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The H. Beam Piper Home Page

"While it is our loss that we will never know Beam Piper as a man, or read what he might have written had his life not come to such an abrupt end, it is our consolation that we can come to know and treasure him through his novels and stories."
John. F. Carr, Introduction to Federation

Terro-human Future History

Piper's "History of the Future" is a series of linked science-fiction stories published between 1952 and 1964 which chart the future of human civilization from the first days of space exploration to an era when Earth (Terra) is a glaciated backwater of interstellar empire. The Terro-human Future History includes eight short stories as well as Piper's novels Four-Day Planet, Uller Uprising, Little Fuzzy and its sequels, Junkyard Planet (reissued as The Cosmic Computer), and Space Viking.
Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper, Ace edition cover illustration by Michael Whelan

Piper's science-fiction stories of alternate, parallel worlds patrolled by the cross-time-traveling Paratime Police were published between 1948 and 1965. Seven Paratime short stories were published during Piper's lifetime; the last two, "Gunpowder God" and "Down Styphon!," were combined and expanded into the novel Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen, published shortly after his death.
Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen by H. Beam Piper, Ace edition cover illustration by Michael Whelan
Piper's other work

In addition to his Future History and Paratime series, Piper published other speculative fiction, historical fiction, mystery fiction, and non-fiction. Beginning with his first publication in 1927, these other works include eleven short stories, Piper's mystery novel Murder in the Gunroom, and the novels Null-ABC and Lone Star Planet co-authored with Piper's occasional collaborator John. J. McGuire.
Murder in the Gunroom by H. Beam Piper,  Knopf edition cover illustration
H. Beam Piper

This section includes biographical information and photographs of Piper, a complete bibliography of his original publications, his collaborations with other authors (including posthumous contributions to his work), a marketplace of Piper items, and fan contributions inspired by Piper's work.
H. Beam Piper, photo from Knoph edition of Murder in the Gunroom dustjacket, 1953

"Their ancestors had been living on the Atlantic coast for over five hundred years; they all spoke the same language, and were of the same stock: Zarthani.  They hadn't come from across the Atlantic, but from the west, across the continent." — Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen