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"Yŏngyuăn zìyóu."  (Always free)
— Motto of the Free City of Victoria

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Image - Sniper by Dmitry Grebenkov

"Sniper" by Dmitry Grebenkov

The Silkpunk Victoria setting imagines a world similar to the late 19th Century world but in which European predominance and British hegemony never existed.  This is a world where there are multiple, European-heritage nation-states in North America, like French-speaking Illinois and Spanish-speaking California (and perhaps Tàipíngyáng Gēlúnbĭyă, a Chinese-speaking state on the Pacific Columbian coast).  This is a world where Central and South America are comprised of successor states to the Spanish and Portuguese empires which look different from the quasi-republican states of the actual world.

Silkpunk Victoria is a world where the United States never expanded west of the Mississippi (and perhaps where the American Civil War never occurred).  It is a world where Prussia did not come to eclipse Austria as the preeminent German state, where Poland—or Poland-Lithuania—was not consumed by Austria, Prussia and Russia, where Spain remained on relatively equal stature with France and Britain (or England), where perhaps Italy was never unified, where an Ottoman-like state survives in southeastern Europe, where Sweden did not become a neutral backwater, where, perhaps, the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars—and the republican "Revolutions of 1848"—did not occur in Europe.

Image - Tectoria Innovation Station by Russell Papp

Victoria laboratory by Russell Papp

The Silkpunk Victoria world also unfolded very differently in Asia, where Safavid Iran in the southwest, Maratha Bharat in southern Asia and Durrani Afghanistan in central Asia were not overwhelmed by Europeans, where Qing China did not seek to hide from the outside world, where the Kazakh Khanate and the Dzungar Khanate were not subsumed by Russian and Chinese empires.  It is a world where Europeans not only fought with each other in the "Scramble for Africa" but also with powerful, expansionist Asian states.  A world where Great Power politics meant that more African states managed to maintain a degree of autonomy, if not actual sovereignty, by playing European invaders off against their Asian counterparts, and vice versa.  All in all an interesting place for silkpunk adventure.

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