Starship Eridanus

"There was no calendar in sight, and he could find no newspapers or dated periodicals, but he knew that it was prior to July 18, 1946."
— Allan Hartley POV (H. Beam Piper), "Time and Time Again"

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Canon: Hartley Chronology

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Allan Hartley born. ("Time and Time Again")


Allan Hartley's adult consciousness "awakens" in his teenage body. ("Time and Time Again")


Allan Hartley originally graduates from Penn State. ("Time and Time Again")
U.S. Federal Labor Act. ("Day of the Moron")


Six hundred people in Chicago die of poisoning from a bottling-plant error. ("Day of the Moron")


Doris Rives serves with U.S. Armed Forces Medical in the Indonesia campaign. ("Day of the Moron")


Doris Rives serves at Tonto Basin Research Establishment. ("Day of the Moron")


MacLeod Research Team works on the Western Union's Philadelphia Project at Tonto Basin Research Establishment. ("The Mercenaries")


Allan Hartley's boyhood friend, Larry Morton originally dies in a plane crash. ("Time and Time Again")
Long Island Nuclear Reaction Plant explodes. ("Day of the Moron")


Allan Hartley originally dies at the siege of Buffalo during the Third World War. ("Time and Time Again")

Apocrypha: Starship Eridanus


Fourth Komintern formed under leadership of Russia and China.α


Ibero-American Confederation formed under leadership of the restored Spanish Monarchy.β


Islamic Kaliphate formed by Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Syria, North Yemen, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Sudan, Morocco and Tunisia.γ


Blake Hartley elected President of the United States.δ


Western Union formed under leadership of the United States.ε


Blake Hartley reelected President.


Philadelphia Project successfully launches lunar spaceship and begins construction of lunar missile facility.ζ


Western Union becomes the World Union.θ


Scintillant, first faster-than-light expedition to Alpha Centauri.ι


α Date based upon the real-world establishment of the Sino-Soviet Treaty of Friendship, Alliance and Mutual Assistance.
β Date based upon the real-world establishment of the Organization of Ibero-American States.
γ The Islamic Kaliphate is assumed to have evolved from the Arab League and the date here corresponds to its formal recognition by the United Nations.  (The Hashemite dynasty of Hejaz — and of the short-lived Arab Federation — has been linked to the Terro-human Future History Islamic Caliphate by "The Spine of the Knife."  Unlike the Islamic Caliphate, the Islamic Kaliphate of the Hartley Future History is an adversarial power of the United States — as suggested by the MacLeod team's experience of "the treachery of the Islamic Kaliphate.")
δ While Allan Hartley had hoped to get his father elected President in 1960, a closer reading (see message 2040) of Pennsylvanian and American politics of that era (and Piper's Hartley yarns) suggests the elder Hartley was more likely first elected in 1964.
ε Date based upon the real-world establishment of the Commonwealth Secretariat.
ζ Date based upon the real-world Apollo 11 Moon landing.
θ Date based upon the real-world invasion of Afghanistan by the Soviet Union.

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