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"Count Oliver has drawn his faithful sword at last. . . .  He swings it down with all chivalric force. . . .  The sword cleaves helmet, head, neck, spinal cord, the saffron mail, the flesh where it forks. . . .

The Song of Roland, verse 107 (translation by John DuVal)

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The Space Viking Era

Image - Cleaved Helm

The Cleaved Helm blazon of the Sword World Haulteclere
(Image by Thomas "Lorc" Tamblyn)

The Space Viking Era is an unofficial, historical "Official—or Original—Traveller Universe" (OTU) campaign setting for Traveller®, set among the Sword Worlds of the 2nd Century pre-Imperial.  This is the period of the Sacnoth Dominate when the Sword Worlders are expanding into interstellar space and is most akin to the setting of H. Beam Piper's Terro-human Future History novel Space Viking, an inspiration for Traveller's original Sword Worlds.

The Space Viking Era is a time before the arrival of the Third Imperium in the Sword Worlds region (indeed the Third Imperium has yet to be established).  The Sword Worlds have just begun to interact with the Darrians to spinward and have only limited trade with the Zhodani beyond the Entropic worlds.  Recently, officially-sponsored survey expeditions to the coreward, trailing and rimward frontiers have opened these regions to exploitation and settlement.

The Cleaved Helm is dedicated to the memory of Hans Rancke-Madsen.  I didn't always agree with Hans but I always appreciated his civility, admired his creativity and respected his dedication to Traveller.

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