Development of the Terro-human Future History

"I don't know what plans you have for a next story project, but the world-picture you've been building up in the Sword Worlds stories, or Space Viking stories, or whatever you designate the series, offers some lovely possibilities."
— John W. Campbell (to H. Beam Piper)

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There are a variety of commercial products and informal efforts which are based upon or expand on Piper's Terro-human Future History setting.

Image - John F. Carr

John F. Carr
(Served by

John F. Carr's sequels to Piper's Terro-human Future History yarns, including collaborations with Dietmar Wehr and Mike Robertson.

In the Red Queen's Castle by Lars Jakobson, Albert Bonniers 2000

I den Röda Damens slott by Lars Jakobson, Albert Bonniers, 2000
(Served by Albert Bonniers)

I den Röda Damens slott (In the Red Queen's Castle), Lars Jakobson, Stockholm: Albert Bonniers, 2000 (Swedish).  This novel treats Martha Dane's efforts to translate the ancient Martian language depicted in "Omnilingual" as actual history, as mentioned in this German language interview with the author.  (Hat-tip to Piper fan Johan Markdahl.)

Image - Wolfgang Diehr

Wolfgang Diehr
(Served by Google+)

Wolfgang Diehr's sequels to Piper's Fuzzy novels:

Fuzzy Ergo Sum, Pequod Press, 2011

Caveat Fuzzy, Pequod Press, 2012

Image - Traveller Supplement 3: The Spinward Marches, GDW, 1979

The Spinward Marches, GDW, 1979
(Served by

This 1979 role-playing game supplement by Game Designers' Workshop (GDW) (now Far Future Enterprises) introduced the TravellerSword Worlds subsector campaign setting based upon Piper's Sword Worlds from Space Viking.

Traveller's Sword Worlds

Sword Worlds, Steve Jackson Games, 2004
(Served by Steve Jackson Games)

GURPS TravellerSword Worlds, role-playing game campaign sourcebook based Piper's Sword Worlds from Space Viking.

Transmissions from Piper cover illustration

Transmissions from Piper, Rogue Games, 2009
(Served by

Thousand Suns: Transmissions from Piper, John Appel, Vaclav G. Ujcik, and Greg Videll, Rogue Games, 2009.  A science-fiction role-playing game supplement based upon Piper's Terro-human Future History stories "Naudsonce" and "Ministry of Disturbance" (plus the Paratime yarn "Last Enemy").  Includes:

The Third Imperium Sword Worlds

Sword Worlds, Mongoose, 2011
(Served by Mongoose)

Mongoose TravellerThe Third Imperium: Sword Worlds, role-playing game campaign sourcebook based Piper's Sword Worlds from Space Viking.

Omnilingualm a retelling by John Cowan

Omnilingual illustration by Dave Windett.

Omnilingual, a "modernized" retelling of Piper's original yarn by John Cowan, 2009 (archive provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine).

Image - Terry Mancour crest

Terry Mancour
(Served by

Terry Mancour's sequels to Piper's Space Viking:

Prince of Tanith, Lulu, 2011

Princess Valerie's War, Amazon Kindle, 2011

Image - Dietmar Wehr

Dietmar Wehr
(Served by

Dietmar Wehr's sequels to Piper's The Cosmic Computer and Space Viking:

The Tides of Chaos, Amazon Kindle, 2012

The Tanith Gambit, Smashwords, 2013

The Loki Gambit, Amazon Kindle, 2014

Junkyard of Empire by H. Beam Piper and David Johnson

Illustration by Leo and Diane Dillon from "Graveyard of Dreams," Galaxy Science Fiction, February 1958.

Junkyard of Empire, a retelling of Piper's "Graveyard of Dreams," by David Johnson, 2012.

The original "Graveyard of Dreams," first published in Galaxy Science Fiction in February 1958, became the first three chapters of the novel Junkyard Planet, published in 1963 (later reissued as The Cosmic Computer).  This retelling makes changes to better align the story with contemporary sensibilities and to deepen the connections with the Terro-human Future History.

Image - WhoSim Universe

Doctor Who role-playing simulations

David Sharpe has created several online role-playing simulations inspired by Piper's Future History:

Reunion on Fenris, December 1998 (link to compressed archive for download).
• The Mark of the Doctor, May 1999, Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3.
• Legacy of Fenris, June 2005, Act 1, Act 2 and Act 3.

Galaxy's Forge by Michael McGuirk

Galaxy's Forge illustration by Mike McGuirk, 2001.

Galaxy's Forge, a Fourth Century, AE, Volund setting by Mike McGuirk.

Image - Kris Overstreet

Undocumented Features logo

"Fenris (the planet)" and "Poictesme and the Trisystem," by Kris "Redneck" Overstreet, for Undocumented Features, a Dirty Pair fan-fiction setting, 2003.

Image - Illustration by Teruyuki and Yuka Ishikawa

Illustration by Teruyuki and Yuka Ishikawa.

Space Viking's Daughter (archive provided by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine), an online sci-fi role-playing game based in H. Beam Piper's Terro-human Future History universe, by David Johnson, 2004.

Image - Sword and Atom symbol of Gram

"Sword and Atom" symbol of Gram
(Served by the H. Beam Piper Memorial)

"Knights of Gram and Tanith," John A. Anderson's essay describing the noble orders of Gram and Tanith in the Space Viking era, 2009 (served by the H. Beam Piper Memorial).

Image - Hashemite Caliphate flag

Hashemite Caliphate flag
(Served by Ill Bethisad Wiki)

"Hashemite Caliphate" (an analogue for the pre-Federation era Islamic Caliphate from Piper's "The Edge of the Knife"), Pedro Moderno's entry created for the Ill Bethisad alternate history setting, 2009.

Image - Norton-Piper Sector Subsectors

Norton-Piper Sector Subsectors

Mankind to the Stars, a Piper-inspired Traveller® role-playing game setting by Dale Ridder, 2013.

Terro-human Future History Development Claims

"Should we do more exploring and claim some more of these places, or should we come home right away and start recruiting, and then come back with a large party . . . and explore and make further claims as we have time?"
— Conn Maxwell (H. Beam Piper), The Cosmic Computer

Modeled after the Traveller Mailing List (TML) Landgrab, Piper Development Claims are personal, non-commercial efforts to develop the worlds and future history of H. Beam Piper's fictional Terro-human Future History.  Each background developer should report on the claimed world (or future historical century) in great detail.  The exact level of detail and degree of compliance with official canon is open to interpretation.  Each background developer should survey his or her claim (including gathering the relevant canonical information) and submit a Developer's Report to the Piper Mailing List.

A key guideline for any development effort is captured in "Newton's Rule":

"Perhaps, in keeping with the spirit of the Landgrab, and so that we can both stimulate creativity and remain careful about what Piper actually wrote, we should separate material into "Canon" and "Apocrypha"--with the latter segments being so titled to represent the fact that the author is not revealing but extending. . . ."

The claims made thus far include:

World Claim


Date of Claim


William Taylor

July 2001


David Johnson

July 2001

Poictesme (now The Tides of Chaos)

Dietmar Wehr

October 2008

Sarpanitum (now The Last Space Viking)

Mike Robertson

July 2007

Vishnu (now The Last Space Viking)

Mike Robertson

July 2007


Mike McGuirk

February 2001

Zarathustra (now Fuzzy Ergo Sum)

Wolf Diehr

June 2004

In addition to development claims to the worlds of Piper's Terro-human Future History others have expressed an interest in developing specific centuries of the TFH "Atomic Era."  Here are those claims:

Atomic Era Century Claim


Date of Claim

First Century, AE

Steve Newton

August 2001

Second Century, AE

David Johnson

June 2002

Tenth Century, AE (now The Tides of Chaos)

Dietmar Wehr

October 2008

At the suggestion of Piper fan Tom Rogers, Piper Development Claims have been expanded to encompass the process of comparing various editions of Piper's work for consistency and differences in order to expand and clarify the canonical material used for development.  Developers in this area choose a given work and report on their comparison of the various editions.  The claims made so far include:

Canon Claim


Date of Claim

Uller Uprising/"Ullr Uprising"

Tom Rogers

September 2001

"Oomphel in the Sky"

Tom Rogers

January 2002

If you wish to participate, stake your cliam on the Piper Mailing List.  If none oppose you, or if you prevail in an ensuing discussion, you too may become a background developer.

Background developers may lay their claim and/or provide links to their Developer's Report by posting an announcement to the Piper Mailing List.  Developers may have their Developer's Report hosted at here by sending a request to the Development Claims Bureau.

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