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Technic Civilization Future History

"The new cultural synthesis became known as Technic civilization, successor of Western civilization as Western had been of Classical."
— Sandra Miesel, "The Price of Buying Time," A Stone in Heaven

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Anderson's Technic future history chronicles an imagined future interstellar human civilization.  Consisting of the adventures of Nicholas van Rijn and David Falkhayn, Traders of the Polesotechnic (from the Greek for "selling-arts") League, and the chronologically later adventures — though sometimes written earlier — of Dominic Flandry, Agent of the Terran Empire, as well as stories from the period prior to the League, stories during the "Time of Troubles" between the collapse of the League and the founding of the Empire, and stories from the "Long Night" which follows the demise of the Empire, the Technic future history spans a period of over five thousand years.


Image - The Man Who Counts cover illustration

Nicholas van Rijn is rescued
(cover illustration by Michael Whelan)

A list of van Rijn, Falkayn, Flandry and other Technic stories and novels, including reprints.


Image - The Trouble Twisters cover illustration

David Falkhayn to the rescue
(cover illustration by Steve Ferris)

Cover and interior llustrations from van Rijn, Falkayn, Flandry and other Technic stories and novels.


Image - Flandry of Terra cover illustration

Dominic Flandry hoping for rescue
(cover illustration by Michael Whelan)

For a chronological complilation of van Rijn, Falkayn, Flandry and other Technic works aligned with major future historical events see Sean Brook's "revised" internal chronological order of Technic works (based upon Paul Shackley "Anderson's Future History") and Sandra Miesel's earlier "A Chronology of Technic Civilization" (which is the story order used in Baen's "The Technic Civilization Saga" reprints).

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