The H. Beam Piper Re-read

". . . and in the evening he dialed through his micro-film library, finding only books he had read and reread a dozen times. . . ."

— H. Beam Piper (of Jack Holloway), Little Fuzzy

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These "re-read" reviews of Piper's yarns assume that the reader has already read the yarn being reviewed.  There will be "spoilers," of course, but hopefully there are benefits too.  Piper's Terro-human Future History yarns are especially suited to a re-read because he connects them to each other in such subtle ways.  So, whether you re-read Piper simply to enjoy the "Re-read Bonus" or perhaps as an element of personal growth or merely because Piper isn't writing any more, these are the reviews for you.

Terro-human Future History Re-reads

The Edge of the Knife | Omnilingual | When in the Course—
Four-Day Planet | Uller Uprising | Naudsonce
Little Fuzzy | Fuzzy Sapiens | Fuzzies and Other People
Oomphel in the Sky | Graveyard of Dreams | Junkyard Planet
Space Viking | A Slave is a Slave | Ministry of Disturbance
The Keeper

Paratime Re-reads

He Walked Around the Horses | Police Operation
Last Enemy | Temple Trouble | Time Crime
Gunpowder God | Down Styphon!
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen

Re-reads of other Piper works

The Hartley Yarns
Time and Time Again | The Mercenaries | Day of the Moron

Other speculative fiction
Flight from Tomorrow | Operation R.S.V.P. | Genesis
Dearest | Crossroads of Destiny | The Answer
First Cycle (with Michael Kurland)

The McGuire collaborations
Null-ABC | The Return | Lone Star Planet
Hunter Patrol

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Future History | Paratime | Other Works | H. Beam Piper

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