H. Beam Piper: The Man and His Work

"H. Beam Piper . . . was a story teller; a man who could keep you up all night with his books and tales."
Jerry Pournelle, Preface to Federation

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These pages include biographical information and photographs of Beam, a complete bibliography of his original publications, information about Beam's collaborations with other authors (and posthumous and fan contributions to his work), an inventory of Piper items in the hoard and reviews of Beam's work.


H. Beam Piper, photo from Murder in the Gunroom dustjacket, Knoph 1953

H. Beam Piper, Murder in the Gunroom dust jacket (1953).

Biographical information about Beam compiled by, a collection of photographs (mostly publicity photos and photos from conventions) and links to information on other websites.


Astounding, April 1947

"Time and Time Again" appeared in Astounding, April 1947.

A comprehensive listing of the original publications of Beam's work by date of publication.


Image - Lone Star Planet by Virgil Finlay

Lone Star Planet by H. Beam Piper and John J. McGuire, cover illustration by Virgil Finlay.

Beam's collaborations with other authors, as well as posthumous contributions to his work.


Image - A Catalogue of Early Pennsylvania and other Firearms and Edged Weapons at 'Restlless Oaks'

'Restlless Oaks' Catalogue, by Henry W. Shoemaker and H. Beam Piper (1927).

Piper works and other Piper-related items in the hoard.


H. Beam Piper

H. Beam Piper, from The Pennsy interview, 1953.

Re-read, reviews and other commentary on Beam and his work, and on the work of his collaborators.

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