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The Earth Colonies campaign

"The term 'Nyanzan pirate' has long been used falsely to connect the Federation with bands of rogue marauders in the region. We regret this unfortunate misconception."

— Asahi Teke, Federation of Nyanza Minister of Trade, 28 Jan 3001

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A science-fiction role-playing campaign for TRAVELLER®

Image - Aitchsee Sandsifter and Alabama Wang (by Matt Matteo)

Archaeologists Aitchsee Sandsifter and Alabama Wang (illustration by Matt Matteo)

The Earth Colonies Campaign is a non-canon Traveller® setting focused on 31st Century Earth and its independent former colonies in the surrounding interstellar space.  The setting utilizes three-dimensional campaign maps of Earth's actual interstellar neighborhood inspired by the original Near Star Map from Traveller: 2300 / 2300 AD.

The Earth Colonies Sphere includes several rival interstellar states—independent communities originally settled from Earth: the expansionist Empire of Aztlan, the cosmopolitan Federation of Nyanza, the mercantile Ouroran Community, the missionary Abrahamic Synod, and several others, as well as the Commonwealth of Earth itself.

Non-human sophont species in the Colonies Sphere include the terrestrial Dolphins—co-equal partners with Humans, the Aeroi, who abhor violence but dominate interstellar trade, and the Meren, who often resort to militarism in their quest to control hospitable hydrospheres.  As many as two dozen other sophont species may border the Colonies Sphere.

Technological capability of the Commonwealth and the major Colonial States, as well as of the Aeroi and Meren, represents a setting maximum.  Interstellar travel is not commonplace with four parsecs per week speeds only available to the most advanced military and technical users.  The vast, low-density stellar neighborhood of the Colonies Sphere adds some interesting aspects to faster-than-light (FTL) travel.

Much of the Earth Colonies Sphere has yet to be explored.  There are rich opportunities for adventurers in the undiscovered country of the Colonies Sphere.

Melbourne Times is dedicated to the memory of Douglas Lent.  May he travel far.

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