battle of Marduk. [SV]


One of the pervasive technologies of the Federation. All flying vehicles were equipped with contragravity which also apparently could provide a reactionless propulsion. The contragravity unit was quite small since ordinary cars were usually equipped with it and, by the 9th century, robots of only a few cubic feet used contragravity.

Over the course of centuries, contragravity changed the way people lived. During the Late Federation, cities were built consisting of a limited number of tall buildings with residences and parkland around them and no interconnecting roads. The floors in buildings were numbered from the top down.

Possibly another name for the Abbott Lift-and-drive.

Convocation ??-2120

The Convocation of the Lords-Masters was - in theory - the governing body of Aditya at the time of the takeover by the Galactic Empire. It consisted of all the Lords-Masters and was quite ineffective, real power being in the hands of the slave-bureaucrats who ran the government. [SS]

Coombes, Leslie fl 654

The Chartered Zarathrusta Company's chief lawyer on Zarathrusta. He was tall and "slender and suavely elegant" "his thin, aristocratic features wore an habitually half-bored, half-amused expression, as though life were a joke he had heard too many times before."

He was a very competant lawyer, though he lost the original case of "People vs. Holloway and Kellogg".


A monster hunter ship owned by Pierre Karolyi. [FDP]


Otto Harkaman's original ship. The Corisande was lost in a dynastic war on Durendal. Many of Harkaman's chief assistants in Space Viking also served under him in Corisande. [SV]

Possibly named after Lady Corisande in Disraeli's novel Lothair.

Corisande II

A new ship built for Otto Harkaman at the Rivington shipyards and named after his first ship. In the Battle of Marduk, the Corisande II destroyed the Dunnan ships Bolide and Reliable. [SV]


A loyal regiment of King Jonkvank. At the start of the Uprising, it had been sent from from Krink by King Jonkvank's traitorus War Minister Hurkkurk. [UU]

Cosmic Computer, The

The name for the novel "Junkyard Planet" when it appeared as an Ace book.

Countess Dorothy

Airship on Poictesme owned by Transcontinent & Overseas Airlines and operating between Storisende and Litchfield. [JP]

Courtland, Captain fl 490

Captain of the Spaceport police on Fenris. He wore a gray mustache and, like most of the spaceport police, was ex-Federation Army. [FDP]

Coyon, Ernestine d 476

A woman who died of acute alcoholism in the free wards of a hospital in Paris-on-Baldur. Skin from her hands was transplanted onto Anton Gerrit's hands to provide him with false fingerprints. [FDP]

Crippen, Dr. fl 654

A Fuzzy adopted by George Lunt's Constabulary post. Named after... [LF]

Cronje, Hans fl 490

A monster hunter. Probably part of the Javelin's crew. [FDP]

Crown Loyalist Party

One of the major political parties on Marduk. In power at the start of Space Viking, Prince Vandarvant is its leader. [SV]

Curse of Cagn

A Space-Viking ship which fought on the Tanith/Loyalist side during the Battle of Marduk and was then allowed to loot the Makann stronghold of Drepplin. [SV]


A Sword-World. Located 320 lightyears from Gram and over 2000 lightyears from the nearest part of the Old Terran Federation. [SV]

Curtana was the sword of Ogier le Danois (Holger Danske). See Poul Anderson's excellent fantasy Three Hearts and Three Lions for more on Holger Danske.

Cutler, Major fl 1973 AD

A US Army major connected with Central Intelligence. He investigated Prof. Chalmers' precognition. [EK]


A splinter group from the nut group which wanted Merlin (if found) to be the entire government of Poictesme. The Cybernarchists took to wearing colored shirts and saluting each other with a stiff-arm salute and the words "Hail Merlin". [JP]


An interplanetary spaceship which carried the first Martian archeological expedition to Mars. [OL]

It was named after Cyrano de Bergerac, a 18th century (AD) French writer and soldier who was famous for his large nose, his swordsmanship and his fantastic writings about space travel.


Chartered Zathrustra Company and, later, Charterless Zarathustra Company. [FS]


Dacre, James fl 1973 AD

A Trustee of Blanley Coll;ege. Had iron-grey hair. [EK]

Daffysan, Fedrig d 2120

The Chief of Fiscal Management of the Mastership of Aditya. His chief-slave was Ridgerd Schferts. [SS]


Planet in the Federation region. A Space-Viking base was established there by Fedrig Barragon. It was raided by Otto Harkaman after Barragon had raided a Tanith trade-planet, Ganpat. [SV]

Named after a Phoenician god of the earth and agriculture, latter goddess of the sea (then shown as a crowned mermaid).

Dagro Ector, General fl 1610

Syndic for State Protection (i.e., General of the Army) of Eglonsby on Amaterasu. [SV]


A Space-Viking ship captained by Roger-fan-Morvill Esthersan. [SV]

Named after a large Zarathrustan predator.


A large (half-ton) predator native to Zarathrusta. It had a horn on its forehead rather like a unicorn, and two more on its lower jaws. It was fairly smart and would double back to hunt its hunters. [LF]

The Fuzzie name was probbaly Takku. [FOP]

Dandrik, Professor Nelse fl 2680

The head of the Physics department at Imperial University in Asgard, he tried to suppress the discovery by Prof. Klenn Faress of the instantaneous transmission of signals by the beta micropositos. When Faress refused to stop, he fired him, precipitating student demonstrations and his eventual replacement by Faress as head of the department. He was gray-haired and stoop-shouldered. [MD]

Dane, Martha fl 54

Archeologist on the first Martian Archeological expedition. She deciphered the Old Martian language by using physical science as her Rosetta Stone. [OL]


The inner moon of Zarathustra. The Terra-Baldur-Marduk Spaceline had a terminal on Darius. [LF]

Named after the last king of Persia who was defeated by Alexander the Great.

Davock, Sylvia fl 425

Hydroponicist on board the Stellex. [WC]

Dawes, Anse b 867

Son of Lester Dawes and Conn Maxwell's best friend in the days before he went to Terra to school. [JP]

Dawes, Lester fl 890

A banker in Litchfield and father of Anse Dawes. He was part of the Fawzi office gang. [JP]

de Jong fl 477

One of Dr. Murillo's assisstants on Nifelheim. [UU]

de Jong, Anna fl 654

Psychologist on the Svantovit Expedition. [NS]

de Ruyter, Adriaan fl 425

Member of the crew of the Stellex and chief investor. [WC]


A place on Kwannon which the swarming Kwanns were trying to reach. (Dr. Anthony R. Lewis suggests that Deesha Phoo is a corruption of the Old French term deja vu.) [OS]

Degbrend, Honorable Lanze fl 2120

Assistant to Jurgen, Prince Trevannion. [SS]


A Planet. [MD]

Delta Continent 650

An under-populated continent on Zarathustra. [FOP]


One of Litchfield Exploration & Salvage's gunboats. [JP]

Named after the underworld critters in the Shaver Mystery.


Capitol ship in the System States Alliance Navy. [JP]


One of King Jonkvank's regiments. It was far from Lrink when the Uprising started, having been dispersed by Hurkkirk, Jonkvank's traitorous War Minister. [UU]

Devil's Pigpen

A natural formation on Poictesme. [JP]

Devis, Al fl 490

Monster hunter and engineer's helper on the Javelin. A skinny, red-haired man with a sharp-pointed nose. He placed a bomb aboard the Javelin for Steve Ravick. He later was killed while setting fire to the Tallow-wax held back from the Hunter's cooperative. [FDP]

Diamond fl 654

Victor Grego's Fuzzy. He was named after Sir Isaac Newton's dog.



A duchy on Gram which was known as particularly badly run. Ridgerd was Duke at the time of Space Viking. [SV]

Dillinger fl 654

A Fuzzy adopted by George Lunt's Constabulary post. Named after... [LF]

Dillingham Hyperdrive

The Dillingham hyperdrive put ships in a hyperspace which left them completely unconnected with the universe at large. The view from a ship in hyperdrive was an unending grayness. When exiting hyperdrive, the view briefly showed "indescribable colors".

A ship in hyperdrive moved at a speed of about 1 lightyear per hour. Apparently this was an upper limit to the technology, since early stories appear to reflect a much lower speed. For example, in Four Day Planet, the speed of hyperspatial travel is given as 60 hours/light year in one place and, by inference as 6 hours/light year in another. It appears that the first drive engines didn't reach the maximum possible speed. In When in the Course, a ship is expected to take something under 100 days to do a 40 light year trip, yielding a speed of roughly 60 hours/light year. The hyperdrive could not be used too close to a planetary mass.

There are reports of a differential between time within the hyperdrive's influence and outside of roughly 2:1 (i.e., a trip which took six months to the outside world appeared to take only three months onboard.) Since this is not reported consistantly, it must be regarded as dubious.

The hyperdrive was discovered early in the 2nd century post- atomic. Little is mentioned about its technology except that a hyperdrive engine was fairly large and required a large amount of gadolinium.

Dire Dawn

A 7-800 page mildly pornographic novel by Hildegard Hernandez about the Second World War. Published in perhaps the 3rd Century. Its end papers had the A-bomb designs needed for the Chartered Uller Company to build its own A-bombs. The book sold well, but was not a critical success ("Described as World War II through a bedroom keyhole"). [UU]

Dirty Gertie

A Fenris monster hunter ship owned by Corkscrew Finnegan. [FDP]

Probably named after a popular WWII song "Dirty Gertie from Bizerti"

Divide, the

A mountain range on Beta Continent of Zarathrustra. The Divide stretched like the cross-stroke of an H between the West Coast Range and the Eastern Cordilleras. [FS]


The name of one of the Martian months. [OL]


A sheep-sized meat and milk animal native to Svantovit. Its name comes from a temporary name given it by the Svantovit Expedition: "Domesticated Type C". [NS]

Dorflay, Captain-General Harv 2620-2680+

The head of Paul XXII's Household Guards. Dorflay was slightly mad, being convinced that conspiracies against the Emperor lurked everywhere. He was right in one case, the conspiracy of Paull XXII himself with Prince Travann to shake up a too-complacent Empire.

After the success of his conspiracy, Paul XXII promoted Dorflay to the bench of Prince-Counselors. [MD]

He is described as having a face like a bulldog's.

Dorver, Karl fl 654

A sociographer on the Svantovit Expedition. He was 6' 6" tall with red hair. [NS]

Dosihara, Dr. fl 654

A doctor in Mallorysport working on the cause of high infant mortality among the Fuzzies. [FS]

Douvrin, Commander Andrey fl 2120

A naval intelligence office on the expedition to annex Aditya. [SS]


One of Litchfield Exploration and Salvage's gunboats. [JP]

A dragon is a large, winged, reptilian monster which may breath fire.


Capitol ship in the System States Alliance Navy. [JP]

Dranigo ca 6500

The name Lord Dranigrastan gave Raud the Keeper when they met. [KP]

Dranigrastan, Lord ca 6500

A slender dark-haired and dark-eyed man from the 6th Empire who visited Raud the Keeper. He gave his name as Dranigo, evidently the familiar form. [KP]

Dremna ca 6500

One of the nearer worlds of the 6th Empire to Earth. It contains a Imperial Space Navy base. [KP]

(It's hard to understand where Dremna might be, since the nearest Empire planets to Earth should have been settled during Man's first expansion into space and thus should have a recognizable mythological name. Perhaps Dremna is an old planet, renamed.)


A Mardukian city which provided Zaspar Makann with strong and early support. After Makann's fleet was defeated in the Battle of Marduk, Drepplin rose in support of Makann. It was punished by letting the three Space-Viking ships (Damnthing, Harpy and Curse of Cagn) who were helping the Tanith forces loot it. [SV]

Duklass, Count Max fl 2680

Imperial Minister of Economics for Paul XXII. Duklass "had thinning red hair and a plump, agreeable, extrovert's face". [MD]

Dumont, Chief of Police Piet fl 654

The Mallorysport Chief of Police. He was "an empty shell of unsupported arrogance, with a sagging waistline and a puffy face that tried to look tough and only succeeded in looking unpleasant". [LF]

Dumont, Piet fl 490

Monster hunter on the Javelin who wore a white beard. [FDP]

Dunbar, Malcolm fl 654

The chief chemist at Synthetic Foods. [FS]

Dunnan, Andre fl 1610

The insane nephew (Dunnan's mother was his younger sister) of Duke Angus. The Dunnan badge was a blue crescent on a black background.

Having convinced himself that Elaine Karvall Trask was in love with him and being forced to marry Lucas Trask, Dunnan shot up their wedding, killing Elaine Trask and several others and then made his escape from Gram by pirating the Enterprise. Over the next several years, Dunnan built up an organization of Space Vikings and provided financing for a Nazi-like political party on Marduk with the intention of taking over the planet. He was prevented only by Lucas Trask's intervention on the side of the Mardukian monarchy. [SV]

Duraglass 5th century

A glass-like material used for windshields on fighting vehicles. [UU]

Durante, Jose fl 654

A CZC forester at Yellowsands. [FOP]


A Sword World, one of the second generation of Sword-Worlds to be colonized. At the time of Space Viking, it was undergoing a long-term dynastic war. [SV]

It was named after the sword of Roland (which was supposedly once owned by Hector).

Dynamite Island

The island near Kankad's Town where the Kragans make dynamite and other explosives. [UU]


Earlie, Chief Ralph fl 654

Chief of Mallorysport police. He replaced ??. [FS]

East Konk Mountains

Mountains near Konkonk which form one side of the Konk valley. [UU]

Eastern Axis

The name of the anti-Western alliance in the early 1970's (AD) Earth which precipitated the Third World War. [EK]

Eastern Cordilleras

A mountain range on Zarathrustra's Beta Continent. The Divide stretched like the cross-stroke of an H between the West Coast Range and the Eastern Cordilleras. [FS]

Eastern Shore

The eastern shore of the Takkad Sea and the location of at least some of the Free Cities on Uller. [UU]

Ebbing fl 654

A female Fuzzie belonging to Ernst Malin.

Kraft-Ebbing was...


A ship controlled by Andray Dunnan. [Viking]


Edge of the Knife, the

A novelette which takes place in 1973 AD. Prof. Edward Chalmers is a history professor at Blanley College, a small school in California. He developes precognition and starts "remembering" the history of the future.

After several times accidentally talking about events which haven't yet happened, he is noticed. People line up on both sides of the issues, and the college president tries to have him removed from the faculty and committed to a mental institution.

At a critical time he realizes that Blanley College will be destroyed in less than a year's time in the Thirty Day's War, while the mental institution will be in a safe place, so he allows himself to be committed.

Edvard, Crown Prince fl 1610

Crown Prince Edvard was a "man of middle age, graying at the temples, with the glassy stare that betrayed contact lenses." Upon meeting him, Lucas Trask thought that he looked and acted a lot like a college professor (not a compliment). He invited rifraff like sociology professors to his hunting lodge.

He was married to Crown Princess Melanie and the father of Princess Myrna. He also had the non-royal title of Baron Cragdale.

After Zaspar Makann gained power, Edvard served for a time as Prime Minister, believing the election to be the true will of the people (he was another of the good little liberals that Piper dispised). He was later assassinated, with the blame put on the Gilgameshers. [SV]

Eggers, Lt. Bert fl 654

Late-nightshift supervisor of the CZC's Detective Bureau. [FS]


Capitol city of the State of Eglonsby on Amaterasu. Eglonsby was an oligarcical dictatorship organized something like Fascist Italy before WWII. The Council of Syndics was composed of 16 members elected by the Syndicates they represented such as the Syndicate of Labor, the Syndicate of Manufacturers and the Syndicate of Small Business.

Eglonsby was on bad terms with Stolgoland over the oil found in the shallow sea separating the two countries. Lucas Trask aided the Eglonsby army to invade Stolgoland, and then stranded it there, causing the governments of both countries to collapse, eventually resulting in better governments for both countries. [SV]

Eighteenth Kragan Rifles

A Kragan military outfit who worked for the Chartered Uller Company. It stayed loyal during the Uprising. [UU]

Eirrarsson fl 890

A second century Post-Atomic Martian Colonial poet. He wrote "Graveyard of Dreams". [GD]

Elegry Palace

A building in Zeggensburg which was bought by the Empire to serve as the Proconsular Palace on Aditya. [SS]


One of the sides in Durendal's dynastic wars. Otto Harkkoman was fighting for the Elmersans when he lost the Corisande. [SV]


A 350' contragravity guncutter armed with a 90 mm gun and owned by the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

An elmoran is an initiated Maasi warrior. A Maasi boy became an elmoran by killing a lion with a spear.

Emmert, Nick fl 654

The Federation's resident-general on Zarathustra. He was also a large stockholder in the CZC. He is described as having "reddish hair, pale eyes and a wide, bovine face".

After the Federation Navy took over the government of Zarathustra, he was arrested on a variety of misfeasence, malfeasence (and probably nonfeasence) charges and sent to Terra for trial. [LF]

Emperor's Cup fl 2680

An aircar race. [MD]

Empire, First Galactic 300-1100

A term later (much later: after the fall of the Galactic Empire which was retrospectively re-numbered the Second Galactic Empire) used to apply to the Terran Federation. In this Concordance, the Terran Federation is always called the "Terran Federation", and the term "First Galactic Empire" refers to the Galactic Empire which began about 1700 AE. [EK]

Empire, Galactic 1700-??

The empire which grew up around Asgard starting in the 1700's or 1800's and re-unified the inhabited Galaxy.

The empire stayed clear of much control over the internal affairs of its planets, but did enforce some things (like a prohibition on outright enslavement) and inisited on a single government for each planet. The Emperor was at the top and actually had significant power - perhaps about that of the British monarchs in the 1700's. Underneath the Emperor was a Prime Minister and under the Prime Minister many Ministerial secretaries. The high functionaries of government were always nobility.

The Empire's symbol was a Sun with a superimposed Cogwheel, and its colors were black and gold. [SS] A thousand years later the Empire peacefully spanned all the space inhabited by humans (no aliens of comparable or greater civilization were known) and had become staid to the point of stagnation. Paul XXII's plan to shake it up [Ministry of Disturbance] was successful, at least for a time.

Physically, the Empire in 2680 was shaped roughly like a pork chop (with Terra in the center of the round portion and the Sword Worlds at the end of the bone). It consisted of 1365 inhabited worlds, 1.5 trillion people, and 15 sentient races. [MD]

Empress Eulalie 2120

An Empire Ship-of-the-Line, a hypership of about 5000' diameter. It was the flagship of the expedition to annex Aditya.

Being a ship-of-the-line, it was designed to be used for ceremonial purposes as well - its grand salon was only slightly less sumptous than the Imperial Palace on Asgard. [SS]


A two thousand foot hypership built by Gorram Shipyards for Duke Angus of Gram. Stolen by Andray Dunnan and used by him to escape Gram and then terrorize Marduck, Enterprise was destroyed by the Nemesis in the Battle of Audhumla. Its blazon was Dunnan's blue crescent.

There is no evidence that the Enterprise was named after any of the distinguished line of sea and space ships bearing the same name. [SV]

Enunciator, Ulleran

See 'geek-speaker'.

Epsilon Continent

One of the continents of Zarathustra. Kellytown was on Epsilon. [FS]

Ernanday, Sharll fl 2120

A member of the expedition sent by the Galactic Empire to annex Aditya, and charge-d'affaires to Count Erskyll, Imperial Proconsul. [SS]

Errol, Duke of Yorvoy fl 2120

The ultra-conservative Erskyll Duke of Yorvoy on Aton. [SS]

Erskyll fl 2100

An ultra-conservative Ducal (Dukes of Yorvoy) family on Aton. [SS]

Erskyll, Count Obray fl 2120

The new Proconsul of Aditya. He was very young and very liberal (educated at the liberal University of Nefertiti). His family (the Erskylls of Aton) arranged for him to get the appointment as Proconsul upon graduation from college to get him a long ways away from places where he could embarrass them. [SS]

Ertado's Star

A class-G star over 3000 lightyears from Gram. Tanith was the 3rd of its 7 planets. [SV]

Eschkhaffer, Mykhyl -2125

Chief-slave to Oraze Borztall, the Adityan Manager of Public Works. He was elderly. [SS]

Esthersan, Roger-fan-Morville fl 1610

A Space-Viking. Captain of the Damnthing. His name indicates that he is the acknowledged bastard of of a Sword-Worlder, presumeably named Morvill by a woman of one of the Old Federation planets (probably Nergal). He had coarse black hair, a mahogany-brown skin and red-brown eyes. [SV]

Eunice, Dame fl 1610

One of the adults supervising Princess Myrna. [SV]

Evarrard fl 1610

A family of Space-Vikings who ruled Hoth. [SV]

Evartt, Professor Vann fl 2680

Professor Vann Evaratt was dismissed for unknown reasons from the faculty of the Imperial University in Asgard. He woundup on the faculty of the University of Brannerton on Gimli where he taught Klenn Faress.

After the events in Ministry of Disturbance, he was brought back by the command of Paul XXII and made Chancellor of Imperial University. [MD]

Evins, Conrad fl 654

The chief sunstone buyer for the CZC. "A small man with graying hair and a bulging brown and narrow chin." He had been the CZC's company minerologist when he married Rose Thaxter (Leo Thaxter's "sister"). He became sunstone buyer after their discovery.

He became involved with the Mallorysport underworld through his wife and provided the inside information needed for Novaes and Herckerd to train Fuzzies to loot the CZC's sunstone vault. [FS]

He was sentanced to 20 years in prison to be follwoed by shooting. [FOP]

Evins, Rose fl 654

The former Rose Thaxter, wife of Conrad Evins. [FS]

She was involved in her husband's and brother's criminal activities and with them was sentanced to 20 years in prison followed by shooting. [FOP]


The original Sword-World, Excalibur was settled in the 9th century by the escaping remnants of the System States Alliance Navy. Excalibur was about 30 lightyears from Gram. [SV]

It was named after King Arthur's great sword which he received from the Lady of the Lake.

Executive Special Agent

An Executive Special Agent ranks ex officio as an Army general or a Navy Admiral and has the privilege of the floor in Parliament. They take orders from nobody but the President of the Federation. There were fewer of them than there were planets in the Federation.

Bish Ware was an Executive Special Agent. He spent five years on Fenris tracking down Anton Gerrit for the Loki enslavements. [FDP]


An armed merchantman controlled by Andray Dunnan. [SV]

Extee Three

The short name of "Terran Federation Space Forces Emergency Ration, Extraterrestrial, Type Three". It was a food designed to be edible (but little more) by nearly anything, including extraterrestrials. [Naudsonce, LF]

Extraterrestrial Rights Association

A group dedicated to advancing the rights of non-humans. It



A very large river (Amazon-sized or bigger) on Loki. [FOP]


Planet discovered in the 7th century by the Svantovit Expedition.

Conditions on Fafnir correspond to Earth's Cretaceous period which substantially more ferocious beasts. The manticore is native to Fafnir. [SV, NS]

Named after the dragon Fafnir (a transformed dwarf, son of Hreidmar) from German myth (also Wagner). The Norse god Loki killed Otr, Fafnir's brother; as weregild, he covered Otr with gold. Fafnir turned himself into a dragon to guard the gold and to keep it from his brothers. He was killed by Sigfried (Sigurd).


A Gilgamesher ship captained by Captain Gurrash. [SV]

Falkenberg, Major fl 477

Officer in charge of the Eighteenth Rifles, a Kragan infantry unit on Uller. [UU]

Fallada, Myra fl 654

Victor Grego's secretary. She had "elaborately curled white hair, faintly yellowish, a round face, protuberant blue eyes and a lower lip of the sort associated with the ancient Hapsburg family."

She was extremely loyal to Victor Grego. [FS]

Fane, Colonial Marshal Max fl 654

A Marshal of the Colonial government of Zarathustra. He was as heavy as Gus Brannhard and considerably shorter. [LF]

Faress, Professor Klenn fl 2680

A physicist at the Imperial University in Asgard. While trying to determine the ultimate velocity of the beta micropositos elementary particle, he got anomalous results. Ordered by his superior, the head of the Physics Department, Prof. Nelse Dandrik, to ignore them, he continued the investigation and was fired when this was discovered. He was young and had a red mustache.

His firing precipitated student demonstrations which turned into riots under the control of the Ministry of Security. These riots we Paul XXII's pretext for taking some of the measures necessary to reinvigorate the Empire. [MD]

Farg, Vahr ca 6500

A young man from the village near Raud the Keeper. Raud thought him worthless. He was married to Garth the Sledmaker's daughter. [KP]

Farr, Stan fl 654

The CZC Personnel man at Yellowsands. [FOP]

Fauna fl 654

One of a pair of Fuzzies (Flora and Fauna) living with Ben Rainsford. [LF]

Fawzi Office Gang

A group of older men who habitually hung around Kurt Fawzi's office in Litchfield and talked about how things would be better when they located Merlin. They included: Kurt Fawzi, Dolf Kellton, Lorenzo Menardes, Raymond Fitch, Klem Zareff, Judge Ledue, Tom Brangwyn, Rodney Maxwell, etc. [JP]

Fawzi, Kurt fl 890

The mayor and leading citizen of Litchfield, he also led the search for Merlin. He had some sort of shipping business which he mostly neglected. After LE&S; was organized, he effectively abandoned his job as Mayor to search for Merlin full time. [JP]

Fawzi, Lynne fl 890

Kurt Fawzi's daughter. [GD]

Fayon, Bennet fl 654

A biologist and physiologist on the Svantovit Expedition. He is described as plump, pink-faced and balding. [NS]


A loyal regiment of King Jonkvank's. At the outbreak of the Uprising, it had been sent to Jeelznidd, far from Krink, by King Jonkvank's disloyal War Minister, Hurkkurk. [UU]

Featherleaf Tree

A tree native to Beta Continent of Zarathustra. [LF]

Federation Colonial Office

(reference needed)

Federation Space Navy

The main military arm of the Terran Federation. Because travel time between inhabited planets (typically weeks) was comparable to travel time by ships on Earth in the 18th and 19th centuries (AD), it was organized on fairly classical ocean navy lines with commanding officers having considerable discretionary power. [FDP]


Fuzzie name for a Zarathrustan carrion-eating bird. [FOP]

Feinberg, Mohandas Gandhi fl 490

Monster hunter and captain of the ??. He had a curly black beard and nobody would have mistaken him for an apostle of nonviolence. His nickname was "the Mahatma" [FDP]

Fenner, Marjorie fl 1973 AD

The secretary at the Department of History at Blanley College. [EK]


Fenris was a planet in the Federation region, second planet of a G4 star about 650 light years Galactic southwest of Earth. It was colonized at the end of the 4th century Post Atomic. It was about 6 month's travel from Earth at 4th Century hyperdrive speeds. It had three moons.

The "Four Day Planet", Fenris was tidally locked so that it made just four rotations about its axis during its year. Its year was just over 8000 hours long, yielding about 1000 hours of continuous daylight followed by as long a night. It got almost cold enough to freeze CO2 just before dawn. There were terrible storms just after sunset and dawn.

The chartered company that colonized Fenris went bankrupt within 10 years, stranding 250,000 colonists. Most were evacuated, but about 1000 stayed on and made a go of it. At the time of Four Day Planet, a century later, the population had climbed to 20,000. Its only city was Port Sandor.

The only source of off-planet income was the export of Tallow-Wax and the hunting of the source of Tallow-Wax, Jarvis' sea monster, was the largest industry. About 1000 people work on the mainland, outside of Port Sandor, mostly in mining.

None of the native plants or animals are edible by humans. Plants include species of very slow growing hardwoods used only for fine furniture and a type of reed which was harvested and converted to an artifical wood. Animals were mostly aquatic.

Aquatic animals include the Jarvis' sea monster, the Blue Slasher, the Halberd fish, the Funnelmouth, the Gulper and Bag-Bellies. Land animals include the extremely venomous tread-snail.

Sea creatures seem to be uniformly nasty with a disproportionate share of predators.

Trees tend to be short, 15' at most, and perhaps 6'-8' thick with a tight crown of branches. They grow slowly during the four moderate periods that occur each year after dawn. They have several feet of

thick bark and a soft interior.

It is possible (from comments in Uller Uprising) that some sort of conflict occurred on Fenris before 477 that involved the use of nuclear weapons. Details are unknown, but by the time of Four Day Planet (ca 490) any unpleasantness that may have happened was not longer commonly remarked upon. [FDP]

It was named after the Fenris Wolf of Norse legend. The Fenris Wolf is a giant wolf (son of Loki and the giantess Angerboda) which was chained by the Norse god Tyr at the cost of his right hand. It escapes to kill Thor at Ragnarok.

Fergus, Duke fl 1610

Duke Angus' father. [SV]

Ferguson, Colonel Ian fl 654

The head of the Colonial Constabulary on Zarathustra. [LF]

Ferny Creek

A creek near Mallorysport where a group of Fuzzies were discovered. [LF]

Ferriera, Mohammed d 477

A Field-Agent fore the Extraterrestrial Rights Association living on Uller. [UU]

Ffayle, Lothar fl 1610

The head of the Bank of Wardshaven. He initially supported Duke Angus, but, when as King, Angus became intolerable, Ffayle changed the bank into the Bank of Tanith. [SV]

Field, Captain fl 54

Intelligence officer with the Space Force on the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]

Fieschi, Guido fl 490

The Odin Dock & Shipyard's superintendent of the Port Sandor spaceport. [FDP]

Fifth Zirk Cavalry

A native military outfit organized by the Chartered Uller Company. It mutinie during the Uprising. [UU]

Finchley fl 54

A female member of the first Martian archeological expedition. She came down with an undiagnosed ailment and then recovered from it.


Finnegan's Goat

A big constellation in the skies of Uller. [UU]

Finnegan, Corkscrew fl 490

Captain of the monster hunter ship Dirty Gertie. [FDP]

Firkked, King fl 477

Uleran King of Skilk. He was afraid of his feudal nobility forcing a Runnymede on him and so tried to win the favor of the urban merchants. This made him pro-Rakkeed and anti-Terran. [UU]


One of King Yoorkerk's infantry regiments (the 4th). Described as "sorriest-looking rabble I ever saw". [UU]

Fitch, Raymond fl 890

Used vehicles dealer in Litchfield and member of the Fawzi Office Gang. [JP]

Fitch, Abe fl 654

The Superintendent of Synthetic Food's plant. [FS]

Fitch, Prof. Leonard fl 1973 AD

A professor of psychology at Blanley College. [EK]

Fitzgerald, Ivan fl 54

A medic and major in the Space Force on the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]

Fitzurse, Reginald fl 425

Members of the crew of the Stellex specializing in security. He was a former Federation Army officer and had seen duty in North Terra protecting reclamation projects against the barbarian remnants from the Atomic Wars. [WC]

Fitzwilliam Straits

A body of water on Fenris where the Claymore was lost. [FDP]


A blasting explosive. [JP]


One of the second generation of Sword-Worlds to be colonized. [SV]

Named after the sword of.... Flamberge (along with Joyeuse) was made by Galas. A Flamberg is an early 17th century German sword.


A berry native to Odin out of which jelly can be made. [NS]

Flavia, Queen fl 1610

Duke Angus' wife and sister to Duke Joris of Bigglersport. She was generally well thought of. She was divorced by Angus a few years after he became King.

The Princess in The Prisoner of Zenda is named Flavia. She becomes Queen in the sequel, Rupert of Hentzau. [SV]

Flora fl 654

One of a pair of Fuzzies (Flora and Fauna) living with Ben Rainsford. [LF]

Flower Festival ca. 2680

Some sort of Imperial thingie held on each planet at which the Empress made live recorded tri-di appearences. [MD]

Flurknurk fl 477

A Skilkian noble who stayed out of the rebellion of King Firkked against the Chartered Ulleran Company. [UU]

Flynn fl 890

One of the partners in the law firm of Sterber, Flynn and Chen- Wong. His son was married to the daughter of the Secretary of the Treasury. [JP]


A Kwannon native vegetable somewhat akin to an onion or an artichoke. It had a bitter nut in the middle. Fooshkoot is probably a native Kwann word. [OS]

Force Command Duplicate

The underground duplicate of Third Force Command which was the first installation claimed by Litchfield Exploration & Salvage and which ultimately proved to contain Merlin. It was an enormous building covered with collapsium and buried hundreds of feet underground. It was designed to withstand direct nuclear attack.



One of King Yoorkerk's infantry regiments (the 12th). Described by Paula Quinton as "sorriest-looking rabble I ever saw". [UU]


Space-Viking ship captained by Nial Burrik. Destroyed by the loyal Mardukan Navy base on Marduk's moon. [SV]

Fortuna was the Roman goddess of luck.

Four Day Planet

A novel taking place on Fenris at the end of the 5th century Post Atomic.

Fenris's sole industry is the hunting of Jarvis' sea monster and the export of its Tallow-wax. The Hunter's Cooperative is controlled by Steve Ravick who is siphoning off most of the profits from hunting.

A group of hunters arrange to bypass the Cooperative and sell their wax directly. Ravick gets wind of this and tries to kill the leaders by blowing up their monster hunter ship in mid ocean. They survive and organize a revolt.

Before they can attack Ravick, he strikes by setting their store of tallow-wax on fire, effectively diverting attention.

The story is told from the point of view of Walter Boyd, the 17-year-old reporter for the Port Sandor News.

Fourth World War

An atomic war fought mainly in the Northern Hemisphere of Terra which rendered it uninhabitable. The First Federation was founded around then, possibly in direct response to that war. [FS]

Franchard fl 900

A scholar who wrote "The Rise and Decline of the System States" in the 28th century. [EK]

Frask, Count fl 2680

Imperial Minister of Science and Technology during the early reign of Paul XXII. He was elevated to the Bench of Imperial Counselors. [MD]

Free Cities

A group of cities on Uller which were not under any king's control (see the similar cities within the Holy Roman Empire which were under direct Imperial control and not subject to any Prince). Some were located on the eastern shores of the Takkad Sea. Kwurk was one of the Free Cities. [UU]


A planet in the Federation. Leader of the Valkyries. Freya was discovered during the first wave of extrasolar exploration. The date of 425 assigned in the chronology is almost certainly too late.

Freya's native people are completely human and able to interbreed with Terrans (Paula Quinton has a Freyan great grandmother). This remarkable fact has never been explained. Freyan women are described as 'breathtakingly beautiful'. [UU]

Oukry are native to Freya. [FDP]

Named after the Norse goddess of love, fertility and marriage (not to be confused with Frigg).


The intelligent, completely human (to the point of interbreeding!) natives of Freya. At discovery, the dominant culture was at a stage of political and technological advance roughly comparable to 16th century Europe. [WC]

Fruitfinder fl 654

A male Fuzzy. [FOP]

Fu-Chung, Howard fl 477

A nuclear power engineer who worked on the Uller A-bomb project. [UU]

Fuentes, Desk Sergent fl 654

A sergent with the Mallorysport Police who worked with Leuit. Woller to cook up the story that Fuzzies attacked Lolita Lurkin. [Fuzzy

Fujisawa, Oscar fl 490

Captain of the hunter ship Pequod, Fujisawa was a large man with blue eyes and a red beard. He was one of Fenris' better poker players and described as a bright man with a strong sense of self- preservation. [FDP]


Fenris sea creature which eats Screwfish and is preyed upon by Jarvis' Sea Monster. [FDP]


A city controlled by King Jonkvank more than 100 miles from Krink. [UU]

Fuzzies and Other People


The intelligent natives of Beta Continent, Zarathustra. (Fuzzy Fuzzy Holloway Zarathustra, Order Holwayans). The Fuzzies were short (ca. 2') and covered with golden fur. They were playful - childlike - and had minds comporable with 10 or 11-year-old children.

Their voices were ultrasonic and were normally inaudible to humans.

Fuzzy Fuzzy Holloway

The original scientific name of the Fuzzies. [LF]

Fuzzy Reservation

A large chunk of Zarathrustra's northern Beta Continent reserved for the Fuzzies, it covered the entire territory they occupied when they were discovered. It was later discovered to have the largest sunstone deposits ever seen. [FS]

Fuzzy Sapiens Zarathustra

The new scientific name of the Fuzzies after they had been judged to be sapient. [FOP]

Fuzzy Trial

After Leonard Kellogg killed Goldilocks and Jack Holloway shot Kurt Borch in self-defence, Kellogg charged Holloway with murder and Holloway charged Kellogg with the murder of Goldilocks.

Because of the intense publicity surrounding that Fuzzies, a jury trial for either was impossible. They both accepted a trial by a panel of three judges. Since both murder charges revolved around the question of whether Goldilocks, a Fuzzy, was in fact sentient, Chief Justice Pendarvis turned the trial into a judicial investigation of the sentience of Fuzzies.

The Trial was presideed over by Judge Pendarvis, along with associate judges Ruiz and Janiver. Gus Brannhard was the lawyer for Holloway and the Fuzzies-are-sentient side, while Leslie Coombes was attorney for Leonard Kellogg and the Fuzzies-are-animals position of the CZC.

After five days of testimony and discussion, Judge Pendarvis ruled that the Fuzzies were sentient and entitled to the full protection of the Terran Federation's law, and that Jack Holloway was innocent of the murder of Kurt Borch. Leonard Kellogg had already committed suicide, and so was never convicted. [LF]



A rare earth element essential to the Dillingham hyperdrive. A ship typically required 50 kg of it.

Gadvan, Count fl 2680

Paul XXII's Chamberlain. [MD]


The Terran Federation occupied a volume ...

Yggdrasil is 20 LY from Freya. Freya is closer to Terra than Yggdrasil, travel time for the Stellex is about 6 months (at the 60 hr/ly speed from the story, Freya is about 70 ly from Terra).

The Gartner Trisystem (and most of the System States Alliance planets) were about 3000-3500 ly from Terra. Poictesme was about 100 ly from the fighting during the System States War.

Svantovit, Fafnir, Imhotep and Irminsul were all discovered by one expedition fairly late the the Federation's history. They thus are probably near each other and towards the edge of the Federation.

Odin was about 5000 ly from Aditya.

In the 5th century, Fenris was six months' travel from Terra at a 60 hour/ly speed, or about 75 ly from Terra. It was served by a milk run from Odin to Terra. Gimli was the next planet out. This puts Odin within 150 ly of Terra.

Uller is a planet of Beta Hydri (RA 0:23, dec -77; One of the few cases where we can precisely locate one of Piper's planets), 21 light years from earth. Niflheim is a planet of Nu Puppis, 148 light years from earth (RA 6:36, dec -43).

Volund is the next major planet towards Terra from Zarathustra.

Gamma Continent 650

An under-populated continent on Zarathustra. [FOP]

Gamma Gartner

One of the three stars of the Gartner trisystem which was discovered by Genji Gartner in about 700. Its planets (including Pantagruel, Panurge and ??) were named after the works of Rabelais. [JP]

Ganner, Samml fl 2680

A secret police agent of Jurgen, Prince Travann who was suspected by Harv Dorflay of trying to build a booby trap in the Emperor's private elevator. [MD]


A Tanith trade planet raided by Space-Viking Fedrig Barragon. [SV]

Named after....

Ganzay, Prince fl 2680

Paul XXII's Prime Minister. His ordinary expression was as if he had a persistant low-level toothache. [MD]

Garatt, Baron fl 2680

The Imperial Minister of Fine Arts under Paul XXII. [MD]

Garcia, Sergeant fl 477

A non-com in the army of the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

Garravay, Captain fl 1610

Captain of the Royal Mardukan Navy ship Vindex. In spite of his orders to attack ships of Tanith, he collaborated with Otto Harkaman to fake a battle with the Corisande II. [SV]

Garrick, Clyde fl 654

The head cashier of the Bank of Mallorysport. He was big and ruddy. [FOP]

Gartner Trisystem

Three loosely grouped stars (Gamma Gartner is 3 light years away from Alpha), Alpha, Beta and Gamma, discovered by Genji Gartner at the start of the 7th century. The planets were named after Surromanticist books: Alpha's planets from James Branch Cabell; Beta's Spenser's Faerie Queen (and others) and Gamma's from Rabelais.

Alpha: Poictesme, Koshchei, Jurgen.

Beta: Britomart, Calidore, Hiawatha.

Gamma: Pantagruel, Panurge.

The Gartner Trisystem was about six month's travel away from Terra: using late TF hyperspace speeds, this aounts to something less than 3500 lightyears. The Gartner Trisystem was on the outer edge of the Terran Federation. [JP]

Gartner, Genji fl 890

A "scholarly and half-piratical space-rover" who discovered the Gartner Trisystem. He named all of the planets from books rediscovered by the Surromanticist Movement. [JP]


The Fuzzy name for themselves. It probably means "People". [FS]

Gatworth, Charlie b 871

One of Conn Maxwell's friends and son of Morgan Gatworth. he worked for Rodney Maxwell. [JP]

Gatworth, Morgan fl 890

A Litchfield lawyer and member of the Fawzi office gang. [JP]


A 350' contragravity guncutter armed with a 90 mm gun and owned by the Chartered Uller Company. Destroyed in battle against the Jan Smuts. [UU]

A gaucho is a South American cowboy.

Gawn Brothers fl 620

A pair of criminals tried in the early 620's in Mallorysport. [LF]


An uncomplimentary name used by Terrans to refer to non-Kragan native Ullerans. [UU]

"Geek" was originally a term used to denote a carnival "gross- out" act, e.g., biting the head off a live chicken, etc.


A gadget consisting of a false palet and toung-clicker which allowed a Terran to speak recognizable Ulleran. It was official called an 'enunciator, Ulleran'. [UU]

Geklar, Prince-Counselor 2600-

A former admiral in the Imperial Space navy, he was on the Bench of Prince-Councelors. He had served on Aditya in the Invictus 474. [MD]


A hypership built by Poictesme and named after Gengi Gartner, the discoverer of Poictesme. [JP]

"The Tale of Genji" was a Japanese novel by Lady Murasaki Shigibu.

Genji Gartner's Body

The "Planetary Hymn" of Poictesme. It goes "Gengi Gartner's body lies a-mouldering in the Grave / But his soul goes marching on..." Presumeably to the tune of "John Brown's Body..." [JP]

Gerrit, Anton fl 490

Steve Ravick's real name. Gerrit was responsible for enslaving 20,000 Loki natives and working most of them to death in the mines about 15 years before the events in Four Day Planet (around 475 PA). He was tracked down and brought to justice by Bish Ware. [FDP]

Gettler Alpha

The M-class red giant member of the Gettler double. It pulsates with an average period of about 400 days. [OS]

Gettler Beta

The G-class member of the Gettler double, Gettler Beta is the primary of the inhabited planet Kwannon. It revolves around Gettler Alpha in a long elipse with a period of ninety years. [OS]

Ghroghrank 390-477+

The Keegarkan Ambassador to Konkrook. He was quite old. [UU]


The Thoran Grandfather-god. A favorite deity to swear by, for Terrans. Ghu was theologically preposterous, but very devoutly believed in by Thorans. [JP] Images of the Thoran Grandfather-god figured in his worship. [FDP]

Ghu, like Roscoe and Foo-Foo is of the traditional fannish ghods, often identified with Don Wollheim.

Gicquel, Captain Laurent fl 54

A French-Canadian Space Force officer on the first Martian archeological expedition. His rank is apparently that of an Army Captain since he does things like airseal buildings. Perhaps an engineering officer. [OL]

Gilbert, Miles fl 809

The owner of the Kwannon Planetwide News Service. He got a Master's degree in Extraterrestrial Sociography from the University of Montevideo. After graduating, he traveled for two years on a Paula von Schlichten Fellowship.

His experiment in psychological warfare against the Shoonoon on Kwannon ended the "last hot time" riots. [OS]


A planet in the Federation region.

It had lost hyperspatial travel and many other technologies when the Terran Federation fell, but redeveloped it on its own. It was governed by some sort of theocracy and had a large trade network.

In Space Viking, the Gilgameshers play the role of both the Jews and the communists to Zaspar Makann's Hitler. The alleged assassination of Crown Prince Edvard by a Gilgamesher is used by Makann as the Reichstag fire was by Hitler. In addition, the Gilgameshers have vague cultural similarities to Orthodox Jews and Makann raves against them, even talking about the "Gilgamesher Intersteller Conspiracy". This isn't chance, of course. It is believed by Trask and others that Makann's backer, Andray Dunnan has studied Hitler and is emulating him through Makann. [SV]

Named after the ruler of Uruk, the hero of the earliest recorded fantasy story - an ancient Sumerian epic.


A planet in the Federation region, Gimli is located about 450 light years from Tanith and 350 light years from Marduk.

It had intelligent natives and significant amounts of fissionables. [LF]

It is near Fenris, being the "next planet out" from Fenris on the Terra-Fenris-Odin milkrun. [FDP]

A Mardukian trading planet. Attacked by Andrey Dunnan. Major products: "Skunkapple oil", a perfume base. [SV]

In the 2600's, it had a university at Brannerton. [MD]

Gimli is a dwarf in the Icelandic eddas and Gimli is also the name of the hall in Asgard where righteous men were gather after their deaths.

Gimli Company

A company which got rights to work fissionables mines on Gimli in the 600s. [FOP]


A species of animal native to Tizona. [SV]

Glaspyth, Duchy of

While probably not as powerful as Ward, the Duchy of Glaspyth was one of the major duchies on Gram. It was notorious as being a snake- pit. [SV]

Glenn, Sandra fl 654

A secretary in Victor Grego's office (working for Myra Fallada). She was chosen as fuzzy-sitter for Diamond, Grego's fuzzy. She was tall and had red hair. She married Ahmed Khadra. [FS]


One of King Yoorkerk's infantry regiments (the 7th). Described as (by whom?) as "sorriest-looking rabble I ever saw". [UU]


One of Litchfield Exploration and Salvage's gunboats. It took hits at the battle of Barathrum, but survived. [JP]


Capitol ship of the System States Alliance Space Navy. [JP]

Gofredo, Major Luis fl 654

TF Marine officer on the first expedition to Svantovit. A short man, barely over service minimum height, his ancestry was a mixture of Polynesian, Amerind and Mongolian. [NS]

Goldilocks d 654

A female Fuzzy, one of the first to wander into Jack Holloway's camp. She was murdered by Leonard Kellogg. [LF]

Gomes, Dr. Lourenco d 477

A nuclear engineer, he designed and built the industrial atomic bombs used for mining on Niflheim based on old designs found in the Library of the University of Montevideo. He was a small man with a grizzled beard and grizzles hair around a bald spot. He was killed during the first half hour of the Uprising. [UU]

Gomez fl 890

An engineer who was on the first flight of the Harriet Barne to Koshchei. [JP]

Gompertz, Captain fl 1610

A Beowulfian; Captain of the Grendelsbane. He participated in the Battle of Marduk.

Gone Ones, the

The Kwann name for their dead ancestors. [OS]

Gongonk Island

An island in the Konkrook Channel where the Chartered Uller Company had a guard station, spaceport and other Chartered Uller Company facilities. [UU]


One of the developers of the keene-Gonzales-Dillingham theory which led to the hyperdrive.

Gonzales, Brigadier General Ramon fl 809

A competent general in the Colonial forces on Kwannon. He had "black eyes and black hair and mustache, and a slightly equine face that went well with his Old Terran Spanish name." [OS]

Goode, Pop d 477

The human who ran the city power plant at Skilk. Killed in the first minutes of the Uprising. [UU]


???? A ship [SV]


Rodent-like animals with dark gray fur, about a foot and a half long and six inches high at the shoulder. They ate bark and the like.

Native to Zarathustra. [FS]

Gordon Valley

A valley running roughly north-south containing Litchfield on Poictesme. The main local crop is the wine-mellon. [JP]

Gordon Valley Home Guard

The local home-defense force of Litchfield and the surrounding Gordon Valley. It functioned much like a volunteer fire department. It had 170 men in it, was commanded by Klen Zareff, and was quite effective. It had been called out in force only twice, but it stopped outlaw attacks -- literally -- dead. [JP]

Gorkrink d 477

A child of King Orgzild and Prince Jurnkonk, he worked on Niflheim as a laborer to gain knowledge of nuclear weapons. The exposure to flourine there caused his quartz-specks to be greenish. He had an excellent command of Lingua Terra. [UU]

Gorram Shipyards

Located at Wardshaven on Gram, Gorram shipyards was Duke Angus' main hypership building facility. Owned by Alex Gorram, Gorram shipyards built the Enterprise, Nemesis... [SV]

Gorram, Alex fl 1610

A Wardshaven shipbuilder, owner of the Gorram shipyards. [SV]

Gorram, Basil fl 1610

Alex Gorram's son. [SV]

Gorth the Sledmaker ca 6500

The father of Vahr Farg's wife. [KP]


The Fuzzy name for a flying Zarathrustra predator. They had thin, scaly bodies between pointed wings with a pointed head and a long tail. Probably a Harpy. [FOP]

Gower, Katherine fl 425

A member of the crew of the Stellex. {WC]


One of the Sword Worlds. Its sky is permanently veiled by clouds.

Gram includes the duchies of Wardshaven, Glaspyth, Didreksburg and Bigglersport and the county of Northport

Gram's government is typically Sword Worlds fedual. Duke Angus of Wardshaven made himself King Angus I of Gram, but only with the support of other powerful feudal lords such as Lionel of Northport and Joris of Bigglersport. The feudal government maximized civil liberties, but at the expense of order. For example, on Southmain continent, a minor war (perhaps akin to the Scots Highland raiding?) had been going on for over two centuries. [SV]

Gram was Siegfried's sword.

Grandfather-god Image

A religious article of the Thorans, presumeably an image of Ghu. [FDP]


A city run by King Yookerk near the north pole of Uller. [UU]

Gratham, Nikki fl 1610

A space-viking, the ruler of Jaganath. [SV]

Grauffis, Sir Rovard fl 1610

Duke Angus' henchman and later Prime Minister to King Angus. He is describe as small and saturnine. He was assassinated by persons unknown. [SV]

Graveyard of Dreams

The original version of Junkyard Planet (aka The Cosmic Computer).

It is essentially the first quarter of Junkyard Planet. Conn Maxwell comes pack to Poictesme and sets up the Maxwell Plan to revitalize the planet's economy. The story ends before anything concrete happens.

There are a few minor factual differences between Graveyard of Dreams and Junkyard Planet: Lynne Fawzi is Conn Maxwell's girlfriend in Graveyard and is not mentioned in Junkyard. Some of the planets mentioned as being part of the Gartner Trisystem in Graveyard don't fit the naming convention described in Junkyard, nor are they mentioned in Junkyard.

Green Death

An epidemic disease. [JP] It was still highly contagious in 2680. [MD]

Grego, Victor fl 654

Victor Grego was the chief executive of the Chartered Zarathustra Company during the entire Fuzzy affair. He was basically a competent and decent man, but allowed himself to be paniced into trying to prevent the Fuzzies from being declared sentient. Once he actually met some Fuzzies, his sympathies changed.

He always viewed the CZC's interests as foremost, but once they concided with the Zarathustra Colonial Government's, he dropped his opposition to the government. [LF]

Greibenfeld, Captain Conrad b 615

The executive officer of the TF Naval base on Xerxes. [LF]


A Beowulfer hypership, Gompertz, captain. It participated in the Battle of Marduk. The ship's name is particularly appropriate since Beowulf is the bane of the monster Grendel. [SV]

Grinell, Colonel Robert fl 477

An Intelligence officer in the Chartered Ulleran Company's army. He is described as "short, round-bodied and bald-headed" and he smoked cigars. He was ex-Terran Federation Regular Army. [UU]


A Royal Mardukan Navy ship which supported Zasparr Makann. [SV]

Guellick fl 1973 AD

A sleepy student of Prof. Chalmers'. [EK]

Guerrin fl 654

The evening shift ventilation engineer at the CZC's Company House. [FS]

Guilfred, Count fl 2680

Imperial Minister of Health and Sanity under Paul XXII. [MD]

Guilliford, Colonel fl 477

An officer in the Chartered Uller Company's army at Skilk. He lost a leg in the first hours of the Uprising. [UU]

Guilsan, Prof. fl 2680

Tutor in history (at least) to Prince Rodrik and Princess Olva. [MD]


Fenris sea creature which eats Screwfish and is preyed upon by Jarvis' sea monster. [FDP]

Gunsalis Jan fl 1610

Secretary to Pedrosan Pedro, President of the council of Syndics of Eglonsby on Amaterasu. [SV]

Gurgurk fl 477

An Ulleran. King Jaikark's Grand Vizer, he was one of the leaders of the Uller Uprising. He subsidized Rakkeed. [UU]

Gurrash, Captain fl 1610

A Gilgamesher, captain of the Fairdealer. [SV]



Planet in the Federation region. Named after ??? Still being settled in the 9th century. [GD]

Hacksaw Mountains

Mountains on the north coast of Hermann Reuch's Land near Sancerre Bay. [FDP]


The Fuzzy name for Terran humans. [FS]

Halberd fish

A Fenris sea-creature with a spear-like nose and sharp ridges of something very much like bone. [FDP]

Hale, Margaret fl 425

The hyperdrive engineer on board the Stellex. {WC]

Hallstock, Morton fl 490

Mayor of Port Sandor (and, hence, the entire planetary government of Fenris). He was a crook and never bothered with elections, and he was in league with Steve Ravick. He was short and stout with a scrubby gray-brown mustache. [FDP]

Handley fl 1973 AD

The head of the Latin department at Blanley College. [EK]

Handrosan, Colonel fl 2680

An officer of the forces of the Ministry of Security under Jurgen, Prince Travann. Prince Travann had very high confidence in him. [MD]

Hargreaves, Air-Commodore Leslie fl 477

An officer with the Charter Uller Company's military forces. [UU]

Hari, Mata fl 654

One of the Fuzzies who had been trained to rob the CZC's gem vault, later attached to the Company Police Detective Bureau.

Mata Hari was a spy in WWI.

Harkaman, Otto fl 1610

Hypership commander. Before coming to Gram, Harkaman had had his own hypership, but had lost it fighting in the dynastic wars on Durendal. Hired to command the Enterprise before it was pirated, he became Lucas Trask's commander of the Nemesis.

Harkaman was unusually tall and had a beard and red-brown hair. He was intensely interested in ancient history and possessed a library looted from other planets.

After the base on Tanith was established, Harkaman became Admiral and Count. [SV]


Space-Viking ship which participated on the Tanith/Loyalist side in the Battle of Marduk and then was paid by allowing it to loot Drepplin, a Makann stronghold.

A Harpy (we are reliably informed by Tony Lewis) is the patron saint of Chinese fortune cookies.


A Zarathustran predator about the same size and design as a Pterodactyl. The Fuzzies called them '???'. [LF]

Harriet Barne

The largest contragravity ship on Poictesme in the late 9th century. Owned by Transcontinent & Overseas, the Harriet Barne was pirated by the Blackie Perales gang. The gang used slave labor to rebuild the HB into an interplanetary ship to fly to Koschei to find leftover nuclear bombs with which to terrorize Poictesme. After Conn Maxwell and crew recaptured the Harriet Barne, the conversion was finished and the HB did make two trips to Koschei before being replaced by a real interplanetary ship found there. [JP]

Harrington, Governor-General Sidney d 477

The Governor-General of Uller. He had a "ruddy outdoorsman's face and a ragged gray mustache". His assassination by poison was the signal for the native uprising against the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

Harry Wong's Bar

A bar in Port Sandor. A favorite of Bish Ware. [FDP]

Hartzenbosch, Professor Jan fl 490

Principal of Port Sandor's school. A fussy old man. [FDP]

Hastings, Commodore fl 2100

A naval commodore who got a baronetcy from the Galactic Empire for stopping a pogrom on Anath around 2100. [SS]


Planet in the Terran Federation. Tom Brangwyn was believed to have come from Hathor as a refugee after his party was ousted from power. (Evidently Hathorian politics in the 800's was fairly rough.) [JP]

Named after the Egyptian cow-headed goddess of love, tombs and the sky. Hathor is sometimes shown as a woman with cow horns with the solar disk between them. She is the daughter of Ra and is sometimes considered an aspect of Isis.


The Fuzzie name for an animal that they hunted. Theye were about the same size as a Fuzzie, gray, ate bark off trees and had sharp teeth. They were called Goofers in English. [FOP]


One of the Sword-Worlds. It was colonized from Joyeuse during the 4th generation after the settlement of the Sword-Worlds. Haultclere later colonized Gram.

It is named for the sword of Oliver, the companion of Roland.

Hauserman, Dr. fl 1973 AD

A psychiatrist at Northern State Mental in California. He examined Prof. Chalmers. [EK]

Haval Valley

A place on Odin where a generator blew up sometime in the late 2670's. [MD]

Havaly, Prince d 2680

Imperial Minister of Defence during the early reign of Paul XXII. [MD]

Havilgar, Prince fl 1610

Space-Viking and Prince of Haulteclere, he led the last attempted Space-Viking raid (six ships of which only two returned, and those without booty) against a civilized planet, Aton. He didn't survive. [SV]

Hawkwood, Mrs. fl 654

Principal of the Mallorysport Kindergarten and primary schools. [FOP]


A drink which is the unique product of Rimmon. [SV]

Heelbare, Mailsh fl 809

The Kwannon mispronunciation of Miles Glibert's name. [OS]

Heenan, Spike fl 654

One of the major gangsters of Mallorysport. He ran most of the illegal gambling: crap-games, numbers and bookmaking. [FS]

Helen O'Loy

An interplanetary ship with a home port of Anaitis on Jurgen.

Helen O'Loy is the heroine of the story of the same name by Lester Del Rey. [JP]


A type of nuclear bomb that evidently starts a self-sustaining fusion reaction where it hits. [JP]


A Fenris monster hunter ship. [FDP]

Hellerman fl < 650

A man who claimed to have cross-bred Terran mice with Thoran tilbras. [LF]

Hemmerding, Rolve fl 1610

A Gram native who went on Lucas Trask's initial expedition. [SV]

Hennant, Milt d 890

One of the crewmen of the Dragon who was killed when it was hit at the battle of Barathrum. [JP]

Hennen, Mike fl 654

The Chartered Zarathrusta Company's construction boss at Red Hill. [LF]

Herckerd, Moses d 654

A geologist with the Survey Division of the CZC. He was with Juan Jimenez when they captured the four fuzzies which the CZC originally studied.

Along with Phil Novaes he captured and trained Fuzzies to be thieves and used them to loot the CZC's sunstone vaults. He was killed by CZC police while trying to escape Company House with the sunstones. [FS]

Hermann Reuch's Land

Fenris's anarctic continent which is mostly volcanic rock. The sea nearby is a good locale for monster hunting. The Javelin was wrecked on its north coast. [FDP]

Hernandez, Hildegard fl 470

The author of Dire Dawn which she probably researched (or had her assistants research) in the University of Montevideo Library. She had illusions of being a great historical novelist and took pride in making her historical near-pornography accurate. [UU]


A planet in the Federation region. It did not retain civilization after the Interstellar Wars and was inhabited by primitives by 1600. [SV]

Named after an old Germanic Earth goddess, the protectoress of hearth and home.


The Fuzzy name for a large, dangerous, three-horned beast. Probably a Damnthing. [FOP]

Heshto fl 809

A Kwann, driver for Miles Gilbert. [OS]


An excursion craft (atmospheric) owned by Kannon Air Transport, Ltd. It was used to take about 200 Shoonoon around the world to prove to them that it is round.

Hesperus was the ??? name of the planet Venus as the ??? star. [OS]


One of the planets of Beta Gartner. It had been the site of mines or manufacturing facilities, but was not inhabitable without artifical protection. Uninhabited by the 9th century. [GD]

Named after an Indian immortalized in Longfellow's Song of Hiawatha.

High Garden Terrace

High Garden Terrace was the main civic plaza or, perhaps, Main Street of Litchfield. [JP]

Hildegarde Hernandez

A converted garbage skow made into an A-bomb carrier. [UU]


A six-legged Ulleran animal used by the Ullerans like horses. [UU]


A Zarathrustan predator. [LF]

Hoenveld, Dr. Jan Christiaan fl 649

A very self-important biochemist working for the CZC's Science Center. [FS]


Dr. Jan Christiaan Hoenveld's name for the titanium-containing biochemical which the Fuzzies liked in Extee Three. It was popularly named Hokfusine after the Fuzzy word for Extee Three. The popular name was later adopted by order of Victor Grego. [FS]

Hogan, Bart fl 654

A Government delegate to Zarathustra's Constitutional Convention. He was from the Big Bend district. Gus Brannhard got him acquitted of a cattle-rustling charge a year and a half before the Convention. [FOP]


The popular name of the titanium-containing organic found in Extee Three. Dr. Hoenveld tried to name it after himself as hoenveldine.

Hokfusine combines destructively with NFMp, a natural hormone in Fuzzies which in its absence suppresses fertility. Hokfusine is found in tiny amounts in Land-prawns and in much greater amounts in Extee Three made in titanium cooking vessels. [FS]


The Fuzzie name for Jack Holloway's camp. It meant 'wonderful place'. [FOP]

Holloway's Run

The name given the general area on Beta Continent where Jack Holloway had his camp at the time that the Fuzzies were discovered. [LF]

Holloway, Jack b 580, d 655+

A sunstone digger on Beta Continent on Zarathustra, he was the first human to meet a Fuzzy. He was directly involved in the Fuzzy Trial, having killed Kurt Borch in self-defence. After Fuzzies were declared sentient, he was appointed to be Native Affairs Commissioner for Zarathustra.

Jack Holloway was a deadly shot.

Holmes, Sherlock fl 654

One of the Fuzzies who had been trained to rob the CZC's gem vault, later attached to the Company Police Detective Bureau.

Sherlock Holmes was the greatest detective of all time. Born in England on Terra in the early 1800s (AD), he was at the time of the Fuzzie stories living in retirement in Sussex.

Honest Horris

A rebuilt junker spaceship owned and captained by Horris Sasstroff. In some complicated way, the Honest Horris was acquired by Andray Dunnan and became part of his fleet. Destroyed during one of the battles arund the Moon of Marduk by loyalist forces at the Moonbase. [SV]

Honest Hymie fl 654

A Mallorysport receiver of stolen goods. [FS]

Hoork River

A dry river running through Keegark. It ran north along the Hoork Valley, petering out even in the wet seasons before it got to Skilk. [UU]

Hoork Valley

The valley of the Hoork River. It ended as a dry valley near Skily towards the North Pole. [UU]


A biochemical initially derived from Keffa-gum. It was later synthesized. Its use is unknown. [OS]


Planet in the Gartner Trisystem. Port Saunders was located on Horvendile. [JP]

Named after a character in Cabell's Jurgen.

Hotel Mallory

A Hotel in Mallorysport on Zarathustra. [LF] Zarathustra's Constitutional Convention was held there. [FOP]


Planet in the Federation region. Less than 1000 light years from Tanith. Hoth was still in the process of being settled in 890.

A Space-Viking base ruled by the Everrards was established there. [SV]

Named after (Hott - a title of Odinn meaning 'he with the hat'.)

Howell, Mark fl 654

Member of the Svantovit Expedition. [NS]

Howlett fl 477

The Chartered Uller Company's personnel chief. After Sid Harrington's assassination he was one of the four men who tried to keep the civil administration running. [UU]

Hoylbat, House of

Firearms manufacturer in Glaspyth on Gram. [SV]

Hozhet, Tchall fl 2120

A thin, cadaverous man with a skull-like, almost fleshless face. He was "personal chief-slave of the Lord-Master Olvir Nikkolon, Chairman of the Presidium of the Lord-Master's Convocation". In spite of being a slave, he was one of the two most powerful men on Aditya when it was taken over by the Empire. [SS]

Hubert Penrose

The 2500' spaceship of the Svantovit Expedition. Probably named after Col. Hubert Penrose, the leader of the first Martian Archeological expedition. [NS]


A moon of Odin.

In Norse mythology, Hugin (along with Munin) was one of the two ravens which perched on Odin's shoulders and which every day flew out across the world observing and returned to tell Odin what they had seen. In Old Norse, "Hugr" means "mind" or "thought". [UU]

Human Supremacy League

A nut group which was convinced that Merlin was a golem with psionic powers which, if awakened, would enslave the Galaxy. [JP]

Humfort, Captain Vann fl 1610

Space-Viking and captain of the Yo-Yo. An able and ruthless man. [SV]

Hunter's Cooperative

An marketing organization for the monster hunters of Fenris. It was organized by Simon MacGregor, but got taken over twelve years before the date of Four Day Planet by Steve Ravick. Ravick arrived on Fenris and bought into several hunter ships that had had bad luck. He became secretary of the Cooperative and then President when Simon MacGregor's ship was lost (under suspicious circumstances). He maintained his position by the use of a goon squad and by keeping a paid group of unemployed men on the rolls as hunters. Since Ravick took over, the price paid the hunters for tallow-wax dropped from 1500 sols/ton to 700 sols/ton with the difference being pocketed by Ravick and his cronies. [FDP]

Hunter's Hall

The building housing the Fenris Hunter's Cooperative. A fairly large four-story building. [FDP]

Hurkkurk d 477

King Jonkvank's War Minister. He was in the pay of King Firkked and weakened Jonkvank by dispersing all of his loyal troops just before the Uprising. He was executed by King Jonkvank. [UU]

Hurtado, Capt. Carlos fl 654

An officer of the CZC's police force. [FS]

Hussein, Khalid ib'n d 1973 AD

The pro-Western leader of the Islamic Caliphate. Assassinated on 16 October 1973 by Mohammed Noureed while leaving the Parliment Building. [EK]

Hussein, Tallal ib'n b 1950 AD

The son of Khalid ib'n Hussein. He was at school in England when his father was assassinated, but he returned and eventually took his father's place and led the Islamic Caliphate into the Terran Federation. [EK]


The gray nothingness in which hyperships travel when using the Dillingham Hyperdrive. In the 5th century, travel in hyperspace was about one lightyear every 60 hours. Several centuries later technology had improved enough to speed this up substantially. [FDP]


Ice-Father ca 6500

The ice cap during Ice Age on Earth during the period of the 6th Empire (ca. 6000-7000 PA). [KP]

Id fl 654

One of a group of four Fuzzies studied by Ruth Ortheris and later turned loose near Mallorysport by Leslie Coombes in hope that they would be captured or killed in the Fuzzy hunt which started up after Lolita Lurkin's false claim that she had been attacked by Fuzzies. [LF]


A planet in the Federation region discovered by the Svantovit Expedition. In the 1600's, Imhotep was in the middle of a glaciation, but a small population of hunters produced fabulous furs. [SV]

Named after the architect of the pyramids, later deified as the god of learning and medicine.

Imperial University fl 2680

A great university sponsered by the Imperial Government and located inAsgard on Odin. Dr. ??? Dandrik was a physics professor there. [MD]


A planet in the Federation area. Near Ganpat.

Named after a Vedic (pre-Hindu) sky god (the equivalent of Zeus), the god of thunder, rain and fertility. He was a god of a warrior aristocracy.

Ingermann, Hugo fl 654

A crooked lawyer on Zarathustra. He was short and "plump, with a smooth, pink-cheeked face, and beginning to lose his hair in front". [LF]

He organized the People's Prosperity Party in an attempt to take over the government of Zarathustra, but was forced to flee when his defence of the Evinses, Leo Thaxter and Phil Novaes failed.

Institute of Xeno-Sciences

An organization which sponsered naturalists like Ben Rainsford. It was evidently the largest organization of its kind. The name was also spelled 'Institute of Zeno-Sciences'. [LF]

Interplanetary Building

A building in Storisende where the Maxwell Companies were headquartered. Prior to its use by the maxwell companies, it had been vacant since the end of the System States war. [JP]

Interstellar Explorations, Ltd.

A large stockholder in the Chartered Zarathustra Company.

Interstellar Import-Export

An interstellar trading company. After the revolution, they sent an agent to Fenris to try to buy Tallow-Wax. [FDP]

Interstellar trade

The enormous carrying capacity of a large interstellar ship (q.v.) permitted amazing things to be carried in interstellar trade. For example, guano mined on Yggdrasil was carried to Terra in the 4th Century for use in Northern Hemisphere reclamation projects.

Interstellar Wars, the

A series of wars occuring during and after the breakup of the Terran Federation in the 11th-13th centuries. The Interstellar Wars obliterated civilization on all but a handful of Federation planets. [SV]

Interworld News

An interstellar news organization of (at least) the 4th to 7th centuries Post Atomic. [FDP]

Invictus fl 2650

A large ship in the Imperial Space Navy. While based on Aditya, it was Admiral Geklar's first big-ship command. [MD]

Invictus is Latin for ??

Irene 2120

A destroyer in the Empire's expedition to annex Aditya. [SS]

Iris 2120

A destroyer in the Empire's expedition to annex Aditya. [SS]

Irma 2120

A destroyer in the Empire's expedition to annex Aditya. [SS]


Planet in the Federation region discovered by the Svantovit Expedition in the 7th century. It was still being settled in 890.

Irminsul was covered with a forest of giant trees and had a race of sub-sapient humanoids who had gotten as far as making simple weapons. Irminsul also produced vegetable-amber and flame-bird plumes, both quite valuable. [SV, NS]

Named after the world-tree of Gothic and Anglo-Saxon myth.


Planet in the Federation region. It was a civilized planet at the time of Space Viking (ca. 1600). [SV]

Named after the Sumerian goddess of fertility.


Planet in the Federation region which retained its civilization following the fall of the Terran Federation. [SV]

Named after the Egyptian mother and fertility goddess.

Islamic Caliphate 1965-1980 AD

A Middle Eastern state with its Parliament located in Basra. It was organized in the late 1960's to early 1970's (AD) and was thrown into turmoil by the assassination of its leader Khalid ib'n Hussein. [EK]

Isobel 2120

A destroyer in the Empire's expedition to annex Aditya. [SS]

Issa ca 6500

Yorn Nazvik's sea-going trading ship. [KP]


Planet in the Federation region. Ithavoll was a Mardukian colony world about 300 years before Space Viking. It suceeded and at the time of Space Viking was considered a civilized planet and one of Marduk's best friends. [SV]

Named from Norse myth after the location in Asgard where Vidarr and Vali dwell after Ragnarok. The location of the All-Father's temple.


Planet in the Federation region. Named after... [SV]


Jacquemont, Sylvie fl 890

Yves Jacquemont's daughter. She is an engineer of some sort and marries conn Maxwell. [JP]

Jacquemont, Yves fl 890

A retired hyperspace maintenance engineer who was kidnapped by the Blackie Perales gang. He had lived in Waterville running a small agricultural equipment repair shop. His daughter was Sylvie Jacquemont.

After rescue by Lichfield Exploration & Salvage, he became Vice-President of Operations of the Maxwell company Alpha-Interplanetary. [JP]


Planet in the Federation region. Around 1600 in was a Space- Viking base planet ruled by Nicky Gratham. [SV]

Named after the irrestible Indian god (more usually transliterated as Juggernaut).

Jaikark, King fl 477

The Ulleran king of Konkrook. "His Sublime and Ineffable Majesty, Jaikark the 17th, King of Konkrook and all the land of the Konk Isthmus." He was an addict to a rather potent native drug and completely non-functional. Gurgurk ruled Konkrook. [UU]

Jaizerd, Prince fl 477

An Ulleran aristocrat. The Konkrook Fencibles were one of his units. He led them against the CUC, but was captured and executed during the very early phase of the Uprising. [UU]

Jan Smuts

A Chartered Uller Company contragravity ship of the Boer class (the other was the oom Paul Kruger). It was damaged by the blast that blew up the Keegark Residency and then taken and repaired by King Orgzild. It carried an A-bomb against Konkrook Island, but was intercepted by the Gaucho and destroyed by its own bomb exploding onboard. [UU]

Named after a Prime Minister of South Africa before and during World War Two.

Jane, Calamity fl 654

A Fuzzy adopted by George Lunt's Constabulary post. Named after... [LF]


Planet in the Gartner Trisystem. Yellowmarsh was a port on Janicot. [JP]

Named after a brown devil in Cabell's The High Place.

Janicot Industries, Ltd.

A company which started out to build an interplanetary ship out of four old buildings. After Koshchei Exploitation & Development found hundreds of ships of Koshchei, it bought KE&S; ships and decided to specialize in chemical production. [JP]

Janiver, Judge Yves fl 654

One of Federic Pendarvis's two associate judges during the Fuzzy Trial. He was a tall, slender man with white hair and a large black mustache. He was the first judge of the Zarathrustan Native Cases Court. [LF]


A town on Tetragrammaton. [SV]

Jarman, Colonel fl 477

A human officer on Uller. [UU]

Jarvis's sea monster

The monsters whose hunting was the basis of the Fenris economy int he late 400s. A average sized monster was about 150 feet long and yielded about 12-15 tons of tallow-wax. It had a three-fluked tail, wide horizontal flippers like airplane wings and a long neck with a (comparatively -- the size of two oil drums) little head with a wide tusked mouth. They had scales an inch thick and up to a couple of square feet in area. The monsters ate Bag-bellies, Gulpers and Funnelmouths. [FDP]

Javasan, Rovard fl 2120

The Chief of Administration of Management of the Mastership, in other words, the Prime Minister of Aditya at the time of the takeover by the Galactic Empire. In fact, he was powerless and his chief-slave, Khreggor Chmidd, ran everything. [SS]


A monster-hunting ship captained by Joe Kivelson. It was blown up by a bomb placed by Al Devis (in the pay of Steve Ravik) in hopes that Joe Kivelson and Glenn Murrell would be killed. [FDP]

Jayser fl 654

A thief caught by the CZC's Detective Bureau. [FS]


A tribe of cannibal Ullerans. The Chartered Uller Company was doing its best to wipe them out. [UU]


One of King Jonkvank's native infantry regiments. It was far from Krink when the Uprising started having been sent away by Jonkvank's traitor of a war Minister. [UU]


A city controlled by King Jonkvank more than 100 miles from Krink. [UU]

Jimenez, Dr. Juan fl 654

Chief mammologist with the Chartered Zarathrusta Company. He helped capture and study Fuzzies for the CZC before the Pendarvis Decision. Afterwards, he was promoted to head of the CZC's Science Division. [LF]

Johnson, Mr. fl 654

The chief data synthesist at the CZC's Science Division. [LF]

Jonkvank, King fl 477

The elderly Ulleran King of Krink. He had the support of his barons, but was afraid of the urban bourgeoisie and received a large Terran subsidy. Consequently, he was anti-Rakkeed and pro-Terran. He is described as a 'blood-minded old murderer'. He was loyal to the Company during the Uprising and received Skilk as a reward. [UU]

Joris of Bigglersport, Duke fl 1610

The feudal lord of Bigglersport. He supported Duke Angus in becoming Planetary King of Gram. His sister Flavia married Duke Angus and later became Queen Flavia and was ultimately divorced by Angus. [SV]

Jorisson, Stefan fl 890

One of Rodney Maxwell's gunboat pilots. He piloted Dragon during the attach on Barathrum and broke his leg when it was hit. [JP]


A planet in the Empire. [MD]

In Norse mythology, Jotunheim was the frozen world of the Jotun, the frost giants who fought against the Aesir.


One of the Sword-Worlds, named after the sword of Charlemagne. Joyeuse, along with Flamberge, was made by Galas. [SV]


The Mallorysport slum. [LF]

Junkyard Planet

Poictesme is the junkyard of an empire. Loyal to the Terran Federation, but located near the System States planets, it was the main staging base for the Terran Federation during the System States War in the mid-800's. When the war was over, the TF pulled out, leaving trillions of Sol's worth of miltary junk and a ruined economy.

The novel takes place a generation later with Poictesme still depressed and a major industry being the salvage of abandoned TF property. Conn Maxwell, the main character, is returning from Terra where he studied computer programming. His education there was financed by a group of his father's old cronies so that they would have someone who could operate the Merlin.

Merlin was a supercomputer which (story had it) had been used by the TF to plot the course of the System States War. The old men who were looking for Merlin think that they can use it to pull Poictesme out of its depression.

Conn is convinced that Merlin is just a legend, but doesn't have the heart to destroy their faith. Instead, he proposes to finance the search for Merlin using information about the location of valuable TF installations which had been secret during the War and had not been rediscovered. His plan is to use the wealth which can be raised by these activities to build an interstellar ship owned by Poictesme to gain better access for its products in interstellar trade.

Conn (and his father) are quite successful, building up quite a net of companies, wiping out a band of pirates who had been hijacking airships and, finally, building a rube goldberg ship to get to Koschei, the TF Space Navy's main base where literally hundreds of abandoned interplanetary ships - some large enough to be converted to interstellar - remain. It looks like Conn's plan to reinvigorate Poictesme's economy is working.

Then they discover Merlin and an agent of the small group of high officers who worked with Merlin tries to destroy it. The reason, they learn, is that Merlin is so effectivbe that it thirty years earlier had

predicted the breakup of the Terran Federation, and had further predicted that the release of its prediction would turn the breakup from a more-or-less peaceful collapse to a violent series of wars. They have since been trying to hide the existance of Merlin.

The problem is resolved by programming Merlin to make falsely optimistic projections, while retaining the true projections to guide their rebuilding of Poictesme.


Planet of Alpha Gartner. Jurgen was discovered by Genji Gartner around 700. It did not have a breathable atmosphere and manufacturing was done in domes. Chloris and Anaitis were ports on Jurgen. [JP]

Named after a pawnbroker, the main character of James Branch Cabell's novel Jurgen.

Jurnkonk, Prince fl 477

The mother of Prince Gorkrink. [Uler]


Kalanang, Lieutenant fl 477

An officer in the Chartered Uller Company's army. [UU]

Kankad's Town

The main Kragan town, located on the edge of a swamp. Named after King Kankad. [UU]

Kankad, King

The king of the Kragans. Kankad is the name of all of the Kings of the Kragans. They were all near-clones of each other because it was a tradition of the Kragan Kankads to self-fertilize themselves, thus raising young nearly identical to themselves. [UU]

Kapstaad Chemical Products, Ltd.

The companay on Terra with which Loe Belsher negotiated an exclusive contract to buy tallow-wax from the Fenris Hunter's Cooperative, this obviating the potential embarrassment of an open auction.

"Kapstaad" means "Cape Town" in Dutch. [FDP]

Karamessinis, Guido fl 477

The Chartered Uller Company Resident-Agent at Grank. [UU]

Karanja fl 890

An engineer who was on the first flight of the Harriet Barne to Koshchei. [JP]

Karffard, Alvyn fl 1610

Otto Harkaman's executive officer. His hobby was building working models. [SV]

Karolyi, Pierre fl 490

Captain of the monster hunter ship Corinne. [FDP]

Karski, Fred b 867

A contemporary of Conn Maxwell's. [JP]

Karvall House

The manor house of the industrial barony of Karvallmills. Lucas and Elaine Trask are married there and attacked there by Andray Dunnan. [SV]

Karvall, Lavinia fl 1610

The wife of Sesar Karvall and mother of Elaine Karvall Trask. After her husband was killed in Andray Dunnan's attack of the Trask wedding, she turned control of Karvallmills over to her brother, Burt Sandrasan, and retired to ???. [SV]

Karvall, Sesar fl 1610

Father of Elaine Karvall [Elaine Trask] and husband of Lavinia Karvall, he was gray-haired and portly. Baron of Karvallmills, a major steel concern. Killed in Andray Dunnan's attack on Lucas and Elaine Trask's wedding. [SV]


The industrial barony (mostly steel) of Sesar Karvall. Its symbol was a yellow flame and black hammer. [SV]

Keaveney, Jules fl 477

The Resident-Agent at Skilk for the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

Keaveny, Mrs. Jules fl 477

The wife of Skilk Resident-Agent Keaveany. She worked in headquarters during the uprising. [UU]


A city on Uller ruled by King Orgzild. It was close to Gongook Island and probably on the Hoork River. [UU]

Keeluk d 477

A Ulleran working for Rakkeed and King Orgzild, who organized the revolt against the Chartered Uller Company. He may have masqueraded as a preacher. [UU]

Keene-Gonzales-Dillingham Theory

A non-Einsteinian theory of relativity which made the Dillingham hyperdrive possible. [WC]

Keeper, the

Raud the Keeper is an old man living in a hut near the edge of the glacier that covers much of Terra in the 6000's. He is called the Keeper because he, like his fathers before him, is the Keeper of an ancient crown which turns out to be the Crown of the Kings of England.

He is visited by men from the 6th Empire who want to buy it from him to put into a museum, but he refuses. Later, after losing it to robbers and regaining it, he realized that he could not keep it safe and turned it over to the Empire.


A product of Kwannon. It was apparently the main source of hopkinsine before it was synthesized. [OS]

Keithley, Ayesha fl 654

Signals and detection officer on the TNS Hubert Penrose on the Svantovit Expedtion. She was a Lieutenant, j.g., and blonde. [NS]

Kellogg, Leonard ex 654

Head of the Chartered Zarathustra Company's Science Division. He killed the Fuzzy Goldilocks by stomping on her. He was tried for murder, but committed suicide in his cell when it became obvious that he was going to be convicted. [LF]

Kellton, Professor Dolf fl 890

The head of the Litchfield Academy. One of the Fawzi crowd. [JP]

Kelly, Ned fl 654

A Fuzzy adopted by George Lunt's Constabulary post. Named after the infamous Australian criminal and revolutionary. [LF]

Kellytown 650

A town on Zarathustra's Epsilon continent. [FOP]

Kendall, Lieutenant fl 477

An officer in the army of the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

Kendrick fl 1973 AD

A student of Prof. Chalmers'. The class humorist. [EK]

Khadra, Ahmed fl 654

George Lunt's driver in the Zarathustran Constabulary. He joined the ZNPF and quickly rose to Captain of Detectives. He married Sandra Glenn [LF]

Khadra, Sandra fl 654

Married name of Sandra Glenn. [FOP]


A big hut in Kwann villages which is the sanctum of adult males Kwanns and off limits to females and children. [OS]

Khane, Chancellor fl 2680

The Chancellor of Imperial University in Asgard. He was, in the opinion of Paul XXII, a 'stupid and arrogant old windbag with a swollen sense of his own importance'. He had a florid, arrogant face.

He personally ordered the campus police to use force to disperse a peaceful student rally, which triggered their march on the Imperial Palace. Paul XXII punished him be sending him to Aditya to reform their educational system. [MD]


Planet in the Federation region about 30 light years from Tanith.

The Kregg, a large meat animal with a single forward curving horn is native to Khepera.

In the 1600's at the time of Space Viking, its civilization was at a relatively primitive level. Originally raided by Lucas Trask, it was eventually included in his trade network. [SV]

Named after the scarab beetle which rolls the sun across the sky in Egyptian mythology. Also identified with Ra, the sun god.


A smart Freyan animal. [LF]


The native (just barely) intelligent race of Yggdrasil. The Khooghras build fires to char stick point as spears and have a language consisting of 82 words, all high order generalizations. Calling someone a 'son of a Khooghra' is not a compliment. [LF]

Khouzhik, Zhorzh fl 2120

Chief-slave to Sesar Martwynn, Chief of Servile Management. In fact, Khouzhik ran the department. [SS]

Kigga-Hikso 650

The Fuzzy name for Zebralope. [FOP]

Kilroy 1971 AD

The first unmanned lunar rocket. Launched in 1971 AD by the Philadelphia Project. [EK]

Kilroy was a ...


A city on Ashmodai which was destroyed by Terran Federation attack in 851 during the System States war. Klem Zareff's family was killed there. [JP]

Kintour, Captain Stefan fl 1610

Captain of the Space-Viking ship Princess of Lyonesse. He raided Beowulf and got away with it. [SV]

Kirbey, Guatt fl 1610

Otto Harkaman's hyperspatial astrogator. Described a sour and pessimistic, he tried to express his science in music. [SV]

Kirke, Jerry fl 450

Former Governor-General of Uller. He conquered the Kragans and then converted them into soldiers for the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

Kivelson, Joe fl 490

Monster hunter and Captain of the Javelin. A large man with a blond beard, and father of Tom and Linda Kivelson. He was a non- drinker. He broke his arm when the Javelin's boat crashlanded on the coast of Hermann Reuch's Land. He was a ringleaer in the attempt to break the Steve Ravik grip on the Hunter's Co- operative. [FDP]

Kivelson, Linda fl 490

Tom Kivelson's older sister, daughter of Joe Kivelson. She was sent to school on Terra as a cover to making contact with alternate buyers for tallow-wax. She was engaged to Cesario Vieira. [FDP]

Kivelson, Martha fl 490

Joe Kivelson's wife. [FDP]

Kivelson, Tom b 472

The 18-year old son of Joe Kivelson and apprentice monster-hunter by trade. He was a friend of Walter Boyd and was badly burned in the Tallow-wax fire. He was a largish young man with blond hair. [FDP]

Klooba plants

Plants on Kwannon which lived in symbiosis with the Kwannon biocrystals. [OS]

Knabber, Sergeant fl 654

A member of the Zarathrusta Constabulary. Probably on the investigative team. They we called to invesitigate the shooting of Kurt Borch. He later became a member of the ZNPF and was promoted Captain. [LF]

Ko-Ko fl 654

One of the original group of Fuzzies who moved it with Jack Holloway. So named (after the Lord High Executioner of Titipu) because of the ceremonial way he beheads land-prawns. [LF]

Kobbly, Sir Thomas fl 1610

Princess Myrna's tutor. He helped her escape from Cragdale when Makann finally took over Marduk. He fancied himself a landscape painter. [SV]

Konk Isthmus

An isthmus on Uller on which Konkrook was located. [UU]

Konk River

A river on the Konk Isthmus. The city of Konkrook was located on the Konk river. Except in spring when it was a red-brown torrent, it naver ran more than a trickle if at all. [UU]

Konk Valley

A valley (presumeably of the Konk River) running more-or-less north from the vicinity of keegark. [UU]


A city on the Konk Isthmus. ??? was King of Knokrook. It is about 5000 miles sourth of the North Pole. [UU]

Konkrook Channel

A channel on the Konk River near Konkrook. [UU]

Konkrook Fencibles

A division of Prince Jaizerd's Ulleran army. They weren't very competent. [UU]

"Fencibles" is an English term for a militia which may only be used for the defense of specific territory and may not be sent on expedition, so this was probably the local troops.

Konkrook, University of

A university located at Konkrook. They had an elaborate geocentric [ullerocentric?] orrery. [UU]

Konrad, King fl 1610

King of Haultclere and relative of Duke Omfrey of Glaspyth's wife. He aided Omfrey in invading Wardshaven. [SV]

Koreff, Lord fl 2680

The Lord Marshall of Durendal and Durendal politician who, having gotten ahold of the person of King Ranulf XIV was effectively Prime Minister of Durendal.

He was "fleshy and full-faced, with hard muscles under the flesh". [MD]

Koreff, Paul fl 1610

Otto Harkaman's signals and detection officer. [SV]

Koremitsu, Lieutenant Sachiko fl 54

Ordinance officer on the first Martian archeological expedition. A Japanese female. [OL]

Kormork, Native-Major fl 477

A Kragan. Kormork and King Kankad bore young for each other. [UU]


The fourth planet of Alpha Gartner. Koshchei was discovered by Ganji Gartner around 700. Its atmosphere was pure CO2, the free oxygen and water having been tied up in oxydizing the original crust of nearly pure iron and related elements.

An enormous industrial base was built in domed cities on Koshchei to exploit its metals. See Gartner Trisystem for overall historical details. [JP]

Named after a Russian god/demon. Nearly always referred to as "Koshchei the Deathless". Appears in Cabells books???

Koshchei Airlines

An airline set up on Koshchei by Koshchei Exploitation & Salvage.

Clyde Nichols was its first president. [JP]

Koshchei Exploitation & Development

A company organized by Rodney Maxwell to lay claim to most of Koshchei. It was probably a owned by Litchfield Exploration & Salvage and Alpha-Interplanetary. [JP]

Koshchei Tech

A school set up on Koshchei by Koshchei Exploitation & Salvage. Simon Macquarte was its first president. [JP]

Kovac, Governor-general fl 809

The Governor-general of Kwannon during the "last hot time" crisis. He was a weak governor-general and was manipulated by the Native Welfare Commission faction. [OS]

"Kovacs" is Hungarian for "smith".

Kraft fl 654

A male Fuzzie belonging to Ernst Malin.

Kraft-Ebbing was...


A tribe on Uller which served as mercenaries for the Chartered Uller Company.

When the Company arrived on Uller, the Kragans were barbarian brigands with forts along caravan routes to collect tolls. They also raided onto Konkrook and Keegark territory. After they were pacified by the Company, they were given a subsidy to compensate for the lost tolls and the whole tribe was employed as mercenaries.

Kraggork Swamp

A swamp between Gongonk Island and Kankad's Town. [UU]

Krajewski, Felix fl 654

A corporal in the ZNPF. [FOP]


A breed of cattle-like beast with a single foreward-curving horn native to Kephera. Probably named after the biologist who first studied them. [SV]


A city near the North Pole of Uller, about 500 miles northeast across the mountains from Skilk. Krink is ruled by King Jonkvank.

During the Uprising, King Jonkvank's troops mutinied, while the Chartered Uller Company's troops remained loyal. [UU]

Krull, Lisette fl 425

Crewmember on the Stellex. She was some sort of engineer. [WC]

Kubanoff, Julio fl 490

The one-legged compositor who was the third member of the staff of the Port Sandor Times. He was a former monster hunter who lost his leg in a hunting accident. [FDP]


The Martian city, a seaport when Mars had seas, in which Omnilingual takes place. [OL]


The native race of Kwannon.

Their skin was blue-grey and looked like sponge rubber. They were humanoid, to the extent of being upright bipeds, with two arms, a head on top of shoulders and a torso that housed, among other oddities, four lungs. Their faces weren't even vaguely human. They had two eyes in front, close enough for stereoscopic vision. Their mouths were strictly for eating; they breathed through separate intakes and outlets, one on each side of their necks. They talked through the outlets and had their scent and hearing organs in the intakes. [OS]


Planet of Gettler Beta in the Federation region. Gettler Beta's orbit around Gettler Alpha, a red giant, carries it in to periastron every 90 years or so, producing very hot weather and storms on Kwanon. Kwannon is 23,000 miles in circumference, rotates in 22.8 hours and revolves around Gettler beta in 372.06 of its own days.

Kwannon is inhabited by an intelligent native race, the Kwann.

It is named after the Chinese goddess of Peace.

Kwannon Air Transport, Ltd.

An air-transport company on Kwannon. It owned the Hesperus and loaned it to Miles Gilbert. [OS]

Kwannon Planetwide News Service

A news organization owned by Miles Gilbert which employed Harry Walsh. It occupied the top floors of the Suzikami Building. [OS]


The most northern of the Free Cities on the eastern shore of the Takklad Sea. The Chartered Uller Company had a residency there which evacuated completely during the Uprising. [UU]


La Plata Spaceport

A spaceport on Terra, presumeably near Montevideo. [JP]

La Prensa

A newspaper in Buenos Aires which lasted at least until the late 400's. [FDP]

Laden, Mrs. fl 490

Walter and Ralph Boyd's housekeeper, a widow, who was violently anti-liquor. [FDP]

Lake-Chain River

A tributary to the Yellowsand river. [FOP]

Lame One fl 654

A male Fuzzie. [FOP]


A space-viking ship captained by Garvan Spasso. Its blazon was a ???. It was in very poor condition. [SV]

A Lamia is a desert vampire)


A Zarathrustan animal. "A hard-shelled animal about a foot in length with 12 legs, antennae and two pairs of clawed mandibles." They were more of a general nuisance than a danger, since they got into everything and tended to nibble on things to see if they were edible.

Landing pit

A pit dug out for a larger hypership to land in. A typical pit on Fenris was 2000' in diameter, and and 1000' deep, and a 2000' hypership like the Peenemunde would land so that its equator was at ground level. [FDP]

Lanningham, General fl 114

A US general who fled the US with a large amount of government data (including the Manhatten Project papers -- he must have brought the entire National Archives!) during the final collapse of the country in WW IV in AE 114. See also "United States." [UU]

Lansky, Captain Morgan fl 654

The officer in charge of the Charterless Zarathustra Company's internal security on the night shift. [LF]

Laporte, Raul fl 654

One of the major gangsters of Mallorysport. He was an associate of Hugo Ingermann's. He specialized in rackteering, extortion and routine crime. [FS]

Larch, Vann fl 1610

Otto Harkaman's guns-and-missiles officer. He was an enthusiastic amateur painter. [SV]

Last Hot Time

The Kwann name for the end of the world. [OS]

Late Upland Culture

One of the major periods of Martian history. One of the major scientific hoaxes in history was attempted by a man who carved Late Upland inscriptions in a cave in Kenya. [Omni, LF]

Lattimer, Tony fl 54

Archeologist on the first Martian archeological expedition. He was a glory hound and stayed just long enough to be able to return to Earth to claim credit. [OL]

Lautier, Adolf b 455

The owner of Port Sandor's entertainment business. Along with Ralph Boyd, he owned half of Port Sandor's telecast station. He was described as "about 35 with curly brown hair and a wide grin." [FDP]

Lava Islands

Islands on Fenris to the east of Port Sandor, and probably near Hermann Reuch's Land. [FDP]

Laviola fl 477

The Fiscal Secretary on Uller of the Chartered Uller Company. After Sid Harrington's assassination he was one of the four officers who tried to keep the administration running. [UU]

League of Civilized Planets

An organization that Lucas Trask hoped to form for mutual defense. [SV]

Leavitt, Port-Captain fl 477

The Port-Captain of the Chartered Uller Company Spaceport at Skilk. [UU]

Ledue, Judge fl 890

Litchfield's judge. Part of the Fawzi crowd. [JP]

Leibert, Carl 820-890+

General Mike Shanlee's alias while he worked undercover trying to sabotage the hunt for Merlin. He posed as a preacher from Morven. [JP]

Leitzenring Building

A Storisende building demolished to provide the structural steel to build an interplanetary spaceship. [JP]

Lemoyne, Hendrik d 477

Resident-Agent at Keegark. He was at King Orgzild's palace with Eric Blount when the Uprising happened and was captured and killed by burning alive. [UU]

Lester Dawes

The Lester Dawes was an old TF Army combat freighter and regimental ammunition ship. Lester Dawes (the banker) acquired it for free (for which it was named for him) for Litchfield Exploration and Salvage under the 878 Commercial Enterprise Encouragement Act. It was 160 feet long and massed 3000 tons. [JP]


A compact machine using contragravity which can lift things. They typically were operated by remote control and were rated by their capacity. [FDP]

Lindemann, Major fl 54

A Space Force engineering officer on the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]

Lingua Terra

The unified human language from the 3rd century Post Atomic onward. It was a mixture of English, Spanish and Afrikaans, with English predominating. [SV]

Lionel of Newhaven, Duke fl 1610

One of the major feudal leaders of Gram. He was initially a supporter of Duke Angus. [SV]


City on Poictesme in the Gordon Valley about 1200 miles from Storiesende. Conn and Rod Maxwell and most of the rest of the protagonists of Junkyard Planet came from there. [JP]

Litchfield is from Cabell...

Litchfield Chronicle

The newspaper or telecast service of Litchfield. Franz Veltrin was connected with it. [JP]

Litchfield Exploration & Salvage

The name of the original company established by Rodney Maxwell and the Fawzi office gang to exploit the information Conn Maxwell brought back from Terra and to search for Merlin. Nearly every member of the Fazwi Office Gang was an officer of LE&S;: Kurt Fawzi, President; Rodney Maxwell, VP Operations; Tom Brangwyn, Chief of Company Police; Klem Zareff, Commander of Company Guards, etc. Only Conn Maxwell and Judge Ledue had no office. [JP]

Little Fuzzy

Zarathustra was a rather nice planet classified as having no sentient natives and hence was owned almost entirely by the Chartered Zarathustra Company. Jack Holloway was a sunstone prospector on Beta Continent when he met a band of Fuzzies. He quickly decided that they were intelligent and notified Ben Rainsford, a naturalist, and the CZC's Science Division.

Because the existance of sentient natives would void the CZC's charter, the CZC tried to suppress the news, and failing that, to keep the Fuzzies from being recognized as legally sentient. They sent a science team to Jack Holloway's camp to 'study' the Fuzzies, but actually to attepmt to suppress information or to find information to prove the Fuzzies non-sentient. In the course of events, Leonard Kellogg, the CZC executive in charge of the Science Division killed a Fuzzy, precipitating a sequence of events which resulted in the Fuzzy Trial.

In the Fuzzy Trial, ostensibly a combined murder trial against Jack Holloway and Leonard Kellogg, the Fuzzies were ruled sentient and the CZC lost its charter. [LF]

Little Fuzzy fl 654

The first Fuzzy who encountered a human. [LF]

Little She fl 654

A female Fuzzie later known as Carries-Bright-Things. [FOP]

Livesey, Dr. fl 477

One of the people doing nuclear-bomb based mining on Nifelheim. [UU]

Llewellyn, Ramon fl 490

A monster hunter. Mate on the Javelin. [FDP]


A planet in the Terran Federation, Loki had intelligent natives, described as gentle, harmless friendly people. Anton Gerrit enslaved more than 20,000 Lokian natives and worked them to death in the mines. [FDP]

By the late 9th century, Skorvann, a spaceport city, was known for being nearly lawless. [JP]

Named after the Norse god of fire, lies and trickery.


Humanoid ("faunlike") natives of Loki. [WC]


The capital of England, probably destroyed during WW IV. [FDP]

Long Valley Town ca 6500

A seaside city near the edge of glaciation to the west of the Keeper's village on 6th Empire Terra. [KP]

Lords-Masters, Convocation of the fl 1800-2100

The legislative body of the decadent Space-Vikings of Aditya. It consisted of every Lords-Master who chose to attend. [SS]

Loughran, Charlie fl 654

A xeno-naturalist on the Svantovit Expedition. [NS]

Lowther, Abe fl 654

A Government delegate to Zarathustra's Constitutional Convention. He was from Chesterville. [FOP]

Lucas, Wade fl 890

A doctor educated at Paris-on-Baldur who emigrated to Poictesme and set up practice at Litchfield. He married Flora Maxwell.

He had never believed in Merlin and was an outspoken skeptic and oppponent of the search for Merlin. He was basically an honest man and took over as Mayor of Litchfield when Kurt Fawzi abandoned the job. Later he formed Mainland Medical Materials, Ltd. with Rodney Maxwell and travelled to Baldur to recruit professionals to relocate to Poictesme. [JP]

Ludvyckson, Piet fl 890

An electromagnetics engineer who was on the first flight of the Harriet Barne to Koshchei. [JP]


Mardukan trade planet. Fairly primitive. Raided by Dunnan. [SV] Its favorite sport involved some sort of bull-fighting. [SS]

Named after ???

Lumicon ca 6500

A luminous plastic. A fist-sized chunk produced enough light to keep a room brightly lit. Its glow lasted a very long time -- perhaps hundreds of years. [KP]


Earth's moon. It was inhabited by means of buried cities in the late 400's. [FDP]

Lunt, Lieutenant George fl 654

A Lieutenant of the Constabulary on Zarathrustra. He was a stocky, square-faced man. Post Fifteen on Beta Continent. After the Pendarvis Decision, he was hired by Jack Holloway to act as Commandant of the ZNPF (Zarathustra Native Protection Force). [LF]

Lupin, Arsene fl 654

One of the Fuzzies who had been trained to rob the CZC's gem vault, later attached to the Company Police Detective Bureau.

Arsene Lupin was...

Lurkin, Lolita b 644

A 10-year-old girl, daughter of Oscar Lurkin, whose false claim that she had been set upon and beaten by a band of Fuzzies set off a Mallorysport-wide hunt for the Fuzzies. [LF]

Lurkin, Oscar fl 654

A squatter who lived in the Junktown section of Mallorysport, he ...


M'zangwe, Brigadier-General Themistocles fl 477

A general in the armed forces of the Chartered Uller Company. Described as "big, chocolate-brown". [UU]

MacBride, Detective-Major fl 490

A member of the Colonial Constabulary who acted as courier for Bish Ware. He carried news to Ware that Steve Ravick had been positively identified as Anton Gerrit and then carried Ware's request for a destroyer to Gimli and returned with the destroyer and Ravick/Gerrit to Terra. [4D]

MacDonald, Dave fl 425

The scount, hunter and naturalist on board the Stellex. [WC]

MacGregor, Simon fl 490

Founder of the Hunter's Cooperative. He was not a very good businessman, and came to rely on Steve Ravick, the cooperative's secretary. He died when his ship, the Claymore, was lost in the Fitzwilliams Straits. [FDP]

MacKinnon, Colonel Rodolfo d 477

The commander of the Chartered Uller Company's troops at the Keegark Residency. When the rebels penetrated the Residency's defences during the initial hours of the Uprising, he blew it up. [UU]

Macquarte, Simon 870-894+

A young mathematics professor from Storisende College who became one of the three administrators of the Koshchei Colony. He delivered the Koshchei Colony's ultimatum to Poictesme which ended the rioting.


Mahatma, the fl 490

Nickname for Mohandas Gandhi Feinberg. [FDP]

The Mahatam was the name given...

Maid Marian fl 654

A female Fuzzie. [FOP]

Mainland Medical Materals, Ltd.

A company organized by Rodney Maxwell and Wade Lucas to act as broker for Litchfield Exploration & Salvage in selling medical stores. [JP]

Maith, Major General Denis fl 809

The commanding officer of the Terran Federation Army on Kwannon. He was basicially a sensible, humane man. [OS]

Makann, Zaspar fl 1610

A hitleroid demogogue on Marduk who was secretly supported by Andray Dunnan and gained complete political power.

He started out as a minor crackpot in Drepplin, but soon bought telecast stations and became a major force in Mardukan politics. His People's Welfare Party won enough Assembly seats in the next election that he was able to get himself appointed Chancellor. He took over the government completely. After his forces were destroyed in the Battle of Marduk, he killed himself. [SV]

Malavez, Captain Inez fl 477

A captain in the Chartered Uller Company's army, she was in charge of the telecast station at Skilk and was given the task of defending it during the Uprising. [UU]


Planet in the Federation region. Still being settled in 890. [JP]

The maleboge was one of the circles of Hell in medieval French literature.

Mallin, Dr. Ernst fl 654

A psychologist working for the Chartered Zarathustra Company, he was Ruth Ortheris's superior. When Leonard Kellogg was removed as head of the Science Division after being charged with the murder of Goldilocks, Mallin became acting head of the Science Division, though he gladly turned the job over to Juan Jimenez later.

He was a rather tidy-minded person, and spent a great deal of effort trying to prove the Fuzzies non-sapient. Finally, under veridication, he admitted that they were sapient.

After the Pendarvis Decision, he got back to research. [LF]


The main city of Zarathrusta, located on Alpha Continent. In 629 it had a population of 70,000 people, having grown from a cluster of log and prefab huts fifteen years earlier. Mallorysport's climate was generally quite nice. [LF]


Capital city of Marduk and site of the Royal Palace and Malverton Navy Yards. [SV]

Mamma Fuzzy fl 654

One of the original group of Fuzzies who moved it with Jack Holloway. {LF]

Manniwel, Baron fl 1610

Lord of a barony bordering Traskon with whom Lucas Trask fought a border war. [SV]

Mansour, Mr. fl 490

Some sort of functionary at the Port Sandor spaceport. [FDP]


A beast with a forked tail from Fafnir. Probably a large predator. [SV]

In the bestiaries, a mantichore is a man-headed leonine monster which is the enemy of dragons.


Marduk is a planet in the Terran Federation area located 95 million miles from its sun and has one moon. It was colonized in the 4th century PA. It was located quite a distance from Terra (perhaps 2500 ly) based on its distance of 500 ly from Tanith which was located near the edge of the Terran Federation.

Marduk was one of the few planets which maintained continuous civilization after the fall of the Terran Federation. At the time of Space Viking, it had a population of about two billion. It continued to be one of the major civilized planets into the era of the Galactic Empire. Marduk was organized as a constitutional monarchy. At the time of Space Viking, Marduk's government had many similarities to that of late Victorian England. The Assembly was divided into two Chambers, a popularly elected Chamber of Representatives who selected the members of the Chamber of Delegates. The Chamber of Delegates appointed the Chancellor. The Prime Minister was appointed by the King from the party holding power in the Chamber of representatives. [Space Viking]

The Galactic Empire started on Marduk. John D. Carr speculates that its capital was later moved to Odin since Marduk is far from Terra and, hence, far from the center of the disk of inhabited planets.

Marduk is named after the ancient Assyro-Babylonian god of fertility and agriculture, later ruler of the gods. Marduk created man out of clay.

Marduk, Battle of

A battle around Marduk between ships loyal to Zaspar Makann's government of Marduk and those supporting Prince Simon Bentrik. Prince Simon Bentrik's forces consisted of four Royal Mardukan Navy vessels, 12 ships from Tanith and the Naval base on the moon of Marduk.

The Black Star, Bolide, Reliable, Challenger, Starhopper and Conquistador were destroyed and the Queen Flavia and Space Scourge were heavily damaged. [SV]

Margot fl 1610

Princess Myrna's nurse. [SV]

Marris, Empress fl 2680

Wife of Paul XXII. She was blond. [MD]


The fourth planet from the sun in the Solar System.

Mars was inhabited by humanoid beings who achieved a culture ultimately reaching about a late 20th century level of technology. As Mars dried out, they built covered aqueducts (Schiparelli's canals) to bring water to the warmer equatorial regions, but this was not enough, and the Martian species (and most Martian life) died out.

Somehow, in something like 10-20 Kyears, the Martian seas dried up and the whole planet became desert. By 50 Kyears later, only the deepest parts of the former sea beds had high enough air pressure for unsupported breathing.

Mars had mammals and birds very similar to Earth's.

In the Paratime universe (of which the Empire/Federation universe may be one timeline), Mankind is descended from a small number of Martian colonists who were sent to Earth in the waning days of Martian civilization.

It appears that Mars was colonized from Earth and achieved a fair civilization under the early Federation. The Second Century Martian Colonial Poets are a subject of literary study. Additionally, through at least the end of the 400's, the Terran Federation Navy had a base on Mars to develop and test nuclear weapons.

Mars Consolidated Police Special

A 10 mm handgun made by Mars-Consolidated. [FDP]


A small-arms manufacturer. The made (at least) 10 mm handguns. [FDP]


A black Ulleran animal. [UU]

Marshak, Captain fl 490

Captain of the Peenemunde. [FDP]


The language of the (extinct) Martians. All examples of Martian are transliterated into Roman characters using a system devised by Martha Dane which yielded pronounceable words, but which had no relation to the original Martian pronounciations.

Some Martian words and their English translations: darfhulva history davas metal doma five havhulva biology kiradavas beryllium hulva knowledge (i.e., -ology) masthar year mastharnorvod monthly (literally: year-tenth) nor ten norvodtenth sanv two sarfaldsornhydrogen sorn matter sornhulva chemistry (literally: matter knowledge) tadavas of metal trifaldsornhelium tirfalddavas lithium trav one yenth eight

Martian Joe's

A bar in Port Sandor. There is no evidence that the eponymous Martian Joe existed. [FDP]

Martinelli, Captain fl 477

An officer in the army of the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

Martirano fl 477

A nuclear power engineer who worked on the Uller A-bomb project. [UU]

Martwynn, Sesar d 2120

A Lord-master on Aditya, he was Chief of Servile Management. His chief-slave was Zhorzh Khouzhik. [SS]

Mass-energy converters

A device which could somehow speed up the conversion of plutonium to energy. They appear to have few if any waste products and to be able to take ordinary, non-heavy-element matter. For example, they are reported as being loaded with a few tons fo scrap-iron as conversion mass. The Pu may act as a catalyst in some fashion; it was clearly necessary.

Mass-energy converters were fairly large, ranging from the size of an industrial boiler to the size of a full-fledged power plant.

The principle of direct conversion of nuclear energy to electric current was discovered in the first century. There were attempts by "power interests" to suppress it. [4DP, Junkyard, Other]

Massarra, Joe 865-894+

A young man, one of the partners in the Barton-Massarra detective agency. [JP]

Mastership fl 1800-2100

The administrative bureaucracy (staffed entirely by slaves) which ran Aditya under the loose control of the Convocation of the Lords- Masters during the decadence of the Space-Vikings. [SS]

Mastharnorvod Tadavas Sornhulva

A Martian scientific journal, literally, the Monthly Journal of Metallurgy. It was one of the books which gave Martha Dane the key to reading Martian. [OL]

Matsui, Mohammed fl 890

A young man who worked for Rodney Maxwell. He had experience working with nuclear reactors. [JP]

Maxwell Plan, the

A plan invented by Conn Maxwell to reinvigorate Poictesme's economy by starting interstellar trade in ships owned by Poictesme. It was based on the observation that Poictesme brandy had a huge markup (x100?) between Poictesme and retail distribution and that salvage companies like his father's had to sell TF surplus weapons on a per-pound basis.

The Maxwell Plan envisioned beginning exports based on these existing products and then expanding to include more ordinary industrial production as Poictesme's indigenous economy improves.

The Maxwell Plan was later subsumed into the longer-range plans developed using Merlin. It is puzzleing what happened to Poictesme after the Fall of the Terran Federation. The modified Maxwell Plan took the Fall into account and should have left Poictesme a major civilized planet, yet in Space Viking it isn't even mentioned.

The most likely explanation is that Poictesme is on the opposite side of the TF from the Sword Worlds. The Sword Worlds were settled by refugees (fleeing remnants of the SSA Navy) from the System States planets. Since they were trying to find a hiding place that the TF would not find for a long time, it seems plausible that they would not just head straight away from the TF into unexplored space, but would cross the TF to go into the unexplored space in an unpredictable direction. This would naturally put the Sword Worlds a long ways from Poictesme and since the events of Space Viking are all on one side of the former TF volume (for example, Terra isn't near any of the planets involved), it is possible that Poictesme is just too far away to be involved. [JP]

Maxwell, Charley b 876

Conn Maxwell's younger brother. He is mentioned in "Graveyard of Dreams", but not in Junkyard Planet. He is about 18 at the time of the story. [GD]

Maxwell, Conn b 871

The 23-year-old main character of Junkyard Planet. He was sent to Terra to study cybernetics (computer programming) and to learn the whereabouts of Merlin. He returned and fooled people into starting the Maxwell Plan, a route to prosperity for Poictesme, and, incidently, found Merlin along the way. [JP]

Maxwell, Flora b 865

Conn Maxwell's six-year-older sister. Born in 9xx. She was an elementary school teacher at ?? and was outspoken in her disbelief in Merlin. She married Wade Lucas. [JP]

Maxwell, Rodney b 841

Conn Maxwell's father. He had been a "prospector" on Poictesme for many years and had built up a successful export business involving perhaps 10-30 people. "Prospecting" in this case being searching for and salvaging abandoned Terran Federation Third Force instllations and equipment.

When Conn Maxwell returned from Terra, Rodney took over the organization of the companies formed to exploit the information Conn brought back and to initiate the Maxwell Plan for the reinvigoration of Poictesme's economy.

He was Vice-president of operations of Litchfield Exploration & Salvage; President of Alpha-Interplanetary and had a controlling interest in Mainland Medical Materials, Ltd and a half-dozen other companies. [JP]

McCade, Dave fl 890

One of Rodney Maxwell's foremen. [JP]

McGinnis, Luther fl 654

The CZC General Superintendent at Yellowsands. [FOP]


Fenris fauna. "A thing the size of a ten-gallon keg, with a thick tail and flippers on which it crawled, and six tentacles like small elephant's trunks around a circular mouth filled with jagged teeth halfway down the throat."

Meillard, Paul fl 654

TF Colonial Office leader of the Svantovit expedition. He was (at least in appearance) a nearly pure-blooded Negro, a rarity in the 7th century. [NS]

Melanie, Crown Princess fl 1610

The Crown Princess of Marduk, wife to Crown Prince Edvard and mother to Princess ?? [SV]

Melbourne Times

A newspaper in Melbourne which lasted at least until the late 400's. It had been the London Times when there was still a London. [FDP]


A planet in the Federation region inhabited by primitives. [SV].

Named after an early Phoenician sun god (later the diety of the sea).

Menardes, Lorenzo fl 890

A brandy distiller in Litchfield. He was one of the Fawzi bunch.



Planet in the Terran Federation which also was probably part of the System States Alliance. [JP]

Named after a devil who was the tempter of Dr. Faustus.


By the late 400's, the planet Mercury was inhabited by means of buried cities in the Twilight Zone (evidently it's rotation had been stopped during the previous four centuries.) [FDP]


The code-name for the giant strategic computer built for the Third Army-Force on Poictesme. It was built inside the 50' thick walls of Force Command Duplicate and was probably the largest computer ever built.

At the end of the System States War, the general staff of the Third Army-Force used Merlin to generate an estimate of the next 500 years, primarily so that they might avoid major mistakes during the occupation of the ex-System States Alliance planets. Merlin reported that the Terran Federation was doomed and would decay into complete political and economic collapse by about 1040. Further, it predicted that release of the prediction of the collapse would speed the collapse by 100+ years and make it more severe. Third Force decided to keep the prediction secret and attempt to hide the fact the Merlin ever even existed.

When Conn Maxwell located Merlin and got it running again forty years later, the predictions was still the same. Rather than abandon or destroy Merlin, however, Conn Maxwell (at Merlin's advice) falsified input information in such a way as to hide the collapse of the Federation. [JP]

In the Arthurian legends, Merlin was the wizard, a son of the devil, who was Arthur's advisor.

Meyerstein, Hans fl 477

The Banking Cartel's lawyer on Uller. After Sid Harrington's assassination he was one of the four men who tried to keep the civil administration running.

He is described "having even more Bantu blood than [Brigadier M'zangwe]". [UU]

Microvolt fl 654

One of Henry Stenson's Fuzzies. [FOP]


A planet in the Federation area. Some sort of major misuse of nuclear weapons occurred on Midgard before 477. [UU]

Midgard is one of the Nine Worlds of Old Norse mythology, the world of men.

Mike fl 654

One of the original group of Fuzzies who moved it with Jack Holloway. [LF]

Mikhyl the Eighth, King fl 1610

The King of Marduk during the events of Space Viking. He is an elderly man, but is one of the few who recognizes early the dangers of Zaspar Makan. After Makann's takeover, he is brainwashed and eventually killed. [SV]

Miles, Jeff fl 54

A captain in the Federation Space-Force and a member of the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]

Millman fl 654

A detective in the CZC's Detective Bureau. [FS]

Milzer, Max fl 654

The man in charge of the fabricating shop aboard the Hubert Penrose on the Svantovit expedition. [NS]


A planet which produced nitrates which were imported by the Chartered Uller Company. It was "swarming with a race of semi-intelligent quasi-rodents, murderous, treacherous, utterly vicious." They were probably called "Black Slinkers".

There was evidently a major nuclear war on Mimir sometime before 477, details are unknown (including just who was fighting whom) except that Mimir is an example of what can happen to a planet when nuclear weapons are misused.

Mimir was a dwarf in Norse mythology who made Siegfried's swords and the ring. [UU]

Mind probe

An interrogation device. Improperly used, it could cause severe brain damage. [JP]

Minicipal Building

Port Sandor's City Hall. [FDP]

Ministry of Security 2680

An Imperial Ministry responsible for security affairs. At the time of Ministry of Disturbance (ca 2680) it was run by Jurgen, Prince Travann. [MD]

Mitzi fl 654

One of the original group of Fuzzies who moved it with Jack Holloway. [LF]


Hypership on the Terra-Odin run in the later 9th century. [JP]

Mizar, Zeta Ursae Majoris, is a star in the handle of the Big Dipper.

Mizar 2120

A 3000' transport ship in the Empire's expedition to annex Aditya. [SS]

Named after the Big Dipper star ?? Ursa Majorae. [SS]

Monnahan, Abdullah fl 490

Monster hunter and engineer on the Javelin. He had been brought up a Moslem. He broke some ribs when the Javelin's boat crashlanded on the coast of Hermann Reuch's Land. [FDP]

Monster-hunter ship

A monster-hunter ship was essentially a flying submarine. Since it was equipped with contragavity, it could lift out of the water and fly.

A typical ship was 100' long by 30' wide, with a squat conning tower in the middle. They were typically armed with machine guns and harpoon launchers fore-and-aft. The crew was in the neighborhood of 16. [FDP]


The men who hunt the Jarvis' Sea Monster on Fenris. They typically dress in boat-clothers and invairably carry a large knife. [FDP]


The capitol of Urugray. In the 400s, Montevideo is apparently one of the two or three most important cities on Earth. It's university is the best in the entire Terran Federation and remains so for most of the TF's existance. [Uller, JP].

Montevideo, University of

Located in present-day Uruguay it was one of the top universities on Terra during the period 400-900 (and, perhaps, longer). Hildegard Hernandez researched Dire Dawn there, and Curt Maxwell studied there. [JP]


A Mardukan Navy base on the Moon of Marduk. It was built about 400 years before Space Viking at a time when Marduk was fighting a combination of six other planets. It haad been strengthened continiously since then and had once stood off attack for a full year.

After Zaspar Makann took over the government of Marduk and killed the Crown Prince, the Navy on the Moonbase mutinied and attacked Makann.

While Prince Simon Bentrik went to Tanith for aid, Moonbase stood off the rest of the Mardukan Navy augmented by Andray Dunnan's forces. It managed to knock out the Malverton Navy Yard and part of the Antarctic Naval Base as well as several Mardukan Navy ships and one of Dunnan's ships.


Princess Myrna's puppy. [SV]

Morbes, Captain fl 1610

Captain of the Sword-Worlds freighter Rozinante. [SV]

Mordkovitz, Brigadier-General Barney fl 477

The military commanding officer at Skilk for the Chartered Uller Company. He had a black beard. [UU]

Morgan, Captain Rock fl 1610

A Space-Viking; Captain of the Coalsack. [SV]


A Sword-World. In the 13th or 14th century (roughly 400 years after the first settlements in the Sword Worlds), Morglay sent the first expedition back to the Terran Federation since the foundation of the Sword-Worlds and discovered the collapse of civilization in the Federation. [SV]

Named after the sword of Sir Bevis.

Morlake, Frtiz fl 654

A CZC man. [FOP]

Morland, Sir Paytrik fl 1610

Former guard-captain to Count Lionel of Newhaven, he signed on to the Nemesis. [SV]

Morrison, Lieutenant (j.g.) fl 477

The captain of the Elmoran which carried the CUC A-bomb against Keegark. He was promoted to captain for that mission. [UU]

Morrosh, Emily ex 612

A resident of Vishnu who killed her baby. During the ensuing trial, her lawyer claimed that the baby wasn't sapient because it could neither speak nor make a fire. The judge ruled that while speaking and making a fire was proof positive of sapience, the lack of either or both was not proof of non-sapience. [LF]


A 2000-square mile area north of Mallorysport which was sold by the CZC during a building boom which later collapsed, leaving nearly all the land held by the mortgage holders. This was the area which Hugo Ingerman was trying to gain control of to turn into a spaceport so that he could engage in smuggling. [FS]

Mortlake, Lt. Fritz fl 654

Nightshift supervisor of the Charterless Zarathustra Company's Detective Bureau. Unmarried. He became guardian-of-record for the five Fuzzies (Arsene Lupin, Sherlock Holmes, Mata Hari, Irene Adler and Allan Pinkerton) adopted by the CZC Detective Bureau. [FS]


A planet in the Gartner Trisystem (either Alpha or Gamma Garnter). Inhabitable only with artifical aids, it was uninhabited by the 9th century. It was probably a mining or industrial colony in the 7th century. [GD]

Named after ??


An area on Poictesme with mainly smallish towns. Carl Leibert claimed to come from there. [JP]

Morvill, Captain Patrique fl 2120

Commodore Vann Shatrak's executive officer abord the Empress Eulalie during the annexation of Aditya. [SS]


A moon of Odin. [UU]

Hugin and Munin were the two ravens which perched on Odin's shoulders and which every day flew out across the world and then returned to tell Odin what they saw. "Munin" means "memory" in Old Norse.

Muramoto, Arthur fl 425

Crewmember on the Stellex. [WC]

Murchison, Minister-General Samuel S. 830-890+

The Terran Federation's representative on Poictesme. He is described as thin and balding and as looking as if he had just mistaken the vinegar cruet for the wine decanter. He (in his official capacity) financed the Human Supremacy League, the Cybernarchists and the Merlin-is-the-Devil group. [JP]


One of King Jonkvank's loyal regiments. At the outbreak of the Uprising, it had been sent to Furnk, far away from Krink, by King Jonkvank's traitorous War Minister Hurkkurk. [UU]

Murell, Glenn fl 490

Murell was an agent for Argentine Exotic Organics, who had come to Fenris at the invitation of Linda Kivelson to bid against Kapstaad Chemical for tallow-wax. He posed as an author writing a book about Fenris.

He was a fairly tall man with prematurely gray hair who was born in Antartica and lived mostly in the pampas country of Argentina. [FDP]

Murillo, Dr. Juan d 477

A seismologist who worked in mining on Niflheim. He was a big, barrel-chested, copper-skinned man. He looked like a third or fourth generation Martian of Andes Indian ancestry. [UU]

Myrna, Pricess fl 1610

The eight-year-old daughter of Crown Prince Edvard and Crown Princess Melanie of Marduk. At the start of Space Viking, she is second in line for the throne of Marduk.

Lucas Trask smuggled her off Marduk when Zaspar Makann came to power. [SV]


Naming of Planets and Stars

The tradition of assigning planetary names from mythological sources continued during the exploration of interstellar space. Since Greek and Roman names had been used to name the planets of the Solar System, they were not used on extra-Solar planets. Planets were never named after people.

Initially, Norse names were used (Odin, Baldur, Asgard, Uller, Freya, Nifleheim) while later explorers had to go further afield (Marduk, Poictesme, Ashmodai, Kvantos). Evidently only habitable or potentially useful planets were named.

The approximate date of discovery can be inferred from a planet's name: First Norse, then various oriental mythologies, and finally demonology and literature as sources. Some of the last planets to be settled were the Sword-Worlds in the years 1000-1300; they were named after famous swords of history.

Stars were named after people, generally their discoverers. (Gartner Trisystem, Gettler Alpha, Ertado's Star, etc.) [JP]

Napier, Space Commodore Alex fl 654

The commander of the TF Naval base on Xerxes. [LF]

Napolyon, King fl 1610

King of Flamberge (one of the Sword-Worlds) during the events in Space Viking in the 17th century Post Atomic. [SV]

He is presumeably named after a French troublemaker of the late 18th and early 19th centuries AD.

Narvaes, Lourenco fl 425

Members of the crew of the Stellex. he was a nuclear engineer. [WC]

Native Adoption Bureau 654-

The department of the Government of Zarathustra handling the adoption of Fuzzies. Its first head was Claudette Pendarvis. [FS]

Native Welfare Commission

An inept socialistic and sociological organization which is supposed to aid the natives of Kwann. [OS]

Natty Bumpo fl 654

One of Gus Brannhard's Fuzzies. [FOP]

Natty Bumpo was also known to the indians as The Deerslayer in the novel by James Fenimore Cooper.


Short for Nonauditory Sonic Sense, the sense possessed by the Svants which is effectively a cross between hearing and feeling. The Svants' large and complicated quasi-ears connect like the tactile nerves in humans. To them, sounds cause direct physical sensation. [NS]


Need precis

Naydnayr, Count fl 1610

Minister of Security in the Crown Loyalist government. [SV]

Nazvik the Trader, Yorn ca 6500

A trader who had sold things to Raud the Keeper. [KP]

Neeldink, Prince fl 477

An Ulleran aristocrat with an estate near Zortolk's Old Fort. [UU]


A city on Aton.

Named after the Egyptian pharoah Akenaton's Queen. A surviving statue of her is still considered to be an epitome of beauty.

Negamatter bomb

A type of nuclear bomb used during the 3rd and 4th World Wars. [UU]

Negatron pistol ca 6500

A gun used in the 6th Empire. It appears to be like a classic blaster and had a range of about 500 yards, maximum. [KP]

Nelson, Anne fl 654

An assistant or associate of Ernst mallin. [FOP]


Two thousand foot sister ship to the Enterprise and built after it, Lucas Trask traded his barony of Traskon for Nemesis. Nemesis was captained by Otto Harkaman until Lucas Trask learned enough to captain it himself. Its blazon was a skull transfixed by a sword.

The Nemesis participated in a number of battles, including the battle of Audhumla where it destroyed the Enterprise and the Battle of Marduk where it destroyed the Starhopper. [SV]

A Nemesis is the personification of divine retribution in Greek myth.


A term used to describe the internally-generated elements which decivilized many planets and eventually destroyed the Terran Federation. By the time of Space Viking, many people pictured the Neobarbarians as something like a Hunnish horde in spaceships. [SV]


Planet in the Federation region. Nergal's people had coarse black hair, mahogany-brown skin and red-brown eyes. Nergal was used as a Space-Viking base planet by someone named Tobbin. [SV]

Named after the Assyro-Babylonian god of war.

New Birmingham 654

A city on Volund. [FOP]


A hormone produced by Fuzzies which (in the absence of trace amounts of titanium in their diet) inhibits normal growth of embryos and caused a high rate of stillbirths. The Ti is required to form Hokfusine which inhibits the NFMp. [FS]

Ngozori, Sigurd fl 490

President of the Port Sandor Fidelity and Trust. [FDP]

Nichols, Captain Clyde fl 890

Captain of the Harriet Barne before it was pirated. He was held captive for around a year in Barathrum Spaceport by the Blackie Perales gang as forced labor. He was recruited by the Maxwells to help finish the conversion of the Harriet Barne and to participate in the Koshchei expedition. [JP]


A planet in the Federation region. "Cold and foggy, its equatorial zone a gloomy marsh and the rest of the planet locked in eternal ice." The Swamp-crawler was native to Nidhog. [UU]

In Norse myuthology, the Nidhog (or nidhoggr) was a beast vaguely dragon-like which gnaws forever on the roots of the World-ash.

Nidhog Swamp-Crawler

A largish beast native to Nidhog. [MD]


Niflheim is the 4th planet of Nu Puppis. It's about 5 AU from its primary, with about 1g surface gravitation and one atmosphere of pressure. Ambient temperature is about -60C. It was discovered by the Terran Federation Space Navy.

The atmosphere is 4-5% free fluorine with some inert components. The bulk of the atmosphere is the result of the reaction of fluorine with other materials: CF4, BF3, SiF4, PF5, SF6 and others. There is also a little free oxygen.

The planet's rocks are weak and consist exclusively of fluorides. The only free liquid on the surface is liquid hydrofluoric acid (HF). It is rich in uranium.

Niflheim's native plants and animals metabolize fluorine. Their harder tissues are long-chain fluorocarbons (e.g., Teflon). Trees are described as "topped with huge ragged leaves, looking like hundred-foot stalks of celery." Other plants as "a mat of wormlike colorless or pastel sprouts". Animals are described as "Little round things, four inches across, gnawing at the vegetation, and bigger things, two feet long, with articulated shell-armor and sixteen legs which fed on the smaller herbivores." [UU]

In Norse mythology, Niflheim is the world of the dead who did not die heroically in battle.

Nikkolon, Olvir fl 2120

The Chairman of the Presidium of the Lords-Master's Convocation on Aditya when the Galactic Empire took over. In theory the head of the government, in practice his chief-slave, Tchall Hozhet ran things.

He had a loose-lipped mouth, a not entirely straight nose and pale eyes that were never still. [SS]

Nocero, Lucy fl 890

Rodney Maxwell's secretary. She was kidnapped and mind-probed so roughly that her brain was severely damaged. [JP]

Nogahara fl 654

A detective in the CZC's Detective Bureau. [FS]

Nokami, General fl 809

General Gonzales's predecessor on Kwannon. [OS]

North Marsh

A marsh downstream from the Yellowsands Canyon. [FOP]

North Ulleran Native Infantry

The North Ulleran Native Infantry. A group of sepoy regiments raised by the Chartered Ulleran Company, they were composed of Ulleran troops officered mostly, but not exclusively, by Terrans. During the Uprising, some regiments (the Sixth) remained loyal, while others (the Tenth) joined the rebels. [UU]

Northern Hemisphere

Badly hit during the Third World War, the entire Northern Hemisphere was depopulated in the Fourth World War, and civilization on Earth shifted to the south. [FDP]

Northern Lights

A Chartered Uller Company contragravity ship. At the start of the Uprising, it was captured by King Yookerk at Grank and held until it became clear that the Company was winning. It was originally fitted with 90mm guns, but 155 mm guns were added as soon as it was back in Company hands. [UU]

Northern Star

A contragravity freighter on Uller. [UU]

The Northern Star was the newspaper Rudyard Kipling worked for in India.

Northern State Mental 1973 AD

A mental hospital in northern California. Prof. Chalmers arranged for himself to be committed there since he knew that it would escape damage during the Thirty Days War. Dr. Hauserman worked there. [EK]


A major port on Gram. Controlled by Lord Alan of Northport. [SV]

Nose, Zikko the fl 2680

A non-worker's voting bloc boss in Asgard. [MD]

Noureed, Mohammed d 1973 AD

An Egyptian Arab who assassinated Khalid ib'n Hussein on 16 October 1973 AD and was killed immediately by an enraged mob. [EK]

Novaes, Phil fl 654

A hunter and wildlife man with the Survey Division of the CZC. He was with Juan Jimenez when they captured the four fuzzies which the CZC originally studied.

Along with Moses Herckerd, he captured several Fuzzies and trained them to be thieves and used them to loot the CZC's sunstone vaults. He was captured by CZC police while trying to escape Company House with the sunstones. [FS]

He was sentanced to 20 years in prison to be followed by shooting. [FOP]

Nu Puppis

A hot (B8) star located 148 light years from Earth at Right Ascension 6:36, Declination -43. Niflheim is its 4th planet. [UU]


The North Ulleran Native Infantry. [UU]

Nutchy the Knife fl 2680

A voting-bloc boss in Asgard. His men attacked the student demonstration protesting the dismissal of Klenn Faress. [MD]


O'Brien, Mohammed Ali fl 654

The Attorney General and Chief Prosecutor for the government (such as it was) of Zarathustra. He had been born on Agni under a B8 sun and his skin was almost black. He had a bald head, a large nose and a bushy white mustache. "The only man on Zarathustra who could strut sitting down."

After the Space Navy took over the government of Zarathustra, he was arrested and sent to Terra for trial on a variety of misfeasance and malfeasance (and probably nonfeasance, too) charges. [LF]

O'Keefe fl 890

A space crewman who had been stranded on Poictesme when he was in jail as a result of a riotous binge when his ship lifted out. He was on the first flight of the Harriet Barne to Koshchei. [JP]

O'Leary, Abe d 884

Former city engineer of Litchfield. [JP]

O'Leary, Colonel Hideyoshi fl 477

Colonel in the forces of the Chartered Uller Company. A small man, described when mad as looking like "a homicidally infuriated pixie". He was of mixed Irish and Japanese ancestry. [UU]

Oakleaf Island

The Fenris island upon which Port Sandor was built. [FDP]


One of the two sides of the Oaskarsan-Elmersan War on Durendal. [SV]

Obefemi, Lieutenant fl 654

A Lieutenant in the Colonial Constabulary on Zarathustra. He ran Post Eight on Alpha Continent. [LF]


Planet in the Terran Federation area. Obdicut was a Mardukan trade planet. Fairly primative. Raided by Dunnan. [SV]

Named after ???

Octagon Tower

A building in Asgard containing the Imperial Residence. [MD]


One of King Jonkvank's native infantry regiments. It was far from Krink when the Uprising started having been sent away by Jonkvank's traitor of a war Minister. [UU]

Odin Dietetics fl 654

A company which manufactured Extee Three. [FS]

Odin Dock & Shipyard Company

A major shipping company which owned the Peenemunde and Cape Canaveral and served Fenris. It ran the Fenris spaceport and had the only honest constabulary on Fenris. [FDP]

Old Atom-Bomb Bourbon

A brand of bourbon possibly favored by Jack Holloway. [FS]

Olva, Princess 2670-

A princess and destined bride of Rodrik, son of Paul XXII. [MD]

Omega-ray bomb

A type of nuclear bomb used during the 3rd and 4th World Wars. [UU]

Omfrey of Glaspyth, Duke fl 1610

Duke Angus's worst enemy on Gram. After Angus became King, he drove Omfrey off planet, but he ultimately invaded Wardshaven with the aid of the King of Haultclere (Duke' Omfrey's wife's kinsman) and Prince Viktor of Xochitl.

He was not particularly well-liked, being described as a "bloody- handed murderer", "fiend in human shape" and a "murdurous villain". [SV]


A novelette set in 1994 (AD), telling the story of the first Martian archeological expedition.

The Martians became extinct about 50,000 years ago after having reached a level of civilization roughly equal to the late 20th century. They were humanoid (in fact, in the Paratime series, we learn that we are their descendents through a small colony planted on Earth just before the end of civilization on Mars). Their cities and buildings still exist.

Martha Dane, one of three archeologists on the first Martian archeological expedition, works to decipher the Martian writings. Her colleages insist that it can't be done because of the lack of a bilingual text between Martian and any Terrestrial language. In the end, they are both proved right when she learns to read Martian by using the physical sciences as her bilingual.

Omnilingual is only slightly related to the Federation/Empire universe, but cross-references such as the 30 Days' War and Hubert Penrose make the connection likely.

One Eye Swanson's

A bar in Port Sandor on Fenris. Oscar Fujisawa once saw Bish ware shoot a knife out of a man's hand there. The knife -- with bullet mark on the blade -- was mounted over the bar. [FDP]

Oom Paul Kruger

A 10,000 ton Boer-class contragravity freighter (the other was the Jan Smuts) owned by the Chartered Uller Company. It was captured by rebel Ullerans when the Bwork Residency fell, but it was later recaptured by the Procyon.

Paul Kruger was a Boer, President of the South African Republic from 1883 to 1900. Oom means "uncle". [UU]

Oomphel in the Sky

A novella set in the late Terran Federation on the planet Kwannon. The conflict in the story comes from an incompetant socialist colonial government mishandling a major disaster. This causes native unrest to the point of outright rebellion. The rebellion is quelled by a clever newsman who, understanding the natives, convinces them to end their rebellion.

Operation Triple Cross 1973 AD

A secret US operation which established backup rocketports to supply the US Lunar base. When the Thirty Day's War broke out, the Eastern Axis's ICBM's were targeted onto the known bases and destroyed them which would have quickly neutralized the Lunar Base. Operation Triple Cross's duplicate bases prevented that, and the continued operation of the Lunar Base allowed the US to win the war. [EK]

Order of Odin

An order of nobility in the Galactic Empire. Its emblem was a star. [SS]

Orent, Glenn fl 654

A linguist on the Svantovit Expedition. [NS]

Organic Opal

A gemstone native to Uller. It is pure amorphous quartz, the teeth and armor of Ulleran animals. [UU]

Orgzild, King d 477

The King of Keegark. He rose against the Chartered Uller Company. [UU]

Ormm, Sir Nevil fl 1610

Andray Dunnan's henchment and close advisor. Described as having a paper white expressionless face. A very ambitious man, Ormm was killed when the Enterprise was destroyed in the battle with the Nemesis off Audhumla. [SV]

Ortheris, Dr. Ruth fl 654

Psychologist and later wife of Gerd van Riebeek. She was a Lieutenant (j.g.) in the Terran Federation Navy Reserve who was called to duty with Intelligence and sent to Zarathustra to help investigate the Chartered Zarathustra's Company. She had a doctorate in Psychology, probably clinical psychology and got a job in the CZC's Science Division under Dr. Ernst Malin. [LF]


A religious sect active and common enough the be unremarkable in the 4th century. The historical Monophysites (now represented only by the Coptics) believed that Christ had only a single nature as opposed to the orthodox Christian belief that Christ was both human and Divine. It's hard to say what an "Orthodox-Monophysite" might believe. [FDP]


A house-cleaning robot owned by Mrs. Maxwell. [JP]


A planet in the Terran Federation. Named after the Egyptian god of the dead, husband of Isis and father of Horus. [JP]

Other Human Race, The

The Other Human Race is the sequel to Little Fuzzy and picks up a few days after the end of Little Fuzzy. The Fuzzies have been declared sentient and the Charterless Zarathustra Company is trying to hold onto some part of its wealth and power on the planet.

Ben Rainsford has been appointed interim Governor by the military and he immeidately appointed Jack Holloway as Commissionaire of Native Affairs. They have their hands full. The new Government of Zarathustra can't collect taxes since it is appointed. It must borrow money to operate until it can organize a constitutional convention and get a regular government elected.

Meanwhile, everybody on Zarathustra wants to adopt Fuzzies; the CZC is trying to prevent its employees from stealing all its equipment and just running away to stake their own claim; scientists studying the Fuzzies discover that the race is dying out from an extremely low reproduction rate due to a mysterious high infant mortality; both the Government and the CZC is dreading the onslaught of homesteaders which will hit Zarathustra in about a half year when word gets out of the CZC's loss of its charter. On top of this, the Mallorysport underworld is attempting to get control of the to-be-formed government.

As the story progresses, Victor Grego and Ernst Mallin become Good Guys and learn to love Fuzzies, a vast sunstone deposit is discovered on the Fuzzy Reservation (which pays for the Government), sunstone thieves train Fuzzies to rob vaults and a cure for Fuzzy infertility is discovered.

Oughourlian, Casmir fl 490

One of the owners of Rodriguez and Oughourlian Shipyards. He was one of the leaders of the attack on Hallstock and Ravick.


A Freyan animal which could be ridden like a horse. They had bovine heads and short stumpy legs. [WC]

By the 4th century, enough westerns had been made on Freya that people on Fenris had never seen a real horse in a movie. [FDP]


Genji Gartner's spaceship.

Named after the Worm Ouroboros which bites its own tail. Also written Oroboros. [JP]

Ouroboros II

The hypership completed by Koshchei Exploitation & Salvage to begin interstellar trade from Poictesme. [JP]


Paine, Lieutenant fl 654

A TF Marines officer lent to the ZNPF in its early days. [FS]


A Royal Mardukan Navy ship which supported Zaspar Makann. [SV]

The Paladins were the twelve knightly companions of Charlemagne, including Roland...

Pan-Federation 650

A spacelines company. [FOP]

Pan-Federation [Spacelines]

A shipping concern in the 4th century. It owned the Callisto. [Course]


Gas giant planet of Gamma Gartner. Named after a giant in Rabelais. Some of its moons were inhabited (though probably only in artificial environments) before the System States War. [JP]

Pantagruel, Moons of

Several moons of the gas giant planet Pantagruel. They were inhabited and industrialized briefy. See Gartner Trisystem for further details. [JP]


Airless planet of Gamma Gartner which had major computer manufacturing facilities before the System States War. See Gartner Trisystem for further details. [JP]

Named after ?? in Rabelis.

Panzer Pigs

A Zarathustran mammalian species native to Beta Continent. [FS]

Pappy Jack fl 654

The Fuzzy name for Jack Holloway. [LF]


A city on Baldur with a very good university. [FDP]

Paris-on-Baldur, University of

A very good professional school. Wade Lucas's alma mater. [JP]

Parnaby, Art fl 654

A former Delta Continent veldbeest herder who joined the ZNPF. [FOP]

Patel the Pawnbroker fl 490

A pawnbroker in Port Sandor. His establishment was probably located in the vicinity of Eighth Street, on Second Level Down, a few blocks from the docks. [FDP]

Patterson, Nancy fl 425

A former secretary in the social science division of the University of Montevideo, she used an inheritance to buy into the crew of the Stellex. She had dark hair and eyes. [WC]

Paul II

Galactic Emperor who built the Imperial palace in Asgard on Odin. [MD]

Paul XXII 2650-2680+

Galactic Emperor. Paul, feeling that the Empire was becoming too staid and successful conspired with his friend, Jurgen, Prince Travann, to shake things up and get it moving again. [MD]

Paula von Schlicten Fellowship

A fellowship in the 8th century which enabled its posessor to travel and study following graduate work. [OS]

Presumeably named for Paula Quinton von Schlicten from Uller Uprising.

Pearson, Emmett fl 477

The Chartered Uller Company's communications chief. A "thin- faced, saturnine-looking man." [UU]

Pedolsky, Captain fl 477

A captain in the army of the Chartered Uller Company in command of a troop of Kragan mercenaries. [UU]

Pedrosan Pedro fl 1610

President of the Council of Syndics of Englonsby on Amaterasu and, effectively, dictator of Eglonsby. He surrendered Eglonsby to Lucas Trask and, with Trask's aid, treacherously attacked Stolgoland. When Trask abandoned him and looted Eglonsby, Pedrosan fell from power. [SV]


A 2000' hypership ship owned by the Terra-Odin Spacelines and captained by Captain Marshak which served Fenris on the Terra-Odin milkrun.

Sister ship to the Cape Canaveral. The Peenemunde had large landing legs and looked "like a big, overfed spider." [FDP]

Named after the WWII German rocket center located xxx where the V1 and V2 were developed.

Pendarvis Decision

The decision in the Fuzzy Trial (presided over by Federic Pendarvis) which established the Fuzzies as sapient. [LF]

Pendarvis, Claudette fl 654

Wife of Chief Justice Frederic Pendarvis. Probably born on Baldur. She organized the Fuzzy adoption bureau. [LF]

Pendarvis, Mr. Chief Justice Frederic fl 654

Chief Justice of the Zarathustra courts. "His religion is the Law and he is its priest." He had a "good face, thin and ascetic, the face of a man at peace with himself". Probably originally from Baldur. [LF]

Penrose, Col. Hubert fl 54

Space Force commanding officer on the first Martian archeological expedition. OL]

People's Prosperity Party 654

A political party organized by Hugo Ingermann in hopes of taking control of the new government of Zarathustra. [Other, Sapiens]

People's Watchmen

A para-military group organized by the Zaspar Makann's People's Welfare Party on Marduk. After Makann gained power, the People's Watchmen were merged into the Mardukan armed forces. The PW's are a close parallel to the Nazi SA. [SV]

People's Welfare Party

The Nazi-like party founded by Zaspar Makann and backed by Andray Dunnan which succeeds in taking over Marduk. [SV]


A Fenris monster-hunter ship captained by Oscar Fugisawa. [FDP]

Named after Captain Ahab's ship in Moby Dick.

Perales Gang

The gang led by Blackie Perales which terrorized a section of Poictesme for several years until it was wiped out by Litchfield Exploration and Salvage. The Perales Gang was trying to turn the Harriet Barne (an atmospheric contragravity ship it had pirated) into an interplanetary ship so that it could acquire the nuclear weapons stored on Koschei and use them for blackmail against Poictesme. The Perales gang was also responsible for an attack on Waterville to capture Yves Jacquemont. [JP]

Perales, Blackie fl 890

A pirate whose delusions of grandeur led him to pirate the Harriet Barne as part of a scheme to take over Poictesme. [JP]

Petrie, Doc fl 477

An expert on Ulleran philology and pretty fair cryptanalyst. [UU]

Doctor Petrie was a companion to Dennis Nailand Smith, the enemy of the political reformer, Fu Manchu in the early 20th century.

Petrified Planet

The name of the original version of "Uller Uprising" which appeared in a Twayne Triplet. The other stories were....

Philadelphia Project 1970 AD

A secret US project to build the first Moon rocket, the Kilroy. It is probable that the ultimate aim of the project was the establishment of a manned US Lunar military base. This was done by 1974. [EK]

Pickering, Kent fl 477

Chief of the Gongonk Island powerplant He led the crash project to build atomic bombs for the CUC. [UU]

Pierrot fl 654

A Fuzzy adopted by Federic and Claudette Pendarvis. He was young and mated with Columbine. [FS]

Piet Joubert

A Chartered Uller Company contragravity ship. It was destroyed by the Company at the start of the Uprising to prevent it from being used by mutineers. [UU]

Named after ???

Pinkerton, Allan fl 654

One of the Fuzzies who had been trained to rob the CZC's gem vault, later attached to the Company Police Detective Bureau.

Allan Pinkerton was...


An interplanetary ship with a home port of Chloris on Jurgen. [JP]

A pixie is a flower spirit.

Planetary Proconsul 2680

The chief Imperial agent on a planet. A number of Planetary Proconsuls reported to a Prefect. [MD]

Planetary Prosperity Party 654

Hugo Ingermann's vehicle to gain control of Zarathustra. [FS]


A type of nuclear bomb which must have had a yield exceeding 1000 Megatons. [JP]

Planetwide Coverage

A News service openly owned and operated by the Chartered Zarathustra Company. It took the CZC's side in the Fuzzy controversies. [LF]


Only inhabited planet in the Gartner Trisystem. Discovered by Genji Gartner around 600, Poictesme specialized in agriculture, supplying food to the airless industrial planets of the Gartner Trisystem. It entered a decline in the early 700's when surrounding planets developed their own industry, the Gartner Trisystem lost its markets, and the factories on the airless planets closed.

In the late 700's the Gartner system enjoyed a brief prosperity when it was chosen for the role of advance base for the Terran Federation Armed Forces fighting the System States War. After the war, it again sank into depression. Its sole exports were melon brandy and war surplus. [JP]

Named after the duchy featured in many of James Branch Cabell's books.

Polka-dot fever

An extraterrestrial disease evidently very fatal to humans. [Junkyard, LF]


One of Litchfield Exploration & Salvage's gunboats. It was destroyed during the Battle of Barathrum. [JP]

A poltergeist is a manifestation often associated with adolescents in which things move around or get levitated, sometimes violently.


Capitol ship in the System States Alliance Navy. [JP]

Pool-Ball fruit

The edible fruit of the Pool-ball tree which is native to Zatathustra. [NS]

Pool-Ball Tree

A tree native to Zarathustra and found (at least) on Beta continent. Bears the Pool-Ball fruit. [LF]

Poole, Captain fl 890

Captain of Litchfield Exploration & Salvage's airship Lester Dawes. [JP]

Port Carpenter

A shipbuilding city on Koshchei which was abandoned in 854 when the System States War ended. [JP]

Port Oberth

A spaceport town on Venus which, the in 9th century at least, was notoriously lawless. [JP]

Named after Herman Oberth, an early 20th century German space travel pioneer.

Port Sandor

The main (and only) city on Fenris. Located on Oakleaf Island, it was totally enclosed and buried to avoid Fenris' climactic extremes. Port Sandor was probably fairly near Fenris' Equator.

It was built as a last attempt at colonization by the Chartered Fenris Company in a valley between two low hills which were then bulldozed onto the city. Port Sandor consisted of four large levels, (from the top down): Main City level, First level, Second level, Third level and Bottom level. Bottom level was storage and hydroponics. The Second and Third levels were industrial and contained, among other things, the carniculture plants.

The lower levels had fifty foot ceilings, while the top level had a 200' ceiling with no buildings higher than 150' except the pillar buildings which hold up the roof.

The roof curves down into the water on the sea-side of town, ending about 50' below the surface, so ships can enter submerged during the frequent storms. Sea level is at about the First Level Down where the docks are located.

Since Port Sandor was built to hold 250,000 people and its population at the time of Four Day Planet was only 25,000, there was a lot of unused space. [FDP]

Port Sandor Fidelity and Trust

A bank in Port Sandor or which Sigurd Ngozori is the president. [FDP]

Port Sandor Spaceport

The spaceport of Port Sandor. It was not controlled by the (hopelessly corrupt) Port Sandor government, but by the Odin Dock and Shipyard. [FDP]

Port Sandor Times

Port Sandor's only new "paper" (actually, a teleprinter operation). Owned by Ralph Boyd with Walter Boyd the chief (and only) reporter. Its sole empolyee was Julio Kubanoff. It had 400-500 teleprinters located throughout Port Sandor and on a few of the larger hunter- ships. It had one of the Port Sandor pillar-buildings all to itself. [FDP]

Port Saunders

A port on Horvendile. [JP]

Post Eight

A Zarathustra Colonial Constabulary Post on Alpha Continent run by Lieut. Obefemi. [LF]

Post Fifteen

George Lunt's Constabulary port on Beta Continent. It was pro bably the post closest to Jack Holloway's Cold Creek camp. [LF]

Pottgeiter, Prof. Max fl 1973 AD

A professor of Medieval History at Blanley College and Prof. Chalmers' office mate. An old man: short rotund, gray-bearded and oblivious to the present. [EK]

Power-unit cartridges

Power-unit cartriges come in all sizes. A typical unit is about the size of a one liter jar, rounded at one end and flat onthe other where the power cable connects. A cartrige of this size would weight about 200 pounds.

The container is plated with collapsium and holds a kilogram or so of strontium-90 which it shields completely. The emitted electrons are converted directly to electricity. A small plutonium reactor (collapsium shielded) can speed up the disintegration of the Sr90. [FDP]

Prefecture 2680

A unit of Imperial organization comprising a number of planets and subordinate to a Viceroy. [MD]

Prescott Hall 1930-1973 AD

A buidling at Blanley College. [EK]

Princess of Lyonesse

A Space-Viking ship, captained by Stefan Kintour, which successfully raided Beowulf. [SV]

Lyonesse was a sunken kingdom located off Cornwall.

Prinsloo, Commander Dirk fl 477

Captain of the Aldebaran. [UU]


A contragravity cruiser, the Chartered Uller Company's only warship. It was held by King Yookerk at Grank until it became clear that the Chartered Uller Company was winning the Uprising. It was only then released to the Company. It captured the Oom Paul Kruger from the Ullerans. [UU]

Procyon ia Alpha Canis Minoris. Its name means "before the dog" since it rises before Sirius, the Dog Star.


A plastic protective covering which could be sprayed on. [JP]

Pseudopterodactyl harpy zarathustra

The Harpy's scientific name. [FOP]

Psi-medium fl 2680

Some sort of psychic who was capable of limited and not particularly controllable precognition, and whose powers were widely accepted in the late Empire. [MD]

Pullwell, Professor fl 1610

A professor of some sort who is present during Lucas Trask's visit to Baron Cragdale's hunting lodge. He is horrified at Lucas Trask's description of Sword-World political structure. [SV]


Qualpha's Village

A village on Kwannon where the troubles connected with the Last Hot Time first broke out. [OS]

Queen Flavia

A Space-Viking ship from Gram. Named after King Angus' first wife. After King Angus divorced Flavia, he ordered the ship renamed for his new wife, but the captain refused and joined Lukas Trask.

It was badly damaged in the Battle of Marduk. [SV]


One of the Sword-Worlds. Named after ... the guardian of Norway.

Questell, Lieut-Commander Dave fl 654

Ground engineering and construction officer on the Svantovit Expedition. [NS]


A planet in the Empire. [MD]

Named after the feathered serpent of Aztec mythology.

Quinton, Paula fl 477

Quong, Sergeant Harry fl 477

A Chinese-Australian non-com in the Chartered Uller Company's army. [UU]


Rainer, Captain fl 1610

Count Steven of Ravary's tutor. He helped Princess Myrna of Marduk escape Cragdale when Zaspar Makann took over. He was a normal- space astrogator by training. [SV]

Rainsford, Dr. Bennett (Ben) fl 654

A naturalist of the Institute of Zeno-Sciences. He was a small man with red whiskers who always looked like he had been sleeping in his clothes.

He was convinced very early that the Fuzzies were sentient and made a secret report to the Institute of Zeno-Science to that effect.

After the Pendarvis Decision declare the Fuzzies sentient and after the TF Navy took over the government of Zarathustra, he was appointed Governor-General. [LF]

Rakkeed the Prophet d 477

An anti-Human demogogue (ullerogogue?) who preached the Uprising against the Chartered Uller Company. When the uprising took place he was a 'guest' of King Yoorkerk (he was actually a prisioner, though he didn't know it.) When the CUC got the upper hand, King Yoorkerk turned him over to the CUC. He was a Zirk. [UU]

Ransby, Lillian fl 654

Chief linguist on the Svantovit Expedition. An ash-blonde. [NS]

Ranulf XIV fl 2680

The Planetary King of Durendal in the time of Paul XXII.

He was "slender and willowy, and he had large and soulful eyes". He wore "a cloth-f-silver leotard and pink tights". He was fairly ineffectual as a king. [MD]

Rathmore, Baron Hugh fl 1610

A minor noble in the Dukedom of Wardshaven who followed Lucas Trask to Tanith. He had been a politician on Gram and never let an exxaggeration bother him. [SV]

Raud the Keeper ca 6500

An old man who is the ritual keeper of a treasure from Earth's remote past: the Crown of Great Britain. His grandfather and great, great grandfather were also known as raud thge Keeper. [KP]

Ravary, Count Steven of fl 1610

Ten year old son of Prince Simon and Princess Licile Bentrik, he was enthused about Space-Vikings. [SV]

Ravick, Steve fl 490

President of the Hunter's Cooperative. Along with Leo Belsher, he had robbed the hunters for years by controlling the cooperative and paying the hunters far less than market price for tallow-wax.

Described as tall and slender with very small hands and feet. He had a habit of showing how tough he was by crushing out cigarettes on his palm. (Skin grafts which disguised his identity also made his hands insensitive.)

He was, in fact, Anton Gerrit, the Loki slaver. He was tracked down and brought to justice by Bish Ware. [FDP]

Ravney, Colonel Pyairr fl 2120

An officer in charge of the landing forces during the Galactic Empire's annexation of Aditya. He wore a pointed mustache and a skimpy chin-beard and with a thin and dark-eyed face, looked quite Mephistophelean. He was from Lugaluru. [SS]

Raynier, Dr. fl 654

A pathologist in Mallorysport working on the cause of high infant mortality among the Fuzzies. [FS]

Red Hill

The nearest Chartered Zarathustra Company town to Jack Holloway's camp. [LF]


A Baldur-built armed merchantman owned or controlled by Andray Dunnan. Destroyed by the Corisande II in the Battle of Marduk. [SV]

Renner, Sharl fl 1610

Otto Harkaman's normal-space navigator. [SV]

Retief, Captain fl 477

A human captain of Kragan troops (Company 4 of the 18th Kragan Rifles) on Uller. [UU]

Retief, Schalk fl 890

A construction engineer who was on the first flight of the Harriet Barne to Koshchei. [JP]

Ridge Battery

A battery of long 155 mm guns built by the Kragans which guard the approach to Kankad's Town. [UU]

Ridgerd, Duke fl 1610

Duke of Didreksburg on Gram. He was not well thought of. [SV]


Planet in the Federation region. Heaven-tea was a unique product of Rimmon. By the time of Space Viking, it had regained the mid- 18th century (AD) level of civilization. [SV]

Named after the Akkadian god of weather and particularly thunder.

Ritz-Gartner Hotel

A high-class hotel in Storisende. The organizational meetings for many of Rodney Maxwell's companies were held there. [JP]

Rivas, Jerry b 871

Friend of Conn Maxwell and one of the original explorers of Koschei. [JP]


The original name for Rivvin, an Old Federation city on Tanith which Lucas Trask picked as his headquarters. [SV]


The local name for Rivington. Lucas Trask's headquarters city on Tanith.

During the Interstellar Wars, Rivington was hit by one or more nuclear bombs, which destroyed one of its buildings and severely damaged another. By the time Trask arrived on the scene, Rivvin was abandoned. [SV]


Robots were developed in the 700's and were in fairly widespread use by the late 800's. They were still in use 1200 years later without much further evolution in their design. Robots were never humanoid in form, but were usually built functionally.

A typical robot might have contragavity built in for locomotion and would do things like deliver a meal and take the dirty dishes back. They could understand oral commands and some could provide simple vocal responses. They were highly specialized and could not be considered in any way to be intelligent. [Junkyard, SV]

The term "robot" comes from Karel Capek's novel R. U. R. and is Czech for "worker" or "slave".

Roddell fl 890

A space crewman who had been stranded on Poictesme when he was in jail as a result of a riotous binge when his ship lifted out. He was on the first flight of the Harriet Barne to Koshchei. [JP]

Rodolf, King fl 1610

King of Excalibur (one of the Sword-Worlds). [SV]

Rodriguez & Oughourlian Shipyards

Port Sandor's shipbuilding facility. It employed 150 men and probably worked mainly on monster hunter ships. [FDP]

Rodrik III fl 2120

Galactic Emperor in 2120. [SS]

Rodrik VI

Galactic Emperor who built the Emperor's great map. [MD]

Rodrik, Prince 2670-

Son of Paul XXII and Empress Marris, he was bethothed as a child to Princess Olva. [MD]

Roentgen fl 654

One of Henry Stenson's Fuzzies. [FOP]


Fuzzie for 'Yellowsands'. [FOP]

Rojansky, Doc fl 490

A doctor at the Port Sandor hospital. [FDP]

Roncevaux fl 2680

The capitol of Durendal. Named after the great battle in which Roland used his sword Durendal to turn back the Moslems from Europe. [MD]


A Sword-Worlds freighter run by Captain Morbes. [SV]

Named after Don Quixote's horse.

Ruiz, Associate Justice Adolphe fl 654

One of Federic Pendarvis's associate justices in the Fuzzy Trial. He was short and round-faced. He normally ran the Zarathustran Juvenile Court. [LF]

Runch the Keeper ca 6400

Raud the Keeper's father and great, great, great grandfather. Both were Keepers. [KP]


Saccerre Bay

A bay on the north coast of Hermann Reuch's Land in the lee of the Hacksaw Mountains. [FDP]

Salamander Volunteer Fire Company No. 3

One of Port Sandor's many volunteer fire companies. [FDP]

A salamander is a fire-spirit.

Salsavadran, Prince ca 6500

A stocky, broad-shouldered, red-haired man fromt he 6th Empire who visited Raud the Keeper. He gave his name as Salvadro. [KP]

Salvadro ca 6500

The name given by Prince Salsavadran to Raud the Keeper when they first met. It is apparently the familiar version of his name. [KP]

Samuels, Abe d 890

One of the crewmen of the Dragon who was killed when it was hit at the battle of Barathrum. [JP]

Sancerre Bay

A bay on the coast of Hermann Reuch's Land. It's in the lee of the Hacksaw Mountains. [FDP]

Sancia fl 1610

Sister to Duke Ridgerd. Her second husband was poisoned by the Duke. [SV]

Sanders, Paul fl 809

A plantation owner on Kwannon. His was one of the first plantations to be hit by swarming by the Kwann, but because he was on good terms with his Kwann and had a fortress-like plantation house, he survived. [OS]

Sandrassan, Burt fl 1610

Lady Lavinia Karvall's brother, he ran an engineworks, and took over the operation of the Barony of Karvallmills when Sesar Karvall was killed and Lavinia left Gram. [SV]

Sasstroff, Horris fl 1610

Captain of the Honest Horris (a name he also applied to himself). He wasn't. Sasstroff and the Honest Horris were part of Dunnan's fleet at the battle of ???. [SV]

Sastraman, Jethro b 825

The president of Transcontinental & Overseas Airlines. He is described as looking like Scrooge from A Christmas Carol and never having had a new idea since he got out of college. [JP]

Schallenmacher, Willi fl 654

A person on the Svantovit Expedition. He has a bushy black beard. [NS]

Schferts, Ridgerd fl 2120

Chief-slave to Fedrig Daffysan, Chief of Fiscal management of the Mastership of Aditya. [SS]


Interplanetary ship. The second ship of the first Martian archeological expedition. It was scheduled to arrive a couple of years after the Cyrano with the bulk of the expedition's personel. [OL]

??? Schiaparelli was a 19th century (AD) Italian astronomer who discovered the canals of Mars.


The Fuzzy name for a night-hunting Zarathrustan animal. [FOP]


Fenris sea creatures which lives by eating sea-spaghetti. They always rotated counter-clockwise (never clockwise) on a lengthwise axis. They are preyed upon by Gulpers, Funnelmouths and Bag-bellies. [FDP]


A form of seaweed on Fenris. Eaten by Screwfish. [FDP]

Second Kwannon Native Infantry

A native infantry group on Kwannon. [OS]

Seekers for Merlin, Ltd.

One of the numerous companies which sprang up after Litchfield Exploration and Salvage got started. [JP]


Planet in the Federation region which is still being settled in the 9th century. [GD]

It is named after an Egyptian god, the younger brother of Osiris.

Senta fl 890

A large lady with a taste for loud clothes. She owned Senta's and ran it. [JP]


A favorite eating establishment in Litchfield. Run by Senta. [JP]

This is believed to be modelled after a real place in Pittsburgh.

Servants of the People, Ninth Category fl 2650

The name of the Adityan Secret Police. [MD]


Planet in the Federation area. It may have had intelligent natives. [JP]

In the 1600's it was a Mardukan trade planet. Fairly primitive. Raided by Dunnan with such severity that no organized society survived. [SV]

Named after the Egyptian goddess of writing and literature, the wife of Thoth.

Session Hall 2680

A room in the Imperial Palace in Asgard used for formal sessions of the Plenary Council. [MD]


A planet in the Federation region. By the 1600's, its civilization was quite primitive. [SV]

Named after the Egyptian god of the underworld, the enemy of Osiris and Horus.

Shanlee, Brigader-General Mike 815-890+

Foxx Travis' aide-de-camp on Poictesme, he stayed with Travis after the war. He was 70+ in 894.

After learning the Conn Maxwell was looking for Merlin, Shanlee grew a beard and followed Maxwell to Poictesme on the next hypership. He took the name of Carl Liebert and pretended to be a preacher. He joined the Fawzi Office Gang and tried to divert it from finding Merlin.

When it became clear that they were going to find Merlin, he attempted to construct a nuclear bomb to destroy Force Command Duplicate and Merlin. After Merlin was brought back into operation and the deception was started, Shanlee stayed on as nominal head of Project Merlin.


Shapiro, Francis Xavier fl 477

The Chartered Uller Company's Resident-Agent at Krink. [UU]

Shatrak, Admiral Vann fl 2120

Commander of the expedition by the Galactic Empire to annex Aditya. He was around 60 years old. He was promoted from Line-Commodore to Admiral for his work on the annexation of Aditya.

"His head was completely bald, almost spherical; a beaklike nose carried down the curve of his brow, and the straight lines of mouth and chin chopped under it enhanced rather than spoiled the effect." [SS]

Shatresh fl 809

A Kwann. One of the oldest Shoonoon on Kwannon. [OS]

Shaw, Edith fl 809

A sociographer (Master's degree from the University of Adelaide) who was sent by the Governor-general to observe Miles Gilbert's psycological warfare against the Shoonoon on Kwannon. [OS]

Shefter, Admiral fl 1610

A very high-ranking officer in the Royal Mardukian Navy. He presided at the Board of Inquiry which cleared Prince Bentrik of wrongdoing at the Battle of Adhumla. He was retired to a hospital on grounds of "ill health" after Zaspar Makann came to power. [SV]


A class of Ulleran native animals which tended to be large and armored, perhaps 5-15 tons and plated with a silicate shell. They looked like six-legged pinecones. Some were herbivores and some carnivors. The Ullerans are descended from an ancient variety of shellosaur. [UU]


Planet with intelligent natives. [FS]

In the 800's, Sheshans were employed as servants by the 'smart' set on Earth. [JP]

Named after...


The professional magician class of Kwann. Shamen. [OS]


A domestic meat animal on Poictesme which could be used to make good bacon. [JP]


An animal on Kwannon with a small horn shaped like an arrowhead on its brow. [OS]

Sickle Mountain

A sickle-shaped mountain on Koshchei which housed a naval observatory. Most of the interplanetary ships in the Gartner Trisystem were mothballed there as the TF Third Army-Force evacuated it after the end of the System States war. [JP]

Sickle Mountain Naval Observatory

A TF Third Force installation on Koshchei. (It's hard to imagine the purpose of a Naval Observatory in a culture with space travel!) [JP]

Silverstein, Dominic fl 490

Monster hunter and crewmember on the Javelin. He broke his leg in the crashlanding on Hermann Reuch's Land. [FDP]

Simon Bolivar

A Terran Federation Navy Destroyer which carried Anton Gerrit from Fenris to Terra for trial. [FDP]

Simon Bolivar was a South American hero of the wars of Independance from Spain in the early 1800's.

Singh, Lieutenant Ranjit fl 490

Second in command of the Port Sandor spaceport police. A Sikh. [FDP]

Singh, Jamshar d 604

A resident of Baphomet who was tried for arson and sabotage in 604 in spite of his already being dead. The case was cited at the Fuzzy Trial. [LF]

Sixth North Uller Native Infantry

A native military outfit hired by the Chartered Uller Company which remained loyal during the Uprising. It was stationed at Krink. [UU]


A planet in the Federation region. Not a particularly civilized planet in the 1600's, it was the site of a Space Viking base about 100 years before Space Viking. The locals had a few ships and Horris Sasstroff came from Skathi. [SV]

Possibly named after Skadi, in Norse myth the daughter of the giant Thiazvi and mother of Frey and Freya.


An Ulleran city due north of Knokrook and near the North Pole ruled over by King Firkked. The Chartered Uller Company had a major reservation a few miles south of Skilk on the dry Hoork river.

After the Uprising, Skilk was turned over to the loyal King Jonkvank. [UU]


A spaceport city on Loki which was notoriously lawless in the late 9th century. [JP]

Skunkapple Oil

A foul-smelling perfume base produced by Tetragrammaton. [SV]


An interplanetary ship with a home port of Port Saunders on Horvendile. [JP]


The spy platform cobbled up out of a satellite service tender and positioned on contragravity 150 miles over Keegark to detect air traffic during the Uprising on Uller. [UU]


A Fenris monster-hunter ship named after the Fenris beastie. [FDP]


A Fenris marine predator which was "shiny as heatblued steel" with four clared tentacles which grew from its neck. [FDP]

Slave is a Slave, A

A Slave is a Slave occurs during the expansion of the First Galactic Empire and concerns the Empire's expedition to annex Aditya.

Aditya (a former Space Viking Planet) has slipped into near- barbarism, the government being an oligarchy of the descendents of the Space Vikings, but actually run by their slave-bureaucrats.

The Empire is represented by Obray, Count Erskyll and Jurgen, Prince Trevannion. Count Erskyll is young and liberal and right out of college. Trevannion is a wise and experienced middle-aged man. The story is as much about how the naive Erskyll adapts his ideals to reality as it is about how the government of the slaveholders of Aditya adapts to becoming part of an Empire which does not permit slavery.

The story is quite cynical and probably was inspired by (or, perhaps, inspired) a contemporaneous editorial by John W. Campbell which claimed that, in the long run, slavery is accepted by the slave and would be defended by the slave.


An advanced calculating device in use in the future. The main cacluating tool available to nuclear engineers in the 470s. [UU]

Smith, Luther fl 425

The chief engineer of the Stellex. He had reddish hair and a thin, intense face and was a pacifist. [WC]

Smith, Prof. Tom b 1947 AD

A Math professor at Blanley College. An amateur boxer. [EK]


A mountain in the Calders on Poictesme quite close to Litchfield.

Tenth Army Headquarters was located near there. [JP]

Snake River

A river on Beta Continent of Zarathustra. Ben Rainsford was camping there when the Fuzzies were discovered. The East Fork of the Snake was formed one of the boundaries of the Fuzzy Reservation. [LF]

Snooks fl 2680

A little red hound owned by Rodrik, son of Paul XXII. [MD]


The unit of currency of the Terran Federation. It was divided into centisols and a five centisol coin existed. Its value (in purchasing power) was roughly $1 and there is little evidence of net inflation between the 400's and the 900's. [Junkyard, Fuzzy, 4D, others]

Sommers fl 890

One of the prisoners from the Harriet Barne. [JP]


Some kind of power cutting tool. [FDP]

South African Sterberg

A Terran small arms manufacturer. The made (at least) 7.7 and 10 mm handguns. [FDP]

South Ocean

An ocean on Fenris. [FDP]

Southmain Continent

A continent of Gram. A small war had been going on there for over two centuries. [SV]

Southron ca 6500

A person from Earth's equitorial region, the only warm area left during the next Ice Age. [KP]

Space Force

A First Federation military force which supplied much of the personel on the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]

Space Viking

The term "Space-Viking" came to be applied to the raiders which came from the Sword-Worlds to loot Old Federation planets starting in the xxth century PA (about six centuries after the System States War).

The Space-Vikings originally were raiders sent directly from the Sword-Worlds to Old Federation planets. They were usually organized as business ventures i.e., a group of investors would finance one or more ships and would share in the profits with the officers and crew. While the Vikings of the 600-1000 AD era are the most obvious parallel, the Elizabethan privateers is a better comparison, particularly since the home politics of the Sword-Worlds greatly resembled that of Renaisance England.

Attacking lower-technology worlds, they would generally take enough loot to make the ventures profitable. On a successful expedition, they would take valuables, art, fissionables and standardized industrial products.

(The events of Space Viking to the contrary notwithstanding, it's difficult to see how there could have been much point in stealing consumer goods and industrial equipment due to the spare parts problem.)

In the long run, due to the length of the 3000 hour (roughly four months) trip from the Sword-Worlds to the Old Federation, Space- Viking raids direct from the Sword-Worlds were replaced by raids from Space-Viking bases on decivilized Old Federation planets. In time, these bases grew to have complete shipyards and expedition outfitters and became commercial centers in their own right, independent (other than a nominal fealty) of the Sword-Worlds from which they originated.

This trend drained the Sword-Worlds of their best people and, in the long run, may have been the prime contributor to their decline.

Planets settled by Space Vikings invariably had flags containing stars and swords as symbols.

Space Viking

A novel taking place mostly on Gram, Tanith and Marduk in the xxth century.

Lucas, Lord Trask (a minor Gram aristocrat) was about to be married to Elaine Karvall when Andray Dunnan, a relative of Duke Angus and possibly somewhat mad, bursts into the wedding declaring that Elaine loves him. Rejected, he machineguns the wedding party and kills Elaine. Upon recovery from his own wounds, Lucas Trask swears vengence. Since Dunnan has fled Gram in a hijacked Space Viking ship, Trask trades his barony for a hypership and turns Space Viking to pursue him.

Since the space occupied by the Old Federation was large, rather than search for Dunnan, Trask adopted the strategy of setting up a base on Tanith and waiting for Dunnan to attack. In the course of developing the base, Trask made raids on several neighboring planets and developed a profitable trade back to Gram. Several of the neighboring planets had retained technologies at the 20th-21st century AD level and, with some aid from Trask, quickly recovered interstellar flight.

In the mean time, Dunnan had also been recruiting ships. Trask stumbled upon one of Dunnan's ships mauling a ship of the Royal Mardukan Navy and destroyed the Dunnan ship. He then escorted the crippled ship to Marduk (one of the few civilized planets left) and was received by the Royal family. Trade between Marduk and Tanith was set up.

About two years later, he learns that -- in effect -- the Mardukan Monarchy has been overthrown by a political demogogue named Zaspar Makann who seems to be conciously following in Adolf Hitler's footsteps. Makann is anti-Tanith, and Trask suspects that he may be supported by Andray Dunnan. Trask supports the Royal family and gathers a large Space-Viking and independent fleet to aid in the restoration.

In the end, Trask and the royalists win, Makann and Dunnan are killed and Trask settles down to ruling Tanith, now a civilized planet.


Boake Valkanhayn's ship. It was in rather bad shape and run, in effect, by a soviet of ship's officers. After joining Lukas Trask's fleet, it was rehabilitated and reorganized into a fighting ship once again. It was badly damaged in the Battle of Marduk. [SV]

Spaceman's Hymn

A song traditionally played when a ship lifted off. [JP]

Spasso, Garvan fl 1610

A Space-Viking, captain of the Lamia. He was a chicken-stealer. A small man, partly bald. He was never a very good Space-Viking, and was sent to Gram by Lucas Trask where he was made a knight and, afters its conquest, Chief of Police at Glaspyth by King Angus. As King Angus' position deteriorated, Spasso became in quick succession Baron and then Count. He was believed by some to have poisoned Rovard Grauffis. [SV]

Spazoni, Nip fl 490

A monster hunter, captain of the Bulldog. A "peace-loving man". He is described as having "slanted Mongoloid eyes and a sparse little chin-beard." [FDP]

Spear of State

The Spear of State is the symbol of a North Ulleran monarch. It is roughly equivalent to the crown of a Euopean king, though it obviously also bears a resemblance to the ceremonial mace of some parliaments. It was carried formally by a bearer. [UU]


One of the later ships built by King Angus' Tanith Adventure. It was never profitable because too many ships had been built. [SV]


A Poictesme wild animal that made good eating. [JP]


A yielding plastic foam. [FDP]

Squiggle, the

A badlands on the inside of a mountain range on the lower left coast of Zarathustra's Alpha continent. It was geologically recent volcanic terrain with weathered lava beds and lots of little streams which drained into the Snake River. Near Chesterville. [FOP]

Stabber fl 654

An unusually bright Fuzzie. [FOP]


A brown collie owned by Governor-General Harrington. Stalin was abducted by Keeluk to be used as an experimental subject to discover a poison which would work on humans.

In the late 400's on Terra, Stalin was the most popular name for dogs. It means "steel" and was the nom de guerre of Josef Vissaronivich Djugashrili, a good ole boy from Georgia. [UU]

Standish, Gloria fl 54

The Pan-Federation Telecast System's commentator on the first Martian archeological expedition. She was described as a "big bosomy blond who was the leading contender for Miss Mars of 1996". [OL]

Stanley-Browne, Willard fl 465

A sociographer who wrote a book "Short Sociographic History of Beta Hydrae II" which is described as being 90% wrong. [UU]

Stannery, Hon. Horace fl 654

An undistinguished and less-than-brilliant laywer in Red Hill who stood for election to Zarathustra's first Constitutional Convention as a loyal Government and Company man. [FOP]

Star Hopper

Space-Viking ship captained by Teodor Vaghn. Part of Andray Dunnan's fleet. Its blazon showed a green monster leaping from planet to planet. Destroyed by Nemesis in the Battle of Martduk. [SV]


A Poictesme fruit from which jam can be made. [JP]

Starship design

Starships changed very little in the 2000 or so years covered in the Federation and Empire stories. In essence, they were 2000'- 3000' collapsium-coated steel spheres.

All interstellar ships were propelled by the Abbott Lift and Drive system (contragravity) which eliminated any need for streamlining. The interstellar jump itself was made using the Dillingham hyperdrive.

The engines and power sources of the ship were normally contained in a ca. 300' spherical section in the ship's center, leaving the rest of the volume for cargo, passengers and support equipment. A 3000' hypership's cargo capacity was around 6 billion cubic feet. For typical bulk cargo this amounts to around 100 million tons. (For comparison, the largest cargo aircraft in operation on Earth in the 20th century carried perhaps 100 tons, the largest ocean-going freighters carried 40,000 tons and the largest super tankers carried 200,000 tons.) A single large hypership had the carrying capacity of 500 of the largest 20th Century ocean-going ships. A half-dozen interstellar ship matched Earth's entire merchant marine in carrying capacity.

Ship speeds improved over the period by roughly a factor of ten, while average ship sizes increased by less than a factor of two.

Warships typically carried one or two pinnaces (armed, 200-300' spherical contragravity craft) aboard.

Steefer, Harry fl 654

The chief of the CZC's Company Police. He was a retired Federation Army office with numerous decorations. [LF]

Stellar Explorations Ltd.

An organization owned by the ten men and five women of the crew of the Stellex and created to purchase the Stellex and to explore for a habitable planet to exploit. By the time of the landing on Freya, it was near bankrupt. [WC]


A very old and decrepit 2000' hypership purchased by the Stellar Explorations Ltd. It carried 6 landing craft as well as having room aboard for a 200' pinnace. [WC]

Stelly 2120

The Star-piece, the unit of currency on Aditya. [SS]

Stenson, Henry fl 654

A highly skilled instrument maker who also worked for Navy Intelligence and bugged CZC offices. He was elderly and thin. [LF]

Stephenson, Mr. fl 654

Harry Stenson's assistant. [LF]

Sterber, Flynn and Chen-Wong

The well-connected Storisende law firm which represented Litchfield Exploration & Salvage and the other Maxwell Companies. [JP]

Sterber, J. Fitzwilliam fl 890

One of the partners in the firm Sterber, Flynn & Chen-Wong. Sterber was married to Jake Vyckhoven's sister. [JP]

Sterberg Olympic Match

A 7.7 mm handgun made by South Africa Sterberg. Walter Boyd owned one. [FDP]


A cloth used by the medical services of the Terran Federation Army for dressings. [JP]

Sternberg fl 477

A nuclear power engineer who worked on the Uller A-bomb project. [UU]

Stevan IV

Early Galactic Emperor who proclaimed Odin the Imperial planet and Asgard the Imperial City. Grandfather of Paul I. [MD] He may well have been descended from Steven, Count of Ravenry and Prince Simon Bentink since the Imperial line derived from the Mardukan Royal Family.


A country on Amaterasu located across a shallow sea from Eglonsby which was ruled by some sort of oligarchic capitalism. Stolgoland was a bitter rival of Eglonsby for the oil which could be found in the sea. (Amaterasu was at a roughly 1950 level of technology and oil was essential to national wealth.) Lukas Trask aided Eglonsby to invade Stolgoland and then abandoned the Eglonsby troops in Stolgoland. The ensuing mess resulted in the fall of both governments and the eventual rise of less oppressive ones. [SV]


The capitol city of Stolgoland on Amaterasu. [SV]

Stonebreaker fl 654

A Fuzzie. [FOP]


Capital of Poictesme. Named after the capital of Poictesme in James Branch Cabell's ??. [JP]

Storisende College

Poictesme's main institution of higher education. [JP]

Storisende Herald-Guardian

A Storisende newspaper. [JP]


One of King Yoorkerk's infantry regiments (the 2nd). Described by Paula Quinton as "sorriest-looking rabble I ever saw". [UU]

Subneutron bomb

A type of nuclear bomb used during the 3rd and 4th World Wars. [UU]

Sugitsuma, Reverend fl 490

The Port Sandor Zen Buddhist priest. He was one of the leaders of the Port Sandor Vigilance Committee when it drove out Hallstock and Ravick. [FDP]


The first hypership built by Amaterasu after the Fall of the Terran Federation. [SV]

Amaterasu is the Jappanese sun-goddess.

Superego fl 654

One of a group of four Fuzzies studied by Ruth Ortheris and later turned loose near Mallorysport by Leslie Coombes in hope that they would be captured or killed in the Fuzzy hunt which started up after Lolita Lurkin's false claim that she had been attacked by Fuzzies. [LF]

Surromanticist Movement

A literary movement in the middle of the 7th century Post Atomic during which the critics and professors were rediscovering James Branch Cabell. [GD]

Suzikami Building

A building in Bluelake on Kwannon. Occupied by the Planetwide News service. Part of it had been previously occuppied by Trans-Space Imports. [OS]


A small flying mammal native to Svantovit. [NS]


Third planet of a G0 star with about 50% land surface and less axial tilt than earth. Svantovit had intelligent inhabitants, (the Svants) which made it a Class V world. [NS]

Named after the principal god of the Baltic Slavs who was pictured holding a bow in one hand and a horn in the other.

Svantovit expedition

A joint TF Space Navy-Colonial Office expedition in the 7th century which in the course of four years, visited 11 stars and made the first landings on 7 planets, including Fafnir, Imhotep, Irminsul and Svantovit. Its story is told in Naudsonce. [NS]


The inhabitants of Svantovit. They were quite humanoid, but possess large flaps on their heads which are part of their naudsonce sense. [NS]


see 'Nidhog Swamp-Crawler'.


The name for the group of twelve planets located about 3000 hours from the Terran Federation, first settled in the 9th century Atomic Era by remnants of the System States Alliance Navy seeking a distant refuge. The initial planet settled was Excalibur, after two generations, Joyeuse, Flamberge and Durendal were colonized, with the colonization of Morglay, Haultclere and Gram coming later. Other Sword-Worlds included Tizona, Curtana and Quernbiter.

The Sword-Worlds' system of government was a feudal system slightly modified to accomodate a technical civilization.

After about 450 years, exploration ships were sent back into the Federation, and discovered that the Federation had fallen and that anarchy prevailed in its former volume. The Sword-Worlds began the practice of Space-Viking, and developed a significant economic dependence on the loot thus returned.

In the 15th century, the twelve Sword-Worlds had a combined population of 3.5 billion people.

The decline of the Sword-Worlds stemmed from emigration to newly-established bases in the Federation, and the instability of feudal government to petty wars. [SV]

See also: Space-Viking

Syndrome fl 654

One of a group of four Fuzzies studied by Ruth Ortheris and later turned loose near Mallorysport by Leslie Coombes in hope that they would be captured or killed in the Fuzzy hunt which started up after Lolita Lurkin's false claim that she had been attacked by Fuzzies. [LF]

Synthetic Foods fl 654

A division of the CZC. Malcolm Dunbar was Chief Chemist. [FS]

System States Alliance

An alliance of planets which tried to secede from the Terran Federation in about 840. Planets in the Alliance included Abigor...

The economic basis of the war ... [JP]

System States War

A war fought by the Terran Federation from 842-854 to prevent the sucession of the System States Alliance. Poictesme and the Gartner Trisystem was the advanced base for the Terran Federation and about 100 light years from the fighting.

During the course of the war, the Terran Federation impoverished a hundred planets, devastated a score and actually depopulated at least three. The war prevented the sucession of the System States, but hastened the ultimate collapse of the Terran Federation.



Third Army-Force. [JP]

Takkad Sea

A sea on Uller. Some of the Free Cities were located on its eastern shore. The northwest corner of the Takkad Sea was roughly midway between Kankad's Town and Keegark. Countries around the Takkad Sea had a distinctive language which appears to have been used as a common, trade language. [UU]


The Fuzzy name for the various species of Zarabuck. [FOP]

Talal, Colonel Khalid ib'n fl 477

An officer in the Chartered Ulleran Company's army. Originally a Zanzibar Arab. [UU]


A product of the Jarvis' sea monster of Fenris. It serves roughly the same purpose as blubber does on a whale. An average sized monster will yield 12-15 tons of tallow-wax.

It is neither tallow nor wax. It consists of molecules which are visible in ordinary light and can be used to make radiation shielding. ("A suit of waxed coveralls weighing a couple of pounds provides as much shielding a a half-inch of lead.") It melts at 250 C and ignites at about 750 C.

The price of tallow-wax is the essential point of controversy in Four Day Planet. It sold for 1500 sols a ton on Terra, but the crooked Hunter's Cooperative was now paying the hunters only 700 sols a ton, barely enough to cover ship operating costs. [FDP]

Tammsam, Count fl 2680

Imperial Minister of Education under Paul XXII. [MD]


Planet in the Federation region. Third planet of Ertado's Star, a class-G sun which is over 3000 hours from Gram, it has a single 500 mile diameter moon and it rotates in just under 25 hours. One of the last planets colonized before the System States War.

At the time of Space Viking, the population was at a late medieval stage of development. Lucas Trask made Tanith his base and recivilized it. [SV]

Tanith was the Phoenician goddess of heaven, the moon and fertility. She became Carthagenian's chief goddess.

Tanith Adventure, the

The name given to Duke Angus' original plan to set up a Space Viking base on Tanith. The Tanith Adventure was scuttled when Andray Dunnan pirated the Enterprise. [SV]

Tanith, Bank of

The new name of the Bank of Wardshaven after it moved to Tanith. [SV]

Telephoto Camera

Walter Boyd used a telephoto camera which both recorded on tape and broadcast its images back to the Port Sandor Times' facility. [FDP]


A gadget which prints out a copy of a newspaper, like the Port Sandor Times. Typically they're located in bars and cafes and stores, and for a coin, a patron can get the latest news. [FDP]

Tenth Army Headquarters

A headquarters building on Poictesme near Snagtooth salvaged by Rodney Maxwell. [JP]

Tenth N.U.N.I.

Tenth North Ulleran Native Infantry. A native military outfit, recruited from the Skilk peasantry, organized by the Chartered Uller Company. It mutinied during the Uprising. [UU]


The most common name for Earth (it means "earth" in Latin).

Terra-Baldur-Marduk Spacelines

A large stockholder in the Chartered Zarathustra Company. [LF]

Terra-Odin Spacelines

The company which ran the Terra-Fenris-Odin route. It was connected in some way with Odin Dock & Shipyard Company.

There were six planets (including Fenris and Gimli) between Terra and Odin along that route. [FDP]

Terran Federation

The government of all inhabited planets from fairly early in the Atomic Era until its fall around the 11th century. The Terran Federation was based on Earth and seems to have been a republic with representation by the more advanced planetary states (colonies appear not to have had full representation.)

The Terran Federation occupied a volume of around 200 billion cubic light years, which corresponds to a disk 1000 light years thick and about 8000 light years in radius or a sphere about 3500 light years in radius. It was estimated to contain around 5,000,000 planets habitable only with aritficial means. Since hyperships travel about 1 light year/hour, this means that a trip from one edge of the Federation to the other took nearly a year.

The TF had a parliament and a president, and Army and a Navy. Its flag was blue showing a wreathed globe, so it is probably -- symbolically, at least -- derived from the United Nations.

The Terran Federation's fall was caused by many factors, but the attempted secession of the System States Alliance appears to have been the final blow. It apparently was in decline by the late 700's, and completely collapsed by the 11th century. [SV]


A planet in the Federation region. It produced a unique perfume base called skunkapple oil. About 250 light years from Tanith.

in the 1600's, Tetragrammaton was a primitive planet which was trying to recivilize (it had reached something like the late 19th century AD). Its government was a democratic Republic with a hereditary President. Towns included Jannsboro which had an oil refinery. It was attacked by Andray Dunnan as part of his campaign to terrorize Marduk. [SV]

The Tetragrammaton JWHW (and a number of other transliterations) is the four consonents of the sacred Name of God in ancient Hebrew. It was considered too sacred to speak aloud, so Adonai (Lord) was used in its place. "Jehovah" and "Yahweh" are modern spellings of the Name.


Terran Federation.


The Terran Federation Navy.

Thaxter, Leo fl 654

'Beefy and blue-jowled with black hair and an out-thrust lower lip', he was one of the major gangsters in Mallorysport. He appeared to be a respectable banker "L. Thaxter, Loan Broker & Private Financier", but he also ran Mallorysport's loan sharking operations. He was an associate of Hugo Ingermann's. [FS]

He was caught up in the same crimes as the Evinses and Phil Novaes and, with them, was sentanced to 20 years in prison followed by shooting. [FOP]

Thaxter, Rose fl 654

A woman who arrived on Zarathustra with Leo Thaxter as his "sister or reasonable facsimile". She later married Conrad Evins. [FS]


A religion current in the 400s. Cesario Vieira was a Theosophist. [FDP]

Theosophism was probably the same as that of our present day, a scam of Madame Blatvasky. It dealt with... Spirit Guids...


A chemical which produces a 850 C flame. [FDP]

Thing, The

A skeletal ship built on Koshchei by KE&S; to haul a collapsium cutter from Koshchei to Force Command Duplicate on Poictesme. [JP]

Named after the Addams Family servant.

Third Fleet-Army Force

A major late Terran Federation army division. Its symbol was a yellow trefoil. [OS] It was based on Poictesme during the System States War 9xx-9xx and commanded by Foxx Travis. [JP]

Third World War

An atomic war fought mainly in the Northern Hemisphere of Terra. Probably the same as the Thirty Days' War. [FS]

The Third World war was caused by the collapse of the UN (and subsequent formation of the First Terran Federation) over the Eastern Axis's demands for the neutralization of the US Lunar base. [EK]

Thirty Days' War 1975

A war which happened before 1994 AD. [OL] It was almost certainly the same as the Third World War.

It began when Khalid ib'n Hussein was assassinated in 1973 AD. The ensuing instability in the Caliphate caused the Turkish Army to move in to try to restore order. Later, after trouble in northern Iran, the Indians invaded Bangladesh (to stop a communist coup) triggering off the general war. [EK]


Planet in the Terran Federation region. Thor was discovered during the first wave of extrasolar exploration. Thor had intelligent natives, who, at the time of Four Day Planet, they were nearly always fighting somebody. [FDP]

Named after the red-haired Norse god of thunder. Thor was usually considered a friend to mankind.


The intelligent natives of Thor. They are humanoid, quite hairy and had rather dog-like faces. They are organized into clans and are continually fighting each other. [MD]

Thornton, Major fl 477

An officer of the Chartered Uller Company forces who was an explosives expert and worked on devising the chemical explosives needed to bring the sub-critical assemblies of plutonium together tin the CUC's bomb. [UU]

Tighlman, Col. Frank fl 1973 AD

The owner of the Valley Times. [EK]


A Thoran animal similar to a mouse. [LF]


The largest moon of Saturn. It was inhabited by means of buried cities in the late 400's. [FDP]


One of the Sword-Worlds it was the home of the giraffe-bird. [SV]

Named after the sword of...

Tobbin fl 1610

A Space-Viking who ruled a smallish base on Nergal. [SV]

Toshi-Sosso fl 654

A Fuzzy. The name means 'Wise One'. [FOP]

Toyoshi, Douglas fl 654

A lawyer who was appointed to represent the Evinses, Leo Thaxter and Phil Novaes after Hugo Ingermann skipped out on them. [FOP]


Prior to Lucas Trask taking over Tanith, Tradetown was one of Tanith's larger cities. It was built on a long triangular mound of earth in a fork of a river. [SV]


The slums area of Litchfield. [JP]

Trans-Space Imports

An import company on Kwannon. At one time it had occupied space in the Suzikami Building. [OS]

Trans-Space News Service

A news organization which sent Sid Chamberlain along on the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]

Transcontinent & Overseas Shiplines

An airline on Poictesme. They owned the Countess Dorothy and the pirated Harriet Barne. [JP]

Tranter, Mort fl 54

A chemist with the first Martian archeological expedition. [OL]

Trask, Dame Cecelia fl 1610

Nikkolay Trask's wife. [SV]

Trask, Elaine fl 1610

Lucas Trask's wife. She was the daughter of Sesar and Lavinia Karvall. She was killed when Andray Dunnan shot up her wedding, leading Lucas Trask to swear vengence against Dunnan and leading directly to the events of Space Viking. [SV]

Trask, Lucas fl 1610

Major character of Space Viking. Originally Baron of Traskon, his wedding to Lady Elaine Karvall was shot up by Andray Dunnan. Trask was seriously wounded and his wife of 15 minutes was killed. When he recovered, he traded his Barony of Traskon to Duke Angus of Wardshaven for a hypership, the Nemesis, hired Otto Harkaman to captain it and became a Space-Viking in order to hunt down and kill Dunnan.

Since Dunnan was effectively untraceable, Trask chose to set up a base on Tanith and wait for Dunnan to come to him. He successfully established the base, having raided Khepera, Amaterasu and Beowulf to get capitol. King (formerly Duke) Angus made him Prince and Viceroy of Tanith.

Eventually, Angus's demands became unbearable and Trask declared Tanith to be an independent Princedom. [SV]

Trask, Nikkolai fl 1610

First cousin to Lucas Trask, he opposed Lucas Trask's trade of the Barony of Traskon to Duke Angus for the hypership Nemesis, but was reconciled to it when Duke Angus offered to make him vicar-Baron.

Ultimately, he was forced to give up Traskon and move to Tanith when King Angus became intolerable. [SV]

Traskon New House

A house built by Lucas Trask as the manor of the barony of Traskon as a wedding gift for Elaine Karvall. He never occupied it. [SV]

Traskon, Barony of

A farming and ranching barony in the duchy of Wardshaven on Gram.

Lucas Trask traded the barony to Duke Angus in exchange for the completely outfitted hypership, Nemesis. The Traskon badge was a tawny bisonoid head on green. [SV]

Travann, House of fl 2650

The noble house of Jurgen, Prince Travann. Its blazon was a three-mooned planet, argent on sable. [MD]

Travann, Jurgen Prince fl 2680

Jurgen, Prince Travann was classmate at University and had become Paul XXII's Minister of Security. He and Paul had created the 'Ministry of Disturbance' scheme to shake up the too-complacent Empire. His work had aged him prematurely; his face was thin and his hair completely white. His nickname was 'Yorn'. [MD]

Travis, Foxx fl 809

Captain at the time of the Kwannon rebellions. Aide to Major General Maith. [OS] He rose to lead the Third Army-Force against the System States Alliance. He lived to be at least 112 in retirement on Earth's moon. [JP]


An extremely venomous animal native to Fenris. They are an irregular gray oval, typically 16" long by 4" at its widest, tapering up into a 6" high cone in front. On the front of the cone is a stinger like a fishpole or aerial which dispenses an extremely poisonous yellow venom. It moves on a double row of pads like stumpy feet and leaves a trail like a tractor. [FDP]

Treaty of Khepera

A treaty between the Princely State of Tanith, the Commonwealth of Beowulf and the Planetary League of Amaterasu. It specified mutual armed assistance, and free trade among the signatories and also aided Khepera. [SV]

Tresca, Charlotte fl 654

A junior biochemist working for Dr. Hoenveld. It was her hunch that hokfusine might prevent the birth defects induced by NFMp. [FS]

Trevannion, Prince Jurgen fl 2120

Prince of the Galactic Empire and Ministerial Secretary in its government. He was the official representative of the Empire for the annexation of Aditya. He was bearded and about 40-45 years old. [SS]

Tri-di ca. 2680

Some sort of Imperial 3-D TV. [MD]

Trisystem & Interstellar Spacelines

A company organized by Rodney Maxwell to run interstellar trade from Poictesme. It was owned by Litchfield Exploration and Salvage, Koschei Exploitation and Salvage and Alpha-Interplanetary. [JP]

Trisystem Investments, Ltd.

A company formed by Rodney Maxwell to handle all of the other companies he had formed. [JP]


One of the planets of Beta Gartner. It had been the site of mines or manufacturing facilities, but was not inhabitable without artifical protection. Uninhabited by the 9th century. [GD]

Tubal-Cain was a smith in Genesis and the father of all craftsmen.


Ugatori, Miss fl 654

A functionary of some sort in the Mallorysport Central Courts on Zarathustra. [LF]


Planet in the Federation region, discovered by the TF Space Navy. Its primary is Beta Hydri, a G0 star about 21 light years from Earth. Its day is about 26 hours and its year is very similar to Earth's year in length. Uller's axial tilt is near 90 degrees, so it has extremely pronounced seasons with polar temperatures running from 120 C to -80 C. The Beaufort scale "ran up to 30". Uller is slightly over 1 AU from Beta Hydri.

Calcium and chlorine are in low abundance on Uller, and its geology is dominated by silicates. Water is highly silaceous with a pH of about 8.5 and leaves a glassy film when it dries.

Life on Uller is based on silicones, -Si-O-Si-O- chains with organic side-groups. It is dense and fairly indestructable. Swimming animals use gas-filled bladders to stay afloat. Unless eaten first, plants tend to petrify when they die. Higher Ulleran life tends to have six limbs. Shellosaurs are some of the largest life forms on Uller.

Uller is inhabited by intelligent natives (see Ullerans).

Uller's North Pole is land, while there are five landlocked seas along the equator. The 'civilized' region extended from the Takked Sea at the Equator to the North Polar regionch is landlocked.

Organic opals were a product of Uller. [UU]

Uller is named after the Norse god of hunting, archery and winter (also spelled Ullr).

Uller Uprising

Uller Uprising takes place in the late 400's. Uller is a planet with intelligent natives whose chemistry is based on silicones. The Chartered Uller Company is exploiting the planet, though it is not being colonized since the native biochemistry is incompatible with Earth's.

The story is pretty much that of the Sepoy Mutiny in British India. Uller is divided into dozens of petty kingdoms and principalities all ruled by more-or-less venal monarchs who are controlled lightly by the Chartered Uller Company. An anti-CUC (and pro-themselves) faction amongst the princes foments up a religious uprising against the CUC. Most of the CUC's native forces mutiny. General Carlos von Schlichten, the head of the CUC's forces is forced to defend using Terrans and what few native forces remain loyal. Over the course of the first few days, the CUC gets the upper hand and the end is in sight.

Then they discover that one of the native princes has probably built several fission bombs using CUC mining technology - this changes the course of the mutiny, since the CUC has two main bases with no easy defense against an aircar flying over with a bomb. Not only that, but the mining expert who designed the bombs built by the native prince has been killed and no plans exist.

A Manhatten Project is organized, the CUC gets the Bomb and proceeds to wipe out the native prince who started it all and who built his own bombs. (This latter part does not seem to follow the Sepoy Mutiny very closely.)

Ulleran Chess

A game played on a circular board. The white side plays center while the black side plays the edge. [UU]


The natives of Uller, Parahomo sapiens Ulleris. "They stood erect on stumpy legs and narrow, six-toed feet. They had four arms apiece, one pair from the true shoulders and the other connected to a pseudo- pelvis midway down the torso. Their skins were slate-gray and rubbery, speckled with pinhead-sized bits of quartz that had been formed from perspiration, for their body-tissues were silicone instead of carbon-hydrogen. Their narrow heads were unpleasently saurian; they had small, doubled-lidded red eyes, and slit-like nostrils, and wide mouths filled with opalescent teeth. Their blood-equivalent was a yellow fluid with the consistancy of gun-oil.

A young Ulleran would be very light gray, white under the arms, and his quartz-specks would run from white to pale yellow. Ullerns turn darker as they get older and a very old Ulleran would be very dark, with worn teeth with predominently red quartz specks.

Except for their belts and equipment [they wore no clothes]. Clothing, to them, was unnecessary, either for warmth or modesty. As to the former, they were cold-blooded and could stand a temperature- range of from a hundred and twenty to minus one hundred Centigrade. [They] would sleep in the open with their bodies covered with frost or freezing rain [or] wade through boiling water. As to the second, they had practically no sex-inhibitions; they were all of the same gender, true, functional hermaphrodites, Any individual among them could bear young, or fertilize the ova of any other individual."

Ullerans appear to be omniverous. In one area they raise six- legged iguana-like things for food.

When the TF discovered Uller, the native culture resembled 7th century Pre-Atomic Europe of 2nd century PA Japan (1250-1350 Europe or 1850 Japan).

United States of America

The US was probably destroyed during WW IV. General Laningham fled to South America during 'the debacle' carring with him a huge fraction of the US Government's archives. From the kind of material he was able to bring, it seems likely that he was effective President, and that most of the remaining people in the US came with him. [FDP]

Urswick, Mr fl 654

The CZC Chief of Public services. [FS]


Valdive, Lady-Damoiselle Evita fl 1610

The daughter of Baron Valdive, she became King Angus' second wife. She brought a horde of greedy relatives and ex-lovers to court with her. [Space]

Valdive, Baron fl 1610

Lord of a small estate on Gram south of the Ward estates and west of Newhaven. He and his people were close to being outright criminals. His daughter, Evita, was King Angus' second wife. She was not well thought of. [SV]

Valdry, Ranal d 2120

The Lord Provost-Marshal of the Mastership on Aditya. His chief- slave was Yakoop Zhanner. [SS]

Valkanhan, Captain Boake fl 1610

Captain of the Space-Scourge. A Space-Viking, he had been engaged in "chicken stealing" - raiding planets too primitive to defend themselves or to have much worth raiding for. Because he had already established himself along with Garvin Spasso on Tanith, he was allowed to join Lucas Trask. He was a dark-skinned man with black hair and a scar on his cheek. Valkanhayn rehabilitated himself, became Baron. [SV]

Valley Times 1970 AD

A newspaper serving the area around Blanley College. [EK]

Valpry, Baron fl 1610

A Wardhaven noble who went along on the Nemesis' voyage. He stayed on Tanith and was an advisor to Lucas Trask. [SV]


One of Litchfield Exploration and Salvage's gunboats. [JP]

A vampire is a kind of lawyer.


Capitol ship in the System States Alliance Navy. [JP]

van Reenen, Piet fl 477

A nuclear power engineer who worked on the Uller A-bomb project. He was a young man with brick-colored hair. His girl-friend was a fan of writers like Hildegarde Hernandez and totld him about the bomb plans in her book. [UU]

van Riebeek, Dr. Gerd fl 654

Biologist and husband of Ruth Ortheris. He worked for the Chartered Zarathrusta Company's Science Division. He was a general xeno-naturalist who was interested in animal evolution. [LF]

Van Steen fl 490

A member of the Port Sandor spaceport police. [4DP

Vandarvant, Prince fl 1610

The Prime Minister of Marduk. [SV]

Vaugn, Tedor fl 1610

Space-Viking, captain of the Starhopper and allied with Andray Dunnan. Vaghn is described as a good captain but with a sadistic streak. [SV]


Also spelled 'veldtbeest'. A Zarathrustan meat animal, its only defense is a headlong attack. [FDP]

"Veldbeest" means "field beast" in Dutch and is equivalent to "Wilderbeest".

Veltrin, Franz fl 890

One of the Fawzi crowd. Connected in some way with the Litchfield Chronicle. [JP]


Venus seceded from the First Terran Federation before the Second was organized. This was probably in one of the first few centuries post-atomic. This succession may have directly caused the downfall of the First Terran Federation, and the destruction of the Northern hemisphere of Earth. [SV]

In the late fifth century, Venusian politics was notoriously corrupt. [FDP] By the late 9th century, Port Oberth was nearly lawless. [JP]

Venus was the Roman goddess of love (eros) and the equivalent of the Greek Aphrodite.

Verganno, Joe fl 654

Chief computerman [sic] for the CZC. [FS]


A polyencephalographic device which involved a helmet put on the subject's head as well as electrodes attached to the body. It could detect lying and displayed it by a colored light which was normally turquoise blue, but went through purple to bright red when the subject told a lie.

It registered the subject's own opinion of the truth or falseness of the statement. Consequently, if the subject could convince himself that what he was saying was the truth, the Veridicator would register it as such.

Vermaas, Lieutenant fl 477

An officer in the Chartered Uller Company's army. [UU]

Vespi, Joe fl 654

A worker at Synthetic Foods on Zarathustra. He had used to work at Odin Dietitics. He was involved in starting the production of Extee Three on Zarathustra. [FS]

Vibart, Mack fl 890

Second officer aboard the Harriet Barne when it was pirated. [JP]

Viceroyalty 2680

The largest subdivision of the Empire, a viceroyalty comprised around ten Prefectures. [MD]


A Terran small-arms manufacturer. They made (at least) 10 mm handguns. [FDP]

Vickers is a 20th century UK defense contractor.


A Royal Mardukan naval ship of 1500' commanded by Prince Simon Bentrick. Badly damaged during the Battle of Audhumla. [SV]

"Victrix" is Latin for "winner". It was a popular name for Roman legions.

Vieira, Cesario fl 490

Monster hunter on the Javelin. Engaged to Linda Kivelson. A Theosophist. [FDP]

Viking's Gift

The first hypership built by Beowulf after the Fall of the Terran Federation. It was made possible by gadolinium sold Beowulf by Lucas Trask. Ironically, its first voyage was a space-viking expedition sponsored by Beowulf. [SV]

Viktor, Prince fl 1610

The Space-Viking ruler of Xochitl, cousin to king Konrad of Hautclere. He commanded Duke Omfrey's invasion of Wardshaven. [SV]


A Royal Mardukan Navy ship commanded by Captain Garravay. After Zaspar Makann's rise to power, the Vindex and the Corisande II faked a battle to fool the Mardukan government. [SV]

"Vindex" means "window cleaner" in Old High Gothic.

Vindinho, Captain Guy fl 654

A Navy Captain (probably Captain of the Hubert Penrose) on the Svantovit Expedition. He was a short man with a bald dome and a red beard. "...he always looked as though he was gloating because nobody knew that his name was really Rumplestiltskin." [NS]


A planet in the Terran Federation.

Named after the Hindu god of preservation, one of the trinity of Bramah, Vishnu and Shiva. [LF]


A planet in the Federation region. In the 1600's it is a backward planet, having lost civilization during the Interstellar Wars. It was in Tanith's trade network. [SV]

Vitharr was a son of Odin who killed the Fenris wolf and was to survive Ragnarok and found a new, better world.


A largish machine which could drive over broken rubble and melt it to a seamless, smooth pavement. [JP]


A planet in the Federation. New Birmingham is situated there. They are probably the source of a lot of trade-quality guns and knives used on Uller. It is probably fairly near to Fenris since films showing on Volund will probably come to Fenris soon. [4DP, UU]

Named after the Anglo-Saxon god of smiths, also called Weyland or Wayland. Wayland was also a Norse Dwarf traditionally located near Sudbury.

von Ohlmhorst, Selim fl 54

Chief archeologist ont he first Martian Archeological expedition. He was a Turco-German and one of the most noted archeologists on Earth, specializing in the Hittites. He elected to stay on Mars to continue doing archeology rather than return to Earth and collect the glory. [OL]

von Schlichten, General Carlos b 435

Commanding officer of the armed forces of the Chartered Uller Company. He affected the style of a Prussian officer even to the point of wearing gloves and a monocle.

His leadership after Governor-General Harrington's death signaled the Uprising on Uller contributed substantially to the CUC's victory. He met Paula Quinton during the Uprising, made her his adjutant and later married her. Following the suppression of the Uprising, he was made acting Governor-General and after the Chartered Uller Company was supressed by the Terran Federation, he was made Governor-General.

He was born in La Rioja, in the Argentine on Earth. He had arrived on Uller in 362 as a former Terran Federation captain with a commission as Colonel in the CUC's army. His ancestors left Germany in a hurry in 1948.

von Schlichten, Paula Quinton fl 477

Paula Quinton's married name. Several centuries later there were the Paula von Schlichten fellowships in anthropology. [UU]


A 200' hyperspatial space-yacht owned by Adriaan de Ruyter. It was carried on board the Stellex as its pinnace. [WC]

"Voortrekker" is the name given to the Boers who, in the late 19th century, moved beyond the Vaal River into the Transvaal.

Vyckhoven, President Jake fl 890

Planetary President of Poictesme who is described as looking like an elderly bear that has been too well fed for too long in a zoo. He was from one of the "First Families" of Storiesende. [JP]


Wallingsby, Ed fl 477

Chief engineer at the Chartered Uller Company's reservation at Skilk. During the Uprising, he was commissioned a Colonel and given the job of making the Skilk CUC complex secure against air attack. [UU]

Walsh, Harry fl 809

The news editor at the Kwannon Planetwide News Service. Miles Gilbert's boss. [OS]

Ward, House of

The dynasty ruling the Dukedom of Wardshaven. [SV]


A major city of Gram. Duke [later King] Angus' capitol. [SV]

Wardshaven, Bank of

A major bank in Wardshaven. At the time of Space Viking, it was run by Lothar Ffayle and was a major supporter of the Tanith Adventure and Duke Angus' plans to become King of Gram. When Angus became an intolerable king, the Bank of Wardshaven was moved to Tanith to become the Bank of Tanith. [SV]

Ware, Bish 440 - 490+

The Port Sandor town drunkard. Actually, a disguise for Gonzalo Ware, a Terran Federation Executive Special Agent.

"He was a big man, not fat, but tall and portly; he had a ruddy face that always wore an expression of benevolant wisdom, and the more [honey-rum] he took on, the more benevolent he looked. He had iron-grey hair, but wasn't old....and drunk or sober...he had the fastest reflexes of anybody..."

The usually dressed in a conservative black suit and a black neckcloth with an Uller organic-opal pin.

He also knew classical Greek and could quote Homer in the original. He was 50 years old when he came to Fenris.

He spent fifteen years working to track down Anton Gerrit, the last five years on Fenris. He played the part of a usually-drunk remittance man. He was given the nickname The Bishop (later shortened to "Bish") because of his solomn demeanor.

Once he had uncovered Gerrit's identity on Fenris as Steve Ravick, he stayed and observed him while it was proven and then while he was able to send for a destroyer to take Gerrit to Terra.

During this last time, the Hunter's Cooperative affair blew up and Fenris was plunged into civil war. To prevent disaster, Ware tricked Ravick into running for the spaceport, where he arrested him.

He acted for a time as Resident Agent for Fenris, setting up a real internal government.

Ware, Gonzalo 440 - 490+

The real name of Bish Ware. [FDP]


A town on Poictesme which was sacked by the Perales Gang to capture Yves Jacquemont, a retire hyperspacial engineer. [JP]

Watson, Dr. John H. fl 490

Name under which Detective-Major MacBride of the Colonial Constabulary traveled to Fenris to pass on information to Bish Ware. Bish's identification was to say to "Dr. Watson" that "You have been in Afghanistan, I perceive".

Dr. John H. Watson was Sherlock Holmes's friend and biographer and records those words as the first substantive thing Holmes said to him when they met. [FDP]

Weill, Stanley d 1973 AD

An attorney Prof. Edward Chalmers consulted when Blanley College tried to fire him. [EK]


One of Litchfield Exploration & Salvage's gunboats. [JP]

A werewolf is a man who becomes a wolf during nights of full moons.


Capitol ship in the System States Alliance Navy. [JP]

West Coast Range

A mountain range on Beta Continent. The Divide stretched like the cross-stroke of an H between the West Coast Range and the Eastern Cordilleras. [FS]

West End

An area of Storiesende containing airship docks. [JP]

Westland Telecast and Teleprint

A news organization on Gram. Their vehicle was used by Andray Dunnan for his attack on Lucas and Elaine Trask's wedding. [SV]

Whitburn, Dr. Lloyd fl 1973 AD

The President of Blanley College. He had rounded shoulders, round, pudgy fists and a round, bald head. [EK]

Wilkins, Mr. fl 654

The Clerk of Courts for the Chief Justice Pendvaris's Central Courts in Mallorysport. [LF]


A spaceport on Curtana. [SV]

Named after the English castle.


A melon grown on Poictesme which could be made into an exceptional brandy. [JP]

Wise One fl 654

The English translation of Toshi-Sosso's name. [FOP]

Woller, Detective Lieutenant Luther fl 654

A Lieutenant on the Mallorysport Police Force. He perpetrated the hoax that Fuzzies beat up Lolita Kurkin. [LF]


Xantos, Chris fl 490

Port Sandor spaceport police second lieutenant. [FDP]


Outer moon of Zarathustra. The Terran Federation had a naval base there. [LF]

Xerxes was a king of ancient Persia who fought the Greeks.


A planet in the Empire. [MD]

Xipototec means ???


A planet in the Federation region, Xipototec had been considered by Duke Angus as a possible base before Tanith was selected. Its indigeneous peoples were at a primitive level of development in the 1600's. [SV]

Xipototec is the Aztec god of Spring, growth, vegetables and flowers. He is also the flayed god.


Xochitl was a Space-Viking base planet in the Old Terran Federation, located about 1000 light years from Tanith. It was ruled by a Hauteclere noble, Prince Viktor. [SV]

Xochipilli was the Aztec god of flowers and lord of souls. Xochiquetzal was the goddess of flowering and the fruitful surface of the earth. Xochitlicacan is the Place of Flowers and the home of Xochiquetzal.


Yaggo, Zhorzh fl 2680

First Citizen and People's Manager-in-Chief of and for the Planetary Commonwealth of Aditya.

"He wore a one-piece white garment like a mechanic's coveralls withe the emblem of his government and the numeral 1 on his breast." "His head was completely shaven, and he had small, pale eyes and a rat-trap mouth."

Yamazaki, Phil fl 477

The telecast operator at Kankad's Town. [UU]

Ybarra, Lieutenant Pancho b 632

The chief psychologist of the TF Naval base on Xerxes. [LF]

Year-End Holidays

The only holiday mentioned in the later Terran Federation books. It is used as an exemplar of when large crowds gather, so it is probably the major civil holiday. [FS]


A port on Janicot. [JP]

Yellowsand Canyon

The gorge of the Yellowsand River on Zarathustra. It is in the Fuzzy Reservation, just downstream from the Sunstone deposit.


Yellowsand River

A river running through the Yellowsand Canyon. It empties into the Lake-Chain river. [FOP]

Yeniguchi, Len fl 890

A tailor in Litchfield. [JP]


A planet in the Federation region about 20 light years from Freya.

Yggdrasil has intelligent native life, the Khooghra, described as "grotesque, but upright and biped". Its biology is sufficiently different from terran that human colonists there must eat strictly carniculture and hydroponic food. It is a major exporter of guano (!), much of which goes to Terra for use in land reclamation in the Northern hemisphere (!!). Yggdrasil guano was also feighted to Uller.

There was extensive peonage in use on Yggdrasil until the Extraterrestrial Rights Association put an end to it. This happened before 377, so Yggdrasil was probably settled by about 300. [WC]

Named after the World-ash of Norse mythology which had its roots in Hel, Nifelheim and ?? etc.

Yirzy, Countess fl 2680

Mistress of Jurgen, Prince Travann. [MD]


Space-Viking ship blazoned with a feminine hand dangling a planet by a string from one finger. Captained by Vann Humfort. Destroyed by the Nemesis in the Battle of Audhumla. [SV]

A yo-yo is a primitive device to cyclically convert gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy and vice versa. It may have had something to do with the contragravity drive.


An addictive narcotic. [UU]

Yookerk, King fl 477

The King of Grank. He played both sides during the Uller Uprising by capturing and holding the Procyon and Northern Lights from the Chartered Uller Company, but by not turning them over to the mutineers. He also kept Rakkeed the Prophet in his palace as an 'honered guest'. When it became apparent that the Company was winning, he returned the ships and Rakkeed to the Company. Had the CUC lost, he would have turned the ships over to Rakkeed. [UU]

Yorimitsu, Sergeant fl 654

A member of the Zarathrusta Constabulary. Probably on the investigative team. They were called to investigate the shooting of Kurt Borch. He later joined the Zarathustra Native Protection Force. [LF]

Yorn the Keeper ca 6400

Raud the Keeper's great grandfather who was also a Keeper. [KP]

Yorvoy 2120

A Dukedom on Aton. Errol Erskyll was Duke in 2120. [SS]

Youtsko fl 890

A space crewman who had been stranded on Poictesme when he was in jail as a result of a riotous binge when his ship lifted out. He was on the first flight of the Harriet Barne to Koshchei. [JP]


An edible plant product. Possibly native the Zarathustra. [LF]


Zahanov, Karl fl 425

A professional tramp freighter captain and captain of the Stellex. He had a professorial apopearance and a didactic manner. He wore a square-cut gray beard. He regarded planets as places to fly ships between. [WC]


The name for the dozen or so species which filled the antelope niche on Zarathustra. They were slim, deerlike animals with three horns. Fuzzies called them Takku. [FOP]


A small Zarathrustan animal. [FOP]


A three-horned domesticated ungulate native to Zarathustra. People kept them to supply milk. [LF]


Planet in the Federation region, about 500 ly from Terra. Its primary is a K0 star. It had two moons, Darius and Xerxes. It was discovered in 604.

It had at least five continents named (imaginatively enough): Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon. Gamma was the most eastern of the continents. To its west was Beta, then Alpha, with Delta and Epsilon to Alpha's west.

Zarathustra produced sunstones. The Harpy, ... and Damnthing are native to Zarathrusta. [SV, LF]

Named after the Persian prophet and philosopher of Zoroastrianism.

Zarathustra Native Protection Force

A constabulary organization set up by Jack Holloway as Commissioner of Native Affairs to protect the Fuzzies. [FS]

Zarathustra News

A news service controlled by the Chartered Zarathustra Company. [LF]

Zareff, Colonel Klem fl 890

An ex-colonel from the System States Army. He became a planter on Poictesme and was one of the leading lights in the group of old men determined to find Merlin. He was a small man and had white hair and plum-brown skin.

He had been from Kindelburg on Ashmodai and had commanded a regiment and, later, a division with less than regimental strength in the System States Army. His family was wiped out when Kindleburg was bombed in 851. He always wore a little rosette of System States black and green in his lapel. [JP]

Zarvas of Blackcliffe, Baron fl 1610

The insane grandfather of King Angus of Gram and a great- grandfather of Andray Dunnan. [SV]


The Fuzzy name for Land-Prawns. [FS]


An animal, probably native to Zarathrusta. The Fuzzies called them Kigga-hikso. [Fuzzie, Sapiens]

Zebralope 654

A CZC contragavity craft. [FOP]

Zeerjeek, Native-Captain fl 477

A Kragan. [UU]

Zeggensburg 820-2120+

The main city on Aditya, built at the time of its first colonization by the Terran Federation.

Zhannar, Yakoop fl 2120

Chief-slave to Ranal Valdry. A small man with pale eyes and a mouth like a rattrap. [SS]

Zhorgay, Sir Maxamon fl 1610

Sesar Karvall's henchman. [SV]


A a big yak-like Freyan meat animal. [4DP, WC]

Zilker, Reverend Hiram fl 490

The Port Sandor Orthodox-Monophysite preacher. [FDP]


Nomads of the northern plains of Uller. Until stopped by the Chartered Uller Company, they lived by running caravans, and also by robbery and caravan raiding. They were not fond of Terran influence on Uller because it destroyed their livelihood by rendering animal-based caravans obsolete.

Rakkeed was a Zirk.



Zarathustra Native Protection Force. [FS]


One of Litchfield Exploration and Salvage's gunboats. [JP]

There is some dispute as to the source of the name "Zombi". The older source is from Carribean Voodoo, where a zombi is a reanimated corpse. The more recent source is the living dead of MIT undergraduates.


Capitol ship in the System States Alliance Navy. [JP]

Zortolk's Old Fort

A place on Uller which had a R&R; stop for Chartered Uller Company troops. [UU]

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