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"All the news is fit to print, and if it's news the Times prints it."

— Walt Boyd (H. Beam Piper), Four-Day Planet

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Based at Port Sandor on Fenris, the Port Sandor Times News Service is a colonial news service which reaches many worlds across the Federation.  Established on Fenris in 458 A.E., the Port Sanders Times has off-world bureaus on Terra, Odin, Isis, Baldur, Osiris, Marduk, Ishtar, Vishnu and Aton.

Port Sandor Times News Briefs

WELLSTOWN, Federation Member Republic of MARS Date: 11 AUGUST, 953 A.E.

  ¶   Chidiegwu Guardia, Chancellor of the University of Wellstown, has opened cermonies marking the nonacentennial of the deciphering of ancient Martian languages.  The Dane School of Linguistics and Language Studies will host scholars from across the Federation throughout the year to mark the anniversary.
  ¶   Martha Dane was an early Terran sociographer and member of the first Federation expedition to Mars.  The Penrose Expedition discovered the first remnants of the extinct Martian civilization at Syrtis.  A protected archaeological site of the ruins explored by the Expedition remains in the outskirts of the current metropolis.
  ¶   Dane and her colleagues had no "bilingual," a connecting document which could be used to translate the ancient Martian language to a known Terran language.  Dane realized that an ancient Martian periodic table could be used to translate elements of the Martian language to Terran languages.  Working from this original connection, Dane and her colleagues, assisted by scholars on Terra, were eventually able to produce a comprehensive translation of several ancient Martian languages.
  ¶   While scholars of several non-Terro-human languages, including some non-human sapients, will participate in nonacentennial events throughout the year, Dane's technique has yet to be used to translate a living, contemporary language.  No sapient race yet discovered has had a civilization that mirrors the achievements of the ancient Martians which might have enable them to produce a periodic table.  Nevertheless, Dane's techniques remain the translation touchtone for communication in any future encounter with an advanced, non-human civilization.

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